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Improved Import Magento 2 Extension Manual

Backend Demo

GitHub - Free lite version with import from remote source

Improved Import features

  1. Import csv files with data for import from remote FTP server, Dropbox or direct URL

  2. Import product images from remote FTP, Dropbox or direct URL of product image

  3. Dedicated simple categories import from CSV file (by default in M2 categories can be imported only together with assigned products)

  4. Creation of new products attributes on the fly during import process

  5. Creation of new attribute values on the fly – if attribute value don’t exist on Magento 2 data base – it will be created during the products import process

  6. Con jobs for any kind of import (products , categories, customers , stock,  attributes etc.) – flexible and extremely powerful feature of Magento 2 Enterprise Edition available for Community Edition!

  7. Full support of Import configurable products – files can be placed locally or imported by remote URL source

  8. Downloadable products import

  9. Import fields mapping (in Magento 1.x style!) Powerful mapping feature allow you map Magento attributes to custom columns in your CSV file.

Looking for some specific import feature , modification or connection to Magento 2? - Contact us to discuss and get specific complex import solutions! 

Improved Import for Magento 2 upcoming features roadmap

Since we are continuously working on Improved Import features following community and merchant needs, here are upcoming features which we are working on now. After purchasing the extension, you will receive free upgrades during one year and also will get 50% discount for the second year upgrades! This mean you can purchase extension now to use current features and get free updates with powerful new features!

  • CSV mapping presets for Magento 1.x CE & EE , Shopify , BigCommerce , WooCommerce , Prestashop, and other major ecommerce systems - to make migration to Magento 2 and sync with the platform extremely easy!

  • API connection between Magento 2 and Shopify , BigCommerce, and other cloud-based SAAS ecommerce platforms - effortlessly import and export products, customers, and other data on the fly - without creating CSV files! Setup synchronization between your Magento 2 store and other ecommerce platforms in a few clicks;

  • Improved Import auto-upgrade - built-in system to keep your Improved Import copy up to date and get new import features, bug fix, and patches in Magento 2 instantly!

  • Unzip / untar archive with a CSV file before import - flexible import of large compressed data;

  • Export mapping - all import mapping flexibility during data export from Magento 2 - create any kind of CSV, XML, and TXT files to export product, categories, orders, and customers from Magento 2!

  • Custom data structure mapping for categories, customers, discount codes, catalog price rules, import! Full flexibility of data import to Magento 2!

  • Product data auto translation during import by Google or Bing - great for import to different store views;

  • Integration with API of data crawling services, such as Crawl product data from any source and import it directly to Magento 2 - this oppens nearly endless possibilities!

  • MS Excel XLSX files native import and mapping - processing of complex Excel files with multiple pages, flexible file files mapping to Magento 2 products , customers and orders striucture

  • Full covarage by unit and integrations tests

  • Extension is submitted and will be available soon on Magento Marketplace

  • API for Magento 2 Import and Improved Import functionality

Latest Reviews

Great customer support
by Zeo
The extension was lacking support for image attributes, but after consulting developersupport of this problem they immediately extended the module to fit our use case.
Excellent Support
by Chris Kite
Plugin fills the gap on a much needed CE feature that is only available natively in the pricey EE edition.

I initially an issue installing the extension in a pre-created OVA from Bitnami. Created a ticket with FireBear, they responded promptly with an updated version that then installed with no issues1
Best solution for cron import
by jamesk
Useful for scheduled cron import in Magento 2. We use extension to build products sync between Magento 2 and our custom builded ERP solution. Great support!

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Improved Import for Magento 2

Improved Import for Magento 2

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Improved Import for Magento 2

Improved Import extension for Magento 2 provides a possibility to import your CSV files with products data and product images to Magento 2 from a remote FTP server, Dropbox or a direct URL of a source CSV file, dedicated categories import from csv files, on fly import of product attribute values, import cron jobs and powerful mapping feature which allow you import any kind of custom data to Magento 2!

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Extension compatible with all recent versions of Magento Community and Enterprise Edition!

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- We provide 30 days money back guarantee and
90 days of free support!

- All our extensions is 100% Open Source and can be modified as you need!
- 1 year of free upgrades and new versions!