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magento 2 product reviews extension

When buying online, consumers do not have a chance to touch and feel the product. Thus, they are likely to rely on feedback left by previous customers. Statistics collected by Invesp reveal that 90% of online buyers read product reviews before making a purchase, and 72% of them will trust a local business more after reading positive reviews. 

Product reviews are among the most useful ways to eliminate shoppers’ hesitation and stimulate their purchasing decisions. 

Mageplaza Product Reviews extension for Magento 2 brings a robust solution for both store owners and customers.

With this great module, customers are allowed and encouraged to leave valuable feedback. Also, they can get more insightful information from other buyers’ opinions. Meanwhile, store owners can provide a better shopping experience, increase conversions, and boost sales ultimately. 


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Why choose the Mageplaza Product Reviews extension for Magento 2?

Review summary

magento 2 product reviews extension

Review summary provides buyers with an overall assessment of a product. Customers can quickly capture the number of reviews, the average rating, the recommendation percentage, and a visualized star rating chart. The review summary appears at the top of the review block on the product detail page. 

By looking at the review summary section, new buyers can quickly get the general reference of their concerned products from previous users without reading all reviews. 

The shopping process becomes more time-saving yet efficient.

Verified Buyer mark

magento 2 product reviews extension

Though consumers prefer reading reviews before buying, they do not read and trust all shared opinions. It is not uncommon for businesses to write fake reviews. Thus, these days, customers are more curious about whether a review is genuine. 

Mageplaza Product Reviews extension helps firms build trust and credibility with online buyers by displaying a Verified Purchase badge next to the customers’ names. This additional trust signal makes written reviews more trustworthy and positively impacts customers’ decisions. 

Better reviews with images 

magento 2 product reviews extension

Noticeably, Mageplaza 2 Product Reviews by Mageplaza allows users to attach images when writing reviews. This noteworthy feature benefits your store in many ways. 

Besides rating and describing in words, customers are empowered to share their experience more clearly and illustratively. 

These images also make reviews on your store more useful and reliable. People would like to view more products’ photos taken by real users rather than providers’ demonstrative pictures. 

At the same time, as a store owner, you can understand better about purchasers’ feedback. 

Social interaction with reviews

magento 2 product reviews extension

The module makes your product review section more playful by engaging customers’ interaction with reviews

Firstly, they can quickly show their appreciation for others’ reviews by hitting the Helpful button. The number of Helpful clicks also helps new customers assess their preferable products better.

Secondly, they can share helpful reviews with their friends via multiple social channels, such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and more. By motivating this action, your products can reach more potential buyers.

Sorting reviews

magento 2 product reviews extension

Mageplaza’s module enables customers to quickly filter reviews by three criteria to deliver a better shopping experience. 

Newest: shows the most recent reviews. Customers are updated with fresh feedback about their favorite items. 

High Rating: display the reviews that have high ratings of products. Potential customers can know whether their concerned products are highly rated in the blink of an eye. 

Helpfulness: provides reviews with the highest number of Helpful clicks. Viewers can obtain reviews that have the most useful information. 

Store’s responses

magento 2 product reviews extension

When leaving feedback, either positive or negative, customers expect to get a reply from the store. Receiving prompt responses from store owners makes them more satisfied or calmed down. 

With Mageplaza Product Reviews, admins can quickly reply to customers’ reviews. You can send a warm thank you, explain some complaints, or clear up all customers’ queries. Store’s replies show how much you care for your customers and love to build long-term relationships with them.

SEO-friendly reviews

magento 2 product reviews extension

Another fascinating function of the extension is to optimize your SEO performance. Positive feedback can be displayed on the search engine results page. 

When searching for items on Google, customers can see your product’s star rating and the number of votes right under the title. They will be motivated to click on a page with a high product rating. They will also stay longer on the page to explore the review section. This practice would improve your SEO progress in general. 

Review reminder

magento 2 product reviews extension

Customers may often forget or not want to leave a review. The Product Reviews extension adds a review reminder slider to the customer’s account to remind and facilitate them to share their feedback. The slider includes all items bought by the customers. 

Customers only need to click on the Write a review button to add a review instantly. 

More features

Report Reviews

In the backend, store owners can access reports of reviews by products or by customers. These insightful reports help merchants understand upcoming sales trends better. 

Reports are also included in Mageplaza Advanced Report. 

Review by customer groups

The module supports restricting review activities by customer groups. Only customers belonging to allowed groups can see the review form. 

Ajax supported

Ajax loading function allows product review submission without page loading. 

Recommend checkbox

Customers can tick on a checkbox to agree that they would love to introduce the product to others before writing a review. 

Limit review quantity

Admins can limit the number of reviews shown on each product page. 

Support Rest API & GraphQL

Mageplaza Product Reviews module fully supports the use of Rest API & GraphQL. 


General Configuration

magento 2 product reviews extension

In the Magento 2 Admin Panel, navigate to Stores> Configuration> Mageplaza> Better Product Reviews

magento 2 product reviews extension

In the General Configuration section, select Yes to enable the module. You can flexibly turn the review reminder, review summary, and review report functions on. 

magento 2 product reviews extension

In the Write Review Configuration section, click Yes to allow customers to write reviews for their purchased products. 

You can decide on which customer groups can leave reviews. A notice message will be displayed for customers from unselected groups. 

To enable Ajax loading, allow customers to recommend products, and upload images when sharing their feedback, choose Yes for corresponding fields. 

magento 2 product reviews extension

Select Yes to display a Terms and Conditions section in the review form. Admins can set a title for Terms and Conditions with the anchor text. They can also add an anchor URL where store owners want to redirect customers once clicking on filled content. The checkbox can also be ticked by default. 

magento 2 product reviews extension

Stores can enable multiple outstanding features on the review listing block, including Helpful Voting, Store’s Reply, Social Share, Verified Buyer badge. Admins can also choose to show customers’ nicknames, review dates, and restrict the number of reviews per page. 

magento 2 product reviews extension

Select Yes to allow customers to filter reviews based on their preferred criteria. There are three available sorting options, consisting of Newest, High Rating, and Helpfulness. You can choose to activate all or each option. You can also set the default sorting and define sort direction as ascending or descending.

Reviews Management 

From the Magento 2 backend, make your way to Marketing > User Content> Reviews

magento 2 product reviews extension

Here store admins can quickly edit, approve, and reply to a review. 

Reviews Reports

magento 2 product reviews extension

Access to Reports > Reviews > By Customers, click on the Show Reviews button, you will obtain detailed reviews left by a specific buyer.

magento 2 product reviews extension

Go to Reports > Reviews > By Products, product reviews are listed based on pre-set filters.


magento 2 product reviews extension

The product review block is displayed on the product detail page. 

magento 2 product reviews extension

Customers can write a review to share their shopping experience with ease. 

magento 2 product reviews extension

On My Account > My Product Reviews page, a slider of items that customers purchased but not left a review is shown. When hitting the Write a review button, customers are redirected to the product page and ready to leave their feedback instantly. 

Final thoughts

It is undeniable that product reviews influence buyers’ purchasing decisions. The more positive ratings and reviews your products have, the more trustable they are. 

Magento 2 Product Reviews by Mageplaza, with tons of outstanding features, would be a must-have module to increase user experience and boost sales. 

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