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Magento 2 gdpr extension

Notably, Mageplaza GDPR standard version comes as a free extension. However, this is not the only reason that attracts customers to choose this module. Let’s figure out two most outstanding features of Mageplaza GDPR, and you will understand the reason why this is a must-have plugin for every e-business.

Get Free GDPR Extension for Magento 2

Deleting customer account

This module allows customers to eliminate their account data including names, addresses, phone numbers, ID card numbers, credit card information, etc. This is the affirmation of online stores that they respect their customers’ privacy to the maximum extent. Also, this is a definite proof that buyers can 100% trust in the security policies of the stores because all steps of special data processing are transparent and credible from a certified international set of regulations.

Deleting default address

There is a severe privacy violation in default Magento 2 that customers’ default Billing and Shipping addresses can easily be changed yet hard deleted permanently. To solve this problem, Mageplaza GDPR allows shoppers to delete their names, addresses, and phone numbers merely with some clicks. Since revealing addresses related to some issues of being tracked and defrauded, customers will feel a store more reliable if it regulates that the ability to control default addresses fully and merely belongs to customers. It is no doubt that this action will tighten the stores’ privacy policy, and thus, satisfy customers at the highest level.

Managing Billing Documents (Mageplaza GDPR Pro)

It is undeniably necessary to protect Billing information including customers’ orders, invoices, credit memos and shipments at the highest security level. Strictly complying with a range of international privacy standards, GDPR Pro version will enable buyers to put those valuable data under control. In specific, personal data such as names, addresses, phone numbers, etc. can be anonymized and replaced with random string if customers demand.        

Magento 2 gdpr extension

Cookie Restriction (Mageplaza GDPR Pro)

Although the cookie can help better customers’ experience on the store page, customers who are security-conscious can be concerned. Thanks to Mageplaza GDPR Pro version, e-stores can customize Cookie restriction messages. Also, the positions to display Cookie on the page can be adjusted easily. That Cookie can be restricted in certain geographical areas based on backend settings will give website’s visitors peace of mind.  

Magento 2 gdpr extension

Full features list

  • Allows customers to delete their accounts and related information permanently
  • Enables customers to remove their default shipping addresses completely
  • Delete customers’ abandoned carts’ information (Pro)
  • Delete billing information appearing on order, invoice, credit memo, shipment (Pro)
  • Delete customers’ subscription information (Pro)
  • Ability to customize cookie’s message (Pro)
  • Cookie restriction allows admins to display the message in chosen areas (Pro)

Get Free GDPR Extension for Magento 2