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In recent years, social media became an integral part of everyone’s life, which also affected the tendencies in the ecommerce business. The promotion of products and services on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social platforms has become a crucial aspect of successful online sales. If you operate your store on Magento 2, we advise you to pay attention to the MageDelight Social Media Promotions extension. The module implements social sharing functionality on Magento 2 and enables merchants to seamlessly integrate their stores with Facebook. By utilizing the features offered by the MageDelight tool, you will significantly increase customer engagement and boost your sales. 

Further in this post, we explore the functionality of the Magento 2 social share module, describe how to configure its settings in the backend, and show its appearance on the storefront.

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  • Social sharing functionality;
  • WhatsApp, Pinterest, and Twitter buttons for product sharing in one click;
  • Option to use short URLs when sharing;
  • Cart share on WhatsApp;
  • Integration of Magento 2 store with Facebook based on iFrame;
  • Display of the whole website on Facebook pages;
  • Facebook social selling.

By installing the MageDelight Social Media Promotions extension, you will allow your web store visitors to share your products on various social media platforms. The Magento 2 module provides support for WhatsApp, Twitter, and Pinterest. As a store manager, you decide which social sharing options will be active on your website.

The social promotions Magento 2 extension enables customers to share products on their social media accounts with one button click. The module allows placing social sharing buttons on product listing and product description pages. Note that you can use Bitly short URLs for social sharing on Twitter and WhatsApp. Besides, it is possible to display short or long product descriptions in Twitter posts and add custom messages to shared links on WhatsApp.

As for the WhatsApp sharing options, the Magedelight extension offers some extended settings. In addition to products, customers can share their carts in WhatsApp messages. You also decide whether information from your store can be shared on all devices or only mobile. Furthermore, you can track messages shared on WhatsApp via UTM and use this data in Google Analytics.

Another prominent feature of the MageDelight social sharing Magento 2 module is seamless integration with Facebook. The extension enables merchants to customize the look of their Magento 2 store on a Facebook page. It is possible to display a custom store banner on the Facebook, show or hide header and footer, decide which category will be shown on the homepage, and more. Moreover, the MageDelight module allows customers to purchase products right from the Facebook page.

Now, let’s explore the backend interface of the MageDelight social sharing Magento 2 module in more detail to understand its functionality better.


After installing the MageDelight Social Media Promotions extension, navigate to Stores -> Settings -> Configuration -> Magedelight -> Social Media Promotions. First, specify serial and activation keys from your purchased license in the License Configuration tab.

After entering and saving your keys, you will get a list of domains for which your license is configured in the Select Website area in the General Configuration section. It is possible to choose multiple website domains where you plan to use the extension.

Then, enable the module in General Settings of the module’s configuration page. 

In the following settings tab, you can enable the integration of your store with Facebook. Note that the module’s configuration requires to have an active developer Facebook account. Please, refer to the extension’s user manual for more details on the procedure of setting up a Facebook Page. Other settings let you decide whether to display a banner of your store on the Facebook Page and upload a corresponding file for the banner image. Here, you also select a category for your store’s homepage on Facebook and enable/disable header and footer. Then, decide whether to add a home link to the Facebook store menu and whether to show Facebook Like links on catalog and product pages.

Next, the MageDelight social media promotion Magento 2 module allows enabling integration with WhatsApp. In the Whatsapp Integration tab, you decide whether to activate social sharing on all or only mobile devices and allow/disallow cart sharing. You can also create a custom message that will be added to shared carts. Besides, you can enable/disable WhatsApp sharing on product listing and product view pages separately.

It is also possible to add a custom message sent along with shared products on WhatsApp, enable/disable UTM tracking, and specify UTM campaign source and medium info. Then, decide whether to use Bitly short URLs for social sharing on WhatsApp and enter an access token from your Bitly account. 

As for the integration with Pinterest, you can enable social sharing for product listing and product description pages correspondingly.

The last settings tab of the MageDelight social promotions Magento 2 module allows enabling sharing of your products on Twitter for product listing and product view pages. Besides, you can choose short or long product description that will be displayed on Twitter and decide whether to use Bitly short URLs.

Next, we will show you a few examples of the social sharing functionality implemented by the MageDelight Social Media Promotions extension on the frontend.


In the image below, you can see how social sharing buttons for WhatsApp, Pinterest, and Twitter are displayed on the catalog page.

Social sharing functionality on a product page:

As for the cart sharing feature, an appropriate button is added to the shopping cart:

As for the Facebook integration, the Social Media Promotions Magento 2 extension loads the whole website on the Facebook page.

Final Words

The Social Media Promotions extension by MageDelight provides advanced tools for configuring social sharing functionality on a Magento 2 store. By allowing website visitors to share product information from your store on social media platforms, you will increase your brand recognition and catch the attention of potential clients. The possibility to shop right on Facebook pages drastically improves customer experience and boosts conversions. The price of the Magento 2 module is $99, and you can buy it here:

Download / Buy MageDelight Social Media Promotions Magento 2 Extension