Magento 2 Developer’s Cookbook: Useful Code Snippets, Tips, and Notes

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Magento 2 Development; Magento 2 tutorial

Since Magento 2 has been already released, there are a lot of reliable data sources related to the new version of the platform. Thus, we’ve decided to create this tiny Magento 2 Developer’s Cookbook, which is based on our experience, official devdocs, materials from Magento StackExchange, and other sources.  In the post below, you will find code snippets, tips, and notes about Magento 2.  And don’t forget to examine the following links, as they also provide a lot of useful information.

Everything about Magento 2 on Firebear

The Extensive Guide to Magento 2 Troubleshooting

We are trying to update this post with new Magento 2 “recipes” several times a week, so don’t forget to check the cookbook periodically. The latest updates are:

To be continued…