Aheadworks Simple Bundle Product Magento 2 Extension

- E-Commerce, Magento 2

The native Magento 2 functionality allows creating product bundles with multiple variants. On the storefront, customers get the possibility to assemble their own product kits adding various items with customized options. Though providing customers with a broader choice of options seems great, time-consuming product configuration and too many elements on a product page don’t satisfy some store owners. Aheadworks introduces a tool built to streamline the process of bundles creation and purchasing – Simple Bundle Product extension for Magento 2. With the module, Magento admins can quickly create bundle products and add them to order, while customers can buy bundles in one click.

In this post, we describe which benefits the simplified bundle product configuration brings to ecommerce merchants and online shoppers.

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The Magento 2 Simple Bundle Product extension simplifies the user interface both in the backend and frontend without changing the logic of bundle products creation. If you want to speed up the process of product bundles generation, you just need to switch to the simple bundle mode. The Magento 2 simple bundle products module provides the following features:

  • Intuitive backend interface;
  • Simple bundle mode option;
  • Quick order creation with added bundles in the backend;
  • One-click purchasing of product bundles on the frontend.

With the Aheadworks bundle products module, the configuration of bundles in the backend becomes extremely straightforward. The simple bundle mode hides a few settings from the native configuration and leaves only essential parameters for creating new products. This way, you can set a bundle in a few clicks without additional page loading to save your time and effort. The process of adding bundles to orders created from the backend is also streamlined. Admin users don’t need to do additional customizations when adding items to order. Note that after installing the Simple Product Bundle for Magento 2, you can still use the native bundle configuration along with the simplified mode.

As for the frontend changes, the Magento 2 Simple Bundle Product extension makes purchasing of product bundles much faster and easier. The module eliminates configuration options of the items added to a bundle on the storefront, allowing customers to buy selected products in one click in the same way as simple products. Items in a bundle are presented in a list with clickable links forwarding to a product page. Thus, your clients save time when shopping on your store, which improves user experience and brings more loyal customers.


The general configuration of the Magento 2 simple bundle products module includes only one setting. Here, you create a default name for the bundle items list.

To create a new Magento 2 bundle product, go to the Products page. On the new product screen, you should activate the ‘Switch To Simple Bundle’ option to configure a new bundle item using the extension’s simple bundle mode.

Then, scroll the page down to the Bundle Items section. The bundle configuration window has a simplified view where you should only add required products to the bundle and set their quantity. The ‘Input Type’ and ‘Required’ settings that are visible in the native bundle mode are hidden. Input type is set to Checkbox, and the Required option is enabled by default.

The process of adding product bundles to orders created from the backend is also streamlined with the Magento 2 bundle products module. When adding items to an order, you can just choose necessary bundles without any configuration.

At the same time, if you want to change the number of bundle products, click “Configure” next to a product and set its quantity in the appropriate field.


On the frontend, customers can view the list of items included in the bundle. Note that each product has a link that leads to its page. Since customization options are eliminated, customers can add a products bundle to the cart in one click.

Final Words

The Magento 2 Simple Bundle Product extension provides simple bundles configuration for store admins and quick purchases for online shoppers. The simplified functionality brings all necessary tools for product bundles creation without spoiling the user experience. The price of the Magento 2 bundle solution is $79 only, so don’t hesitate to give it a try!

Download / Buy Aheadworks Simple Bundle Product Magento 2 Extension