Weltpixel Full Page Scroll Magento 2 Extension

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Magento 2 Full Page Scroll CMS Extension

To avoid common Magento 2 page scroll problems on CMS pages, install a third-party module responsible for improving the default functionality. For instance, you can choose Weltpixel Full Page Scroll Magento 2 extension. The purpose of this Magento 2 tool is simple: it provides store visitors with full page scrolling on CMS pages. Besides, the module has another handy feature. It allows creating multiple landscape sliders responsible for one CMS block and the appropriate section of a page. As a result, your presentation pages can be more appealing and informative.

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Magento 2 page scroll in JavaScript not only opens new opportunities, but also provides a lot of important features, such as compatibility with all modern browsers, support for all screen sizes (your mobile shoppers will say “Thank you”), and the ability to leverage touch gestures on smartphones, tablets, and even touch screen computers. Let’s figure out the core features of the Weltpixel Full Page Scroll Magento 2 module.

  • It is fully responsive, so visitors with all possible devices get the same great shopping experience;
  • The extension provides top-notch scalability, since each section of a CMS page is a different block;
  • The module is highly and easily configurable: each page can be reordered rapidly;
  • Unlimited qty of elements: you can create as many pages and sections as you need;
  • Timely updates: the extension gets updates each time a new Magento 2 version is released.

Below, we provide a step-by-step guide explaining how to use the extension.

1.1. First of all, create a new page that will be used with the Weltpixel Full Page Scroll Magento 2 module. You can find the necessary options under Content -> Pages.

1.2. Hit Add New Page, enable it, type its title and insert the following code:

Magento 2 Full Page Scroll CMS Extension

2.1. Now, go to Content -> Blocks and add a new block. Note that all sections of your new CMS page should be created as blocks here. Respect this format while naming blocks: fullpagescroll_cmspageurlkey_sectionorder.

  • cmspageurlkey – is a page identifier. By default, it is created automatically on the basis of a page title. Use it to associate a block to the new page. You can discover a page URL key in Page Description -> Search Engine Optimization Tab -> URL Key.
  • To create a CMS page for the homepage, use the following format: fullpagescroll_home_storeviewcode_sectionorder. Note that “home” is a mandatory elements and “storeviewcode” is a link to a store view you want to display the page on. It is also necessary to mention that all the aforementioned elements are extremely important. Often, if a certain block is not displayed on a CMS page, there is a mistake in its identifiers, page URL, or section name.

Magento 2 Full Page Scroll CMS Extension

2.2. If you want to create a certain order on a page, note that the Weltpixel Full Page Scroll Magento 2 module can arrange blocks by section order, alphabetically, or by numbers.

2.3. As for images, the extension also has some features that are worth to be mentioned here.

2.3.1. The first uploaded image is used as a background image of the block. It is set automatically.

2.3.2. Other images can be configured via the default editor settings.

2.4. There are also two more requirements.

2.4.1. Set the page layout as “Fullscreen”. Otherwise, header, footer, and page functionality will be affected.

2.4.2. Use the “sectionorder” identification to see how blocks are ordered (alphabetically or numerically).

Final Words

The configuration of a new page with the Weltpixel Full Page Scroll Magento 2 extension seems to be a little bit complicated, but the result is worth the effort. For only $99, you get a tool that allows creating stunning promotions showing your products in a new perspective. For further information, follow this link:

Download / Buy Weltpixel Full Page Scroll Magento 2 Extension