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Magento 2 Extensions Reviewed by the Firebear team

Below, you will find a list of Magento 2 modules reviewed on the Firebear website. All Magento 2 extensions are combined into sections according to their vendor. New modules are added each week!


Amasty Magento 2 Extensions


Mirasvit Magento 2 Extensions


aheadWorks Magento 2 Extensions




Magestore Magento 2 Extensions

  • One Step Checkout – fast and reliable checkout for your Magento 2 website;
  • Web POS – connect your e-commerce website with offline sales locations;
  • Auction – eBay-like auctions on your Magento 2 website;
  • Barcode Management – advanced inventory management with the help of barcodes;
  • Purchase Management – a reliable extension for managing purchase orders;
  • Inventory Management – a complex solution for working with inventory that works along with the previous two extensions;
  • Reward Points – reward your customers for making purchases on your e-commerce website;
  • Membership – create product packages and allow customers to subscribe to them: after paying a fee, they will be able to get benefits related to a certain package;
  • Store Credit – add store credit functionality to your e-commerce website;
  • Affiliate Plus – a complex affiliate program for your Magento 2 store;
  • Multiple Program Plugin – add-on for Affiliate Plus;
  • Gift Wrap – gift wrapping service for your Magento 2 store;
  • Shop by Brand – rich shop-by-brand functionality for Magento 2;
  • Store Pickup – allow your customers to pick products in your offline store;
  • PDF Invoice Plus – a tool for customizing billing documents;
  • Mega Menu – advanced navigation for your Magento 2 customers;
  • Store Locator – provide your visitors with the ability to find your offline stores without headaches;
  • Gift Card – provide your customers with the ability to purchase and send gift cards;
  • Dropship – add the possibility of drop shipping to your store;
  • Social Login – provide your store visitors with the fastest registration and login;
  • FAQ – a knowledge base section with user-friendly interface;
  • Order Fulfillment – manage orders with ease;
  • Super Campaign – leverage banners, sliders, and popups in your promotions;
  • Promotional Gift – create conditions for gifting buyers with free items and discounts;


Xtento Magento 2 Extensions

  • Order Export – the best tool for connecting your Magento 2 website to various external platforms;
  • Two-Factor Authentication – a new security level for your Magento 2 admin;
  • Tracking Number Import – seamless import of order status updates and tracking numbers;
  • Stock Import Module – import of stock level updates from CSV or XML files automatically;
  • Product Feed Export – a reliable tool for connecting your Magento website with various third-party platforms and shopping engines;
  • Simplify Bulk Order Processing – a tool for processing orders directly from the orders grid in bulk with the help of more than 10 new mass actions;
  • Advanced Order Status – make order processing more admin-friendly and customer-oriented with the help of custom order statuses
  • Custom Carrier Trackers – add new tracking carriers with custom tracking URLs, make tracking links in emails clickable, disable default tracking methods, etc;
  • Order Number Customizer – change Magento order numbers and other sales related numbers according to your business requirements;
  • Saved Credit Cards – save credit card data in your backend;
  • Hide Price & Call for Price – Magento 2 hide price extension for your e-commerce store;

Boost my Shop

Boost my Shop Magento 2 Extensions

  • Embedded ERP – a reliable enterprise resource planning system that includes all aspects of stocks, suppliers, and order management;
  • Drop Shipping – reliable alternative from Boost My Shop;
  • POS – easy to use and at the same point of sale
  • RMA – reliable RMA solution for Magento 2
  • ERP Inventory – track your inventory, monitor stocks, and manage warehouses;
  • Order Preparation – the best way to pick, pack, and ship orders;
  • Procurement Management – manage your supply channels without headaches;
  • Barcode Inventory – scan barcodes to update inventory;
  • Barcode Label – create barcode labels and assign them to all your products;
  • Admin Logger – get a history of all backend login attempts and admin actions;
  • Amazon – connect your Magento 2 store with Amazon;


Cart2Quote Magento 2 Extensions

  • Cart2Quote – the easiest way to provide customers with the ability to request quotes;
  • Not2Order – hide prices and “Add to Cart” button;
  • Customer Supportdesk – provide customers with rapid support;



Fooman Magento 2 Extensions


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Ecomwise Magento 2 B2B Extensions

Commerce Extensions

Commerce Extensions Magento 2 Extensions


Unirgy Magento 2 Extensions

  • uDropship – the most robust and fully-featured Magento 2 drop shipping;


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Plugin Company

Plugin Company



RMA Magento 2 Extension Module Review

  • RMA – a reliable and easy to use RMA module for Magento 2;
  • Store Credit – advanced refund functionality for your customers
  • Reward Points – the most intuitive way to implement reward points;
  • Help Desk – reliable and easy to use support center;
  • Subscriptions and Recurring Billing – allow customers to purchase goods automatically on the subscriptions basis;
  • Dropshipping – freely use remote third-party warehouses to sell products via your Magento 2 storefront;
  • Email Marketing – a reliable extension for creating follow up emails;




  • Image Optimizer – compress your images without quality loss to improve Magento 2 performance;





Magento 2 extensions reviews



BSSCommerce extensions







Magento 2 Walmart Integration Extension


  • Marketplace Pro – create a multi-vendor marketplace on the basis of Magento 2;
  • Megamenu – advanced menu for the frontend of your Magento 2 store;


  • Testimonials – user-friendly way to leave testimonials on your Magento 2 website;
  • FAQ – establish a new communication channel with your customers;

Pronko Consulting

Realex Payments – the most intelligent way to process online payments on a Magento 2 website;


Firebear magento blog

  • Improved Configurable Products enables you to utilize the power of configurable products in your Magento 2 store;
  • Control for CloudFlare® provides a convenient integration between Magento 2 and CloudFlare® CDN;
  • Improved Import adds a feature available in case of Enterprise solutions only: CSV import of products data and images to Magento 2 from a remote FTP server, Dropbox or a direct URL;
  • CoinPayments – Magento 2 Bitcoin extension, Magento 2 Ethereum module, Magento 2 cryptocurrency payment gateway;
  • ShapeShift and CoinPayments – the most reliable way to accept crypto on your website;

More Magento 2 modules coming soon…