Amasty Jet Theme for Magento 2

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If you want to attract more customers to your ecommerce site and increase your client base, the professional-looking design of the storefront should be one of your main concerns. Luckily, there are robust Magento 2 templates that you can implement on your website. Today, we present you one of the powerful solutions for fine-tuning your website appearance developed by AmastyJet Theme for Magento 2. Amasty Jet Theme enables Magento 2 store owners to upgrade the frontend design with a rich set of features and boost the website performance. The Magento 2 theme ensures a high loading speed of your website pages and offers stylish design suitable for all kinds of stores along with impressive functionality. Below, we provide a review of the template’s main features.

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By installing Magento 2 Jet Theme by Amasty, you get the necessary tools for upgrading the look and feel of your storefront and improving user experience. The extension doesn’t require any programming skills to implement frontend enhancements and eliminates the need to use other third-party modules. Design elements included in the Amasty custom theme package and comprehensive toolset allow online store owners to customize the appearance of their website pages in line with their marketing and sales goals. 


  • Universal template design;
  • Fully responsive on mobile devices;
  • Convenient navigation;
  • Theme customization options;
  • StoryBook-based Style Guide;
  • Magento widget support;
  • Ability to insert banners;
  • Floating cart widget on the product pages;
  • Header with subcategories menu;
  • Social sharing buttons;
  • Support for a11y standards;
  • Fast loading speed of web pages;
  • Extra-high performance;
  • High level of compatibility with the top Amasty extensions;
  • Compliance with Magento Coding Standards.

The Magento 2 theme has a universal design, making it a perfect choice for any ecommerce store. The Jet template has a user-friendly layout and advanced functionality, providing website visitors with frictionless browsing and navigation.

In case you want to modify some template elements, you can apply a variety of color schemes, fonts, and other customization options offered by the extension. Moreover, you can create a custom design for your store theme using the Style Guide based on StoryBook. The Guide provides a variety of elements, including buttons, icons, and others, that can be utilized for customizing your store pages.  

To make your store’s homepage design look more stunning, you can insert widgets and banner slots into the storefront layout. This way, you can highlight special deals, promote particular products, and improve navigation on your web store pages. 

Jet Theme also enhances the look of the page header and footer. Relevant subcategories are automatically added to the header menu, which makes browsing on your store more user-friendly. As for the footer, in addition to newsletter subscription box and links to CMS pages, it includes social sharing buttons. This way, you can keep in touch with your customers on various social networks while increasing your brand awareness. Besides, the Magento 2 template adds a handy back-to-top button to the footer of the page.

Furthermore, the Magento 2 template comes with a floating cart widget added to the right side of a page.) This element significantly improves the shopping experience and makes navigation on product pages more comfortable, since customers don’t need to go back to the top of the page when they decide to buy a product. Thus, you can easily motivate your website visitors to add products to their shopping cart and prevent cart abandonment.

Moreover, Jet Theme for Magento 2 streamlines the process of leaving product reviews. In the Rating & Reviews tab, customers will immediately see the “Write a Review” button placed at the top of the section. The review popup appears upon clicking on the button, providing customers with a handy form for expressing their opinion about a product.

It is also necessary to mention that the Amasty theme is fully responsive on mobile and tablet devices and looks perfect on any screen size. Thus, you can always stay in touch with your customers and ensure frictionless user experience while browsing your website pages, no matter how they prefer to do shopping. Also, note that the Amasty Jet theme follows a11y movement, meaning that the template is compliant with the standards for making the website accessible for all people who want to use the Internet.

Magento 2 Jet theme not only looks great but also allows for the highest website performance. Pages with the implemented theme layout have an ultra-fast loading speed, providing seamless UX on the frontend. Thus, you can enrich your store design with all bright and eye-catching elements without sabotaging your website’s overall functionality.

As for the compatibility with third-party modules, you can enjoy the exceptional performance of the template while using some of the top extensions from Amasty. The company ensures the highest level of compatibility with their other products without experiencing any conflicts.

Besides, the exceptional functionality of the Jet theme is provided by following Magento Coding Standards. Also, you can be sure that your store theme is always compliant with the current Magento version due to timely updates provided by the company.

Note that Amasty has an elaborate plan for the theme upgrade in the future, including:

  • Compatibility with all Amasty Magento 2 extensions;
  • Integration with 4 extra extensions – Lite Layered Navigation, Product TabsGoogle Invisible reCaptchaThank You Page – out of the box;
  • Navigation and speed optimization improvements;
  • Custom layouts for the homepage, as well as product and shopping cart pages;
  • Extended design options;
  • Sticky header and footer styles;
  • Theme constructor for fine-tuning the page containers, blocks, and layouts;
  • Selection of theme templates adapted to different types of business, including Apparel, Automotive, Furniture, and others;
  • Animation and visual effects;
  • An extended list of fonts, including web safe and custom options;
  • Compliance with W3C standards for enhanced website functionality.

Frontend: Homepage

Amasty Jet Theme adds a menu with subcategories to the header of the homepage. Upon clicking on a category tab, relevant subcategories are displayed in the drop-down list.

As mentioned above, the homepage design can be enriched with widgets and banners for eye-catching visual appearance and more convenient navigation.

Below, there are round icons with category titles. By clicking on a specific icon, a user can quickly navigate to the desired category page.

Amasty Magento 2 Jet Theme category navigation

Another block on the homepage includes cards with product images, names, and prices. If you hover over a card, the “Explore” button will appear. The button leads to the appropriate product page.

Amasty Magento 2 Jet Theme

The footer contains the following elements: a field for entering an email address for newsletter subscription, links to CMS pages, and social sharing buttons. The Amasty Magento 2 theme also adds a back-to-top button to the footer.

Frontend: Category Page

Now, let’s explore which functionality Amasty Jet Theme offers for Magento 2 category pages. In the example below, you can see a category page with a 3-column layout and a sidebar. The sidebar is located in the left area of the page and contains available filters. Filter options can be unfolded and collapsed by clicking on the corresponding arrow mark. At the top right corner, a customer can switch between sorting options.

Amasty Magento 2 Jet Theme category page

For each product in the category, a customer can view the image, product title, rating, number of reviews, and price. If a user hovers a mouse over a product card, they will see the “Add to Cart” button, allowing them to add an item to the shopping cart in one click, as well as the “Add to compare” option.

Amasty Magento 2 Jet Theme category page

Frontend: Product Page

The Jet custom theme also enhances product pages of a Magento 2 web store with various elements. Below, you can check an example of a product page that contains the following elements: a slider with product images, product name, rating and reviews, product description, configurable product options (size), quantity selector, price, and “Add to Cart” button.

Amasty Magento 2 Jet Theme product page

Upon pressing the “Add to Cart” button, a mini cart popup appears at the top right corner of the page. A customer can open the same window by clicking on the mini cart icon and quickly check the contents of the shopping cart.

Amasty Magento 2 Jet Theme product page

As for the floating cart widget, it is displayed on the right side of the product page after a user starts to scroll down the page.

Amasty Magento 2 Jet Theme product page

Another section of the product page provides more detailed information on the product in the “About” tab and shows product ratings and reviews in the “Rating & Reviews” tab. Due to the “Write a Review” button located at the top of the section, the process of leaving a new review becomes quick and simple. The button click opens a popup window, where customers can rate the product and type in the text of the review in the appropriate field.

Amasty Magento 2 Jet Theme product page

In the bottom part of the page, the custom Magento 2 template adds a block with related products. You can see a product image, title, and price in each product card in the block. If you hover the mouse over a card, the “Explore” button shows. By pressing on the button, you will be forwarded to the product page.

Amasty Magento 2 Jet Theme product page

Final Words

Amasty Jet Theme is a premium solution for ecommerce stores with an extensive toolset and flexible customization options. After installing the theme on your Magento 2 site, you will get speedy pages, improved user navigation, and seamless integration with other extensions. This way, you can drastically boost the functionality of your website, attract new customers, and retain existing clients.

The Magento 2 Jet theme is currently in development. The price of the extension after the release will be $99, but if you buy it while it is on pre-order, you can save 30% and get it for only $69! Follow the link below to subscribe to the latest information about the product updates:

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