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Today, we’d like to introduce you to Isobar – a digital experience agency that acts locally but thinks and operates globally. The company is represented in 45 countries by 85 locations. More than 5k people are associated with Isobar. They push the e-commerce dimension forward, improving the life of merchants all across the globe. And our Improved Import & Export module, as well as other products, participate in this run.  


Isobar aims to melt creativity and technology, experience and latest trends, data and design, connecting people with forward-thinking brands. The company operates since 2004 and has always been at the intersection of agencies and consultancies. Since that time, it has succeeded in delivering innovative digital and creative solutions for clients worldwide, evolving from a plain digital marketing provider to a ground-breaking partner that delivers experience-led transformation for clients of all sizes and complexity levels.

Isobar’s purpose is to improve the efficiency of the interactions between brands and people. To achieve this goal, the company focuses on the smallest details, enhancing the consumer’s experience at every stage from the very first contact with the brand to purchase. As a result, thousands of people are happy to leverage a unique, inspiring, and relevant experience.


Isobar brings experience-led transformation to numerous websites all over the world. Powered

by creativity, the company unlocks the potential of businesses and brands. IT combines transformation consulting and digital marketing agency expertise to succeed in the following areas:

  • Marketing & Communications. Isobar helps to build brands and idea-led experiences to engage people and achieve the behavior you need.
  • Ecosystems & Commerce. The agency delivers end-to-end experiences across numerous platforms and systems. It drives utility and transactions, creating the most efficient workflows.
  • Products & Services. Also, Isobar focuses on new offerings and services to innovate the industry, generating value and driving revenue.
  • Transformation Consulting. The agency can become your number one advisor when it comes to digital transformations. Isobar specialists know how to unlock exponential growth and drive change.
  • Industry Solutions. With cross-market, vertical teams working together, Isobar achieves industry best practices and gets smarter consumer insights. Thus, the company provides the latest innovations with the best consequences.


The company’s certified experts and specialists communicate with local teams, providing clients with global integrated platforms and solutions. Alliances with world-leading technology partners play an important role in this process.

  • Adobe. Isobar is an Adobe Global Platinum partner with over 150 Certifications;
  • Google. The company is also a Google Agency Partner. It utilizes a suite of Google solutions to help its clients unlock their data value.
  • Magento. Being an Enterprise Magento Partner, Isobar even became a Partner of the Year in 2018.
  • Microsoft. The agency is a Microsoft Gold Partner.
  • Salesforce. Isobar is also proud to be a Salesforce Platinum Cloud Alliance Partner.
  • SAP. Besides, the company is recognized as an SAP Partner in Customer Engagement and Commerce Suite.
  • Sitecore. A Sitecore Platinum Implementation Partner is another dignity Isobar is proud of.
  • AWS. Being an AWS partner, the agency has experts across the globe, recognized by Validated Qualifications.
  • Oracle. Specialists behind the company work with the full range of Oracle CX suite solutions, turning Isobar into an Oracle Global Partner.
  • Firebear. We are also proud to see our agency among Isobar’s partners. The company uses our solutions to optimize and automate data transfers.

Firebear Partner Loyalty Program

Both big and small companies become a part of our family. And being a Firebear’s partner is quite easy. You can join us on mutually agreed conditions, leveraging the latest achievements and the most reliable software solutions. 

Also, note that Firebear delivers flexible partnership terms. We can easily adapt them to your business demands. Contact us to learn more about our Loyalty Program.