Aheadworks GDPR Magento 2 Extension

- E-Commerce, Magento 2

Aheadworks introduces its brand new module providing merchants with the set of tools to comply with GDPR regulations. The GDPR extension for Magento by Aheadworks provides online shoppers with the necessary functionality allowing them to access, modify, and remove their personal data following the latest GDPR rules.

Below, we describe the GDPR module’s features in detail.

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  • GDPR compliant personal data

With the Magento 2 GDPR extension, you can be sure that your customers’ data is always legitimate and your web store complies with the latest GDPR regulations. Following the main GDPR requirements, customers have the right to access and view their personal data in PDF and XML formats, approve its usage, give consent for data access and processing, and request to remove their personal details. The module simplifies the management of massive databases storing customer information and allows tracking if a customer gave their consent to data processing, as well as requests for erasing the data.

  • Data protection policy consents

First of all, the module ensures that customers give their consent to data protection policy on registration and checkout pages, as well as special popups.

  • Customer access to personal data

The GDPR extension by Aheadworks ensures that customers have the right to access their data and can obtain a copy of it via PDF or XML file.

  • Extended customer account area

The module adds new options to the customer account area, allowing users to request access to their data and delete their accounts. In case of data erasure, all incomplete orders and abandoned carts are also removed. This functionality also lets to lighten your helpdesk workload, since customers’ requests for data access are collected directly from their accounts and can be quickly filtered out and handled properly.

  • Customer verification by email

With the GDPR module’s verification mechanism, you protect customer data from fraudulent activity by filtering out malicious requests via email. Besides, the API allows retrieving data from the related third-party applications.

  • Convenient management of a customer database

Admin users are enabled to track customers’ consents and export them as a list, as well as process the requests for data access and erasure from one place in the backend. 

  • Dedicated grids for consent relevance, data access requests, and removal requests

Using the GDPR module’s grids, admins can quickly segment customers by their consent statuses, manage data access and removal requests, and delete selected customers from the database.

  • Changes in the data protection policy

GDPR requirements may change, so it is critical to be able to comply with the new terms and make necessary amendments to the data protection policy on your store. With this Magento 2 extension, you won’t have to collect consents from all customers that gave them before again. The module provides the function to reset the current statuses of customers in one click and ask them to agree to the modified data protection policy version.

Final Words

The GDPR extension by Aheadworks provides ecommerce merchants will all the essential features to effectively manage customer data and process requests related to the GDPR regulations. After installing the module, you will be able to follow the latest changes in the GDPR terms and always keep customer data legitimate.

As for the price, the Magento 2 extension will cost $199 after it is launched, but right now you can pre-order it with a 30% discount!

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