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Amasty introduces its new module – Push Notifications for Magento 2 – that allows Magento merchants to build strong and beneficial relations with their customers. Push Notifications is a comprehensive solution for sending targeted notifications directly to web store visitors on any device they are using. Comparing to email reminders, push notifications are a much more efficient communication channel that leads to higher click-through rates and traffic. With the tool, store owners can set the popup display on a browser according to their goals, whether to inform online shoppers about ongoing sales, recover an abandoned cart, or deliver any other custom message. In this way, it becomes easier to keep customers engaged, strengthen communication with them, and, as a result, boost your profit.

Below, we highlight the Magento 2 Push Notification module’s features and describe its main advantages.

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In comparison to follow-up emails, the chances are your notifications get noticed and read by the customers are much higher. According to some researches, websites that implement push notifications show the increase in average subscription and click-through rates at least at 10%. The Amasty solution enables online store owners to create personalized Magento 2 notification messages and send them based on customer segmentation. The push notifications Magento 2 module helps merchants to build stronger relations with existing customers and increase the number of repeat purchases. 


  • Various types of push notifications;
  • Full control over the content and design of notifications;
  • Configurable display of prompts;
  • Segmentation of customers for highly targeted notifications;
  • Triggered notifications based on multiple events;
  • Flexible settings for creating custom campaigns;
  • Scheduling of notifications;
  • Detailed statistics and reports on notifications performance.

One of the benefits you get after installation of Push Notifications for Magento 2 is that customers can receive notifications without visiting your website. With this feature, your clients will always get your message about a new offer, ongoing sale, or special event. Besides, the extension uses opt-in forms to collect visitors’ consents on receiving notifications so that you can show personalized messages only to target customers. Moreover, push notifications are sent directly to a customer via desktop or mobile device, reaching your target audience immediately with less chance of being ignored.

You can use the module for creating different types of notifications and delivering any information regarding your new products, discounts, important alerts and updates, and more. The Push Notifications extension takes into account a user’s location, making it possible to generate targeted messages depending on a subscriber’s country. Besides, you can notify online shoppers about special events at your store, like the introduction of a new payment method or availability of out of stock items. Also, you can use the extension to deliver practical information to clients, for example, life hacks on using the products you sell. Of course, you can also create encouraging and motivating messages about your discounts, special offers, and different opportunities from which your customers will get some benefits or any other unique notification corresponding to your business goals.

Note that you can customize the design of your notifications, including the title, text body, and logos, as you wish to create more eye-catching messages. Besides, you can add a URL link to forward visitors to a relevant store page and include UTM parameters for tracking purposes.

Also, you get full control over the display of prompts, offering a subscription to notifications. With the module, you can create the design of prompt popups and manage with what frequency and on which pages to show them. Settings can be configured for each prompt type separately: site-wide, back in stock, and order status prompts.

The segmentation function allows dividing customers into different groups based on their location, date of the subscription, or other parameters. Using this possibility, you will be able to send highly targeted notifications to the users from a specific group. Besides, you can send notifications based on different triggers, like a product is back to stock, a customer abandoned the cart, or an order was updated. For example, you can show a triggered notification to customers who added some items to their cart, informing that a product they are interested in is on sale.

As an admin user, with the Magento 2 Push Notifications extension, you get flexible settings enabling you to create an unlimited number of custom campaigns. The module lets admins set the schedule for sending notifications, specify their frequency and duration, test how notifications work, and more. The campaigns grid also allows admin users to view the statistics on the number of clicks and notifications received by customers for each campaign.

Furthermore, the Magento 2 module provides users with detailed statistics on the performance of campaigns on a dashboard. In general, the analyzed information includes the following data:

  • Total number of clicks and their percentage for each campaign separately;
  • Total number of subscribed users;
  • The latest campaign’s click-through rate in percentage;
  • Total number of clicks;
  • Total number of finished campaigns.

With the statistical data and structured reports generated by Magento 2 Push Notifications, you can easily see what should be improved to get even better results. In-depth data analysis performed by the module allows you to understand your subscribers’ behavior and interests so that you can provide customers with an exceptional attitude and build stronger relations with them.


Configuration settings of the Magento 2 Push Notifications extension are available under Stores -> Settings -> Configuration -> Amasty Extensions -> Push Notifications. The page is divided into 4 sections: General Settings, Design Settings, Prompt (Subscription Pop-Up) Settings, and No Spam.

Amasty Push Notifications Magento 2 Extension backend

In General Settings, you can enable/disable the module and enter your Firebase API Key and Sender ID.

In Design Settings, you can upload a file with an image that you want to use as a default logo in push notifications.

Amasty Push Notifications Magento 2 Extension backend

Next, you enable/disable subscription popup on your storefront. The extension settings let admins specify a custom text for the message displayed in the notification and set time for the interval between a page load and the popup display. Here, you can also choose the frequency of showing the prompt to the same user and decide whether to place push notifications on all pages of your website or specific ones.

In the No Spam tab, you can specify the maximum number of notifications sent to one customer during the day.

All existing campaigns are gathered in the grid under Marketing -> Campaigns. The Manage Campaigns grid shows the following information on each campaign:

  • ID;
  • name;
  • time and date when it is scheduled;
  • if it is active or inactive;
  • status: Passed, Scheduled, or Edited;
  • number of subscribers;
  • number of clicks;
  • number of received notifications;
  • store views.

It is possible to send a test notification from the relevant column, as well as edit a campaign. Besides, you can activate, deactivate, or delete selected campaigns in bulk from the mass actions menu.

While creating a new campaign, you will need to configure its options in 2 sections: General and Notification Settings.

First, you should create a title of your campaign and set the date and time to launch it. In Segmentation Source, you can select a necessary option if you are using the Amasty Customer Segmentation extension on your store. Next, choose customer groups that will receive push notifications and applicable store views and set the status of the campaign as active or inactive.

In Notification Settings, enter a title and message text for the push notification and upload an image that will be used only in the current campaign. You can also insert an URL link in the notification popup for redirecting frontend users to a particular page and specify UTM parameters to track customer interactions with your website.

Amasty Push Notifications gathers details of your subscribers on a separate grid under Marketing -> Subscribers. Here, you can view each subscriber’s ID, source (a browser name), location, customer ID, store view from which he or she subscribed, and date and time of subscription. You can remove selected subscribers from your list by clicking the appropriate action on the grid or via mass actions.

As for the analytical data collected by the Magento 2 push notification module, it is available under Marketing -> Dashboard. The Dashboard shows statistics on the latest campaigns in the block on the left divided by name, date of launch, and the number of clicks. The Stats section displays details on the overall number of subscribers, click-through rate, total number of clicks, and the number of finished campaigns.

Final Words

Magento 2 Push Notifications by Amasty is an advanced tool that allows establishing long-term and effective communication with customers and always keeping them informed about important events and opportunities. Push notifications can be used to provide your web store visitors with personalized offers, promotions, discounts, and any other information that will motivate them to come back to your website and convert into loyal customers. The extension’s flexible and user-friendly backend configuration lets store owners concentrate on their marketing efforts and quickly build campaigns adjusted to specific ecommerce goals.

You can buy the Amasty Push Notifications module for Magento 2 for a fair price of $129. For more details, click on the link below:

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