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Today, we are describing a must-have extension for ecommerce merchants who sell diamonds and jewelry online – Mageinn Diamond Search for Magento 2. The module adds necessary functionality for creating custom diamond and jewelry collections and selling them on a Magento 2 store. The extension allows merchants to integrate their online stores with RapNet, the world’s leading diamond and fine jewelry marketplace. Also, the Diamond Search module enables store owners to create custom products with assigned attributes right in the Magento Admin. On the frontend, the Diamond Search extension improves the shopping experience by allowing customers to design their own ring in a few easy steps. Let’s see which features the Magento 2 ring builder module offers to its users.

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  • Product customization on the frontend with a special ring builder tool;
  • Support for custom options;
  • Support for simple, virtual, and configurable product types;
  • Seamless integration with the RapNet service;
  • Custom diamond products in the local mode;
  • Adjustable brand colors to fit into the store design;
  • Configurable search filters in the local mode;
  • Availability of English and Spanish languages out of the box;
  • Possibility to create test diamonds via console command in the local mode;
  • Seamless integration with Magento 2 shopping cart;
  • Fully responsive on mobile devices;
  • Access to global diamond suppliers on the RapNet network;
  • Management of price mark-ups in the RapNet system.

After installing the Magento 2 Diamond Search extension, you will be able to offer your website visitors a wide selection of diamonds to buy. Also, customers will be able to purchase engagement rings and other jewelry with a custom design. The module adds a special tool to your storefront allowing customers to design fine jewelry pieces in a preferred way.

The Ring Builder tool offers online shoppers to complete 3 simple steps before they check out with a selected product. First, a customer chooses a diamond with desired quality characteristics, like shape, carat, color, price, cut, clarity, etc. Admin defines the product parameters by assigning appropriate attributes to diamonds being sold on a store. Also, as a store owner, you can configure search filters that will allow shoppers to look for a suitable stone.

Next, a customer can pick a style for an engagement ring or another piece of jewelry by selecting a setting. On the last step, customers can see how the complete product looks, check the final price, and add a ring to the cart. Thus, the Magento 2 ring builder module helps your clients to find a perfect match of a diamond, metal, and style of their choice and build a unique engagement ring or other jewelry.

One of the advantages of the Magento 2 extension is its mobile-friendliness providing your website visitors with fully responsive ring builder page on any device. Besides, the module allows placing a static block inviting customers to proceed to the diamond search page on your website’s homepage.

As for the integration with the RapNet service, it allows merchants to get instant access to over one million of diamonds of various sizes, shapes, and clarity, as well as thousands of fine jewelry pieces, from verified vendors around the globe. This way, you can instantly start selling diamonds from the global market on your Magento 2 store without owning any of them physically. By connecting to RapNet, you get the ability to select a supplier from whom you want to buy diamonds and set suitable price mark-ups. Thus, you can gain control over the retail prices and arrange an efficient management system of your diamonds inventory.


Settings of the Diamond Search Magento 2 extension are located under Stores -> Settings -> Configuration -> Mageinn -> Diamonds Search. The General tab of the configuration page allows admin to enable/disable the module and select a source (RapNet or local mode). If you select RapNet, enter your API key to access the service. Next, enter a value for the main theme color, choose an image type (schematic or photo), and pick an attribute set that will be applied to products in the settings of the Ring Builder. If you are using the local mode, you can also configure the settings of widget filters by enabling the appropriate option in the following tab. In case of the RapNet mode, all settings should be configured from the RapNet admin panel.  

On the product edit page, you can specify filters for each setting. On the frontend, it will allow to display only relevant diamond options for a selected setting. Here, you can enter values for the minimum and maximum size of a diamond and choose its shape (multiple variants can be selected).

If you run the module in the local mode, you can create diamond products in your Magento Admin and assign specific attributes to them.

Next, we will show you how the Magento 2 Diamond Search extension works on the frontend.


As we’ve mentioned above, you can place a static block on your home page that will forward your website visitors to a page with the ring builder tool.

The module’s ring builder offers 3 steps for online shoppers to pick the desired design and stone from available options and customize the ring. On the first step, customers can look for diamonds with the specified parameters.

A user can apply filters with the pre-configured attributes to narrow down the search.

A customer can also check the details of a selected stone on a separate screen.

On step 2, the tool offers to choose a setting from the appropriate options (according to the attributes configuration in the backend).

The last step allows customers to review the final design of the ring. The complete ring is a dynamically created bundle product that consists of a selected diamond and setting.

Final Words

The Diamond Search extension by Mageinn is a robust solution for diamond sellers who operate their online business on Magento 2. Due to the integration with RapNet network, you can significantly expand your diamonds catalog and ensure that customers can find a perfect wedding ring on your website. At the same time, when running the module in the local mode, you get highly flexible options that let you configure products in the most desired way.

As for the price of the M2 module, you can get it for $499. If you want to integrate your store with RapNet, you will need to spend more money on the selected membership plan. You can find more info on the available RapNet subscription pricing on their website. 

Download / Buy Mageinn Diamond Search Magento 2 Extension