Amasty Customer Group Auto Assign Magento 2 Extension

- E-Commerce, Magento 2

Differentiated pricing strategy based on customer segments is a proven way to build loyalty and increase customer retention on an ecommerce store. However, when you need to assign customers to a relevant group manually, it makes customer management time-consuming and less effective. Luckily, there is a solution for automating this process – Amasty Customer Group Auto Assign for Magento 2. The extension provides an automated system for managing customer groups, saving your time on routine tasks and reducing operating costs. With the module, you can create an unlimited number of custom rule conditions based on various parameters that will define in which group a customer should be included. This way, you will be able to build a more precise marketing strategy and create personalized offers for your clients.

In the following post, we describe the features of the Magento 2 auto customer group switching module and look at its backend configuration.

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  • Smart algorithm for auto-assign to customer group;
  • Flexible rules as a basis for switching customers to a specific group;
  • Prioritization of rules processing;
  • Dedicated grid for group switching rules management;
  • Rule conditions based on customer and order attributes;
  • Support for complex rules and conditions combination;
  • Scheduled rules execution frequency via cron.

The Amasty Customer Group Auto Assign extension provides store owners with easy management of customer groups. The module uses a smart algorithm that automatically moves customers to a relevant group depending on the rules configuration. Using the Magento 2 extension’s settings, you can create any number of custom rules with necessary conditions that will trigger the auto-assign functionality. Straightforward backend interface of the extension lets Magento admins set all relevant options for switching rules within minutes. It is also possible to set the priority for rules processing to adjust the module’s work. The Magento 2 auto group switching module provides a dedicated grid that gathers information about all created rules and allows changing their configuration. Thus, the Amasty solution helps users manage customer segments more efficiently and reduce manual tasks processing.

The process of creating new rules for automatic assigning to customer groups is very flexible and doesn’t require much time. As a store owner, you can choose different parameters for your custom rules. The extension offers a vast variety of customer and order attributes that can act as a basis of the rule conditions. You can utilize multiple conditions and their combination in the group-switching rules to fine-tune the module’s functionality according to your needs.

The Amasty extension allows you to move customers to the specified group based on various customer attributes, including shipping and billing address, account registration, personal information like gender, age, name, birthdate, and more. This way, you can divide your customers by their location utilizing address information. Also, you can build targeted loyalty programs for particular customer segments. For example, you can take a customer’s registration date on your website as a basis of the rule and move your clients to the lifetime customers group offering special conditions.

As for the order-related criteria, you can consider the number of completed orders, total sales amount, or average order value for automatic customer assign to the specified destination group. For example, using order-based segmentation, you can move your clients with considerable order amounts to the group with special discounts.

Another useful feature available with the Magento 2 customer group auto-assign module is scheduling of rules processing via cronjob. The extension is integrated with cron which allows setting the frequency for group-switching rules execution.

Now, let’s proceed to the backend part of the Amasty Customer Group Auto Assign extension.


You can see all existing customer group switching rules on the separate grid under Customers -> Amasty Customer Group Auto Assign -> Rules. The grid shows the following details on each rule: a name of the rule, destination group, priority, and status (Enabled or Disabled). The grid supports filters for the Status, Rule Name, and Destination Group columns and allows deleting selected rule records in bulk. It is also possible to edit each rule from the Action column. To create a new rule, click the “Add New Rule” button.

On the new rule screen, you will need to configure the options in 2 sections: General Settings and Conditions.

In the first section, you should create a name of your rule visible to admin and set its status (Enabled/Disabled) and priority. Then, select a customer group from your pre-configured options where you want to move customers that meet the specified conditions.

As for the rule conditions that will act as a trigger for auto-switching a customer to the particular group, you can choose customer or order attributes as their basis. As we’ve mentioned above, the Amasty extension allows creating rules with multiple conditions as well as conditions combination.

Note that you can also set conditions that will be applied to the rule independently by selecting ANY in the conditions configuration.

As for the extension’s general settings, you will find them under Stores -> Settings -> Configuration -> Amasty Extensions -> Customer Group Assign. First, enable/disable the module. Here, you can also set the cron update schedule for auto-switching of customer groups. It is required to specify the cron execution frequency in the crontab format.

Final Words

The Amasty Customer Group Auto Assign extension provides Magento 2 store owners with flexible settings for custom group-switching rules configuration. With the module, you can significantly reduce the time spent on customer groups management and create highly targeted customer-group based marketing campaigns. The extension has an admin-friendly backend interface enabling users to quickly fine-tune automatic customer group-switching rules according to specific requirements. As a result, you will build stronger relations with your clients and increase customer retention, which leads to higher revenues. As for the price, you can buy the Magento 2 module for only $99.

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