Mageplaza Magento 2 SEO Extension

- E-Commerce, Magento 2

SEO is a complicated marketing tool as it requires you to have real techniques for using it. If you are a newbie/rookie, you will face more difficulty when doing SEO. Don’t worry, Mageplaza SEO extension is the most excellent solution for your online store. Everything becomes more accessible than ever if you use this module.


Developed by a team of Mageplaza experts, the SEO module includes the most robust and outstanding features that help your e-commerce store eliminate duplicate content, improve search rankings, and make your site become more search engine friendly. Also, Mageplaza SEO module is a very user-friendly tool. Whether you are a new store owner, you can ultimately use this tool efficiently without any code modifications. Moreover, you can insert meta keyword and meta description for the products on your website in just a few clicks. That is of course because this module is extremely friendly with your Magento 2 store. Great! All your worries disappear thanks to the releasing of Mageplaza SEO module Magento 2.


What benefits SEO module brings

According to a survey of hundreds of customers are using SEO module of Mageplaza, this tool is an invaluable asset that they are fortunate to have the opportunity for owning. It improves your website rankings and boosts site traffic up to 198%. Mainly, SEO module helps reduce 100% duplicate content for your website. Here is an essential task for any SEO process on every site.

Why should choose Mageplaza SEO module

Let’s discover the excellent gift for your Magento 2 store as well as find out why Mageplaza SEO module is the perfect solution for every online shop.

  1. Stop Duplicate Content

According to some statistics from [Searchengineland](, 29% of websites are now facing duplicate content, and this is why your site can’t rank high in Google rankings. When there are too many URLs with the same content, the search engine can’t know which page is the root. It makes search engine distracted.

Mageplaza SEO module provides an automatic feature to prevent duplicate content. It will remove any negative impact on your website, and as a result, your SEO performance will increase significantly.

2. Structured Data

Structured Data is added to the SEO module to help your website rank high in the search engines. It provides more precise information about your site such as rating, in-stock, price, review, etc. From that, the search engine will evaluate that your website is reliable and very valuable to users. Getting your website ranked high on the search engines is also becoming understandable.

3. Metadata template rules

In SEO, Metadata is a process that requires a lot of time and effort when installing on your website. That is why Mageplaza SEO module provides the Metadata feature which helps to boost your SEO process more efficiently as well as make it easier for customers to reach your website.

4. Hreflang tag

Hreflang tag is a language tag for the search engine. When you insert this code, the search engine will display the closest result to the language the customer is looking for. Here is also the reason why your website has higher search results in the rankings. Fortunately, the Hreflang tag is included in the SEO module by Mageplaza.

5. SEO report

The SEO report is an excellent feature for any e-commerce store. Thanks to this feature, you can solve the following problems:

  • Checklist
  • Duplicated content issues
  • Missing metadata issues
  • Low word count pages
  • 404 pages

6. Page Analysis

Surely we can’t ignore this fantastic feature from Mageplaza SEO module. Thanks to it, administrators can preview Google search results easily before sending data to the search engine. It is a useful feature because it helps you to check any errors and fix them immediately.

7. HTML/XML Sitemaps

Creating Sitemaps will make it easy for search engines to understand every structure of your website. From that, it will read and follow what content your website is, then when a customer searches for a question related to your site content, and the search engine will display your site on the search engine. That’s so nice ^^


Mageplaza SEO module is the software that receives many good reviews from customers who are using this module. We are proud of introducing SEO module by Mageplaza to your online store. Don’t hesitate, purchase this plugin for your shop now!


Mageplaza SEO extension is compressed into a zip file. Don’t worry about installing it. Mageplaza provides the simple user guide with only some steps. This extension is available under Mageplaza > SEO.


The SEO checklist gives you a list of notifications for success, errors, and warnings. Thanks to this notice, you can know whether your store is optimized and it’s ready for SEO.

Manage rules

Manage rules is the place that administrators can create new rules for the product page, category page, CMS page, and Layered Navigation. To add a new rule, you only need to click on Add Rule button or click the small triangle to select the type of page that you want to add a new rule as an image below:


Login admin panel > go to Mageplaza > SEO > Configuration. You can configure all fields that include in the configuration such as General, Verifications, HTML/XML Sitemaps, Redirects and many different features as the image below.

Now let’s explore how to configure all features of Mageplaza SEO extension.


With the Verifications field, you need to enter a verification code to claim your website. Mageplaza SEO module offers several web services for you to verify as Google Search Console, Bing Webmaster Tools, Pinterest and Yandex Webmaster Tools.

HTML Sitemap

HTML Sitemap includes many powerful fields like Categories Sitemap, Pages Sitemap, Products SItemap, Additional Links and Add Sitemap Link to Footer. By choosing Yes or No to enable or Disable that field. It is straightforward to do. We have a screenshot below for configuration HTML Sitemap:

XML Sitemap

Here is the configuration of XML Sitemap. Under XML Sitemap section, you can enable Homepage Optimization by selecting Yes or disable it by choosing No. Similarly, you can select Yes or No to enable or disable Additional Links field.

Canonical URLs

The content on your site that duplicates with the other pages is a factor that makes the search engines underestimate your site. Therefore, your site can’t have a high ranking on Google. That’s the reason Mageplaza SEO module provides Canonical tags that help reduce duplicate content on your site.


After scrolling through Redirects’ configuration, you will see:

By choosing Yes to enable this function. Besides that, enable Yes in the Better 404 page field to be redirected to your homepage.

SEO rules

Choose Yes to allows this function work. It includes some powerful fields as Use H1 Heading for Product Pages, Use H1 Heading for Category Pages, Automatic alt Image. Select Yes or No to Enable or Disable these fields.

Page Analysis

Choose Yes to enable Page Analysis feature. Here is the function that helps you do SEO better.

Cross Links

In the Enable/disable Mageplaza SEO Crosslinks, it’s effortless. Click Yes to enable Crosslinks or No to disable it.

Dashboard Report

Dashboard Report is the function that helps collect all negative factors decreasing the ranking of your site, then notify them to you. From that, you have the campaigns to solve this problem.

Hreflang Tags

You can entirely choose to enable or disable these suitable features in the Hreflang tags field for your Magento 2 store. You only need to click on Yes or No to allow them to display or not.

Final words

If you are a shop owner wise, Mageplaza SEO extension is a must-have module for your online store. It includes three packages for customers to choose, from free to paid packages. Magento 2 SEO extension is the most advanced solution that comes with tons of powerful features and helps you boost the traffic as well as improve your SEO rankings significantly on the Google rankings. Besides, Mageplaza provides 1-year support free, and if there is any conflict, they will handle them for you without no charge. That’s great. Mageplaza SEO module is precisely a perfect tool for any e-commerce store.