Amasty Gift Wrap Magento 2 Extension

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If you want to engage more customers and improve their shopping experience on your store, adding gift wrapping service is an excellent idea. The Amasty Gift Wrap Magento 2 extension allows adding the proper functionality to your ecommerce site so that you can impress website visitors with eye-catching gift wrap designs. The ability to choose a wrapping paper or box when purchasing gifts is especially beneficial during holiday periods. Besides, the Magento 2 gifting module allows customers to include a card and add a personal message to a gifted product. Below, we look closer at the features offered by the Amasty Gift Wrap module for Magento 2. 

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  • Ability to create a selection of gift wrap types;
  • No limitation on the number of offered wrap designs;
  • Wrapping options displayed in a slider;
  • “Add Gift Options” button on the product, cart, and checkout pages;
  • Support for multi-address checkout with gifted items;
  • Option to wrap all ordered items together;
  • Option to wrap products individually;
  • Ability to disable wrapping option for selected items;
  • Option to attach a gift card with a personal message;
  • Option to hide the price of a wrapped gift;
  • Analytical dashboard with gift wrap selling dynamics.

By introducing a gift wrapper option on your Magento 2 store, you add incentives for online shoppers to buy holiday presents. Besides holiday season, wrapping service is useful for any special occasion, like birthday, anniversary, wedding, engagement, etc. Thus, you can include the gift wrapping service in your marketing strategy and make additional profit.

After installing the Amasty gift wrapper module, you will be able to offer a selection of gift wraps on your storefront. The extension allows adding as many wrap designs as you want and display them in a slider. This way, you will provide your store visitors with various gifting options depending on a special occasion. As a store manager, you decide how much to charge for each wrapper design. Details of wrapping options can be viewed and managed on a separate grid in the backend.

The Magento 2 gift wrap module allows store owners to propose wrapping service on different purchase steps. It is possible to enable the gift wrapper function on the product, shopping cart, and checkout pages. By offering gift wraps on multiple store pages, you increase the chances that customers will notice an extra option when making purchases and add a gift package to their order.

With the Amasty Gift Wrap extension, you can provide customers with an option to wrap all purchased items together or add individual wrapping for each product in the order. Online shoppers can also specify the number of items to wrap when editing gift wrapping options in the shopping cart. Besides, you can define which items will be available for wrapping and disable the gift wrap option for specific products. This way, you can avoid issues related to wrapping goods that are not suitable for this. At the same time, you have an option to charge extra fees for packing particular products.

Another module’s feature that drastically improves user shopping experience is the ability to add personalized messages to gifts. After selecting a wrap for their present, customers can choose a gift message card and type in a text that will be sent to a receiver along with a purchased product. This way, you leave your clients more satisfied with shopping on your store since they get a chance to impress their friends or family even more.

The Magento 2 gift module also allows customers to decide whether to show or hide a gifted product’s price when making a present to someone. The hide price function is very useful since it is a common practice not to show the price of a gift to a recipient.

Furthermore, store managers can view statistics on the number of sold gift wraps on the analytical dashboard in the backend. You can use this data to analyze which package designs are more popular among customers and sold out faster. Such information is useful for understanding what might be adjusted in your marketing strategy to increase sales.


You can view and manage all created gift wraps on a separate grid under Catalog -> Gift Wrap -> Gift Wraps. The upper section of the Gift Wraps screen contains the analytical dashboard mentioned above. A left-side block of the panel shows statistics on the number of sold wraps and gained revenue per each wrap design and in total. On the right, there is a chart providing an overview of the quantity of sold wrappings during a specified time interval.

As for the grid, it includes 8 columns:

  • Checkbox (you can select gift wraps to apply mass actions);
  • ID (a unique ID number each wrapping option gets);
  • Thumbnail (a small image);
  • Wrap Name (any custom name);
  • Status (Enabled/Disabled);
  • Price (specified package fee);
  • Sort Order (defines the position of a wrap on the frontend);
  • Qty Sold (the number of wraps sold overall);
  • Action (Edit, Duplicate, and Delete actions are available).

The Gift Wrap Magento 2 extension allows admin users to delete and duplicate selected wraps in bulk. To create a new gift wrapping, press the “Add New Gift Wrap” button.

When configuring your new package wrap, first, set its status to Enabled or Disabled. Then, you should create a name and upload a relevant image. Here, you can also add a description for the storefront, specify a price if you want to charge extra for gift packaging, and set the sort order.

Another grid provided by the Amasty module allows managing and adding gift cards. You will find the grid by navigating to Catalog -> Gift Wrap -> Gift Message Cards. The Gift Message Cards grid has the same columns as the Gift Wraps grid except for the Qty Sold column. You can perform the same actions (edit, duplicate, and delete) for existing cards individually, as well as delete or duplicate selected gift cards via mass action. 

When adding a new card, you will need to set its status, create a name, upload a file for the image, assign a price if necessary, and specify the sorting order. 

With the gift wraps Magento 2 module, you can add gift wrapping for specific products. It is possible to enable gift wrapping options for particular items in bulk from the Products grid. After selecting the necessary products, click “Update attributes” in the mass actions drop-down. 

Then, scroll down to the “Available for Wrapping” option in the Update Attributes window and choose “Yes” to enable the function.

The configuration page of the Amasty Gift Wrap extension is divided into 2 sections: General and Tax.

In the General settings, you can enable/disable the module’s functionality, select pages where you want a gift wrapping service to be available, and add a message with additional information on gift packaging displayed on the frontend. Here, you can also make the gift message function dependable on the gift card selection and insert an example text to define a gift message placeholder.

In the Tax tab, you assign a tax class for gift wrap and message card and select how an extra wrap price should be displayed in the order total.

Now, let’s see how the gift wrapping functionality appears on the frontend.


The Amasty Gift Wrap extension allows customers to buy a product as a present and select a wrap design for the package. The module adds a handy slider with available wrap styles and their prices to product pages.

Next, a customer is offered to add a gift message and attach one of the available gift cards to their purchase.

On the last step, a customer can review selected options and make changes if necessary before adding the gift wrapping to the purchased product.

Gift packaging can also be selected on the shopping cart page:

Gift wrapping service is also available at the checkout:

Details on selected gift packages are displayed in the customer account:

Final Words

By installing the Amasty Gift Wrap Magento 2 extension, you can significantly increase customers’ satisfaction from interacting with your web store and gain their loyalty. The ability to purchase products as gifts and add necessary gift wrap and card options in a couple of clicks improves the shopping experience of your clients and makes them come back to your store. Due to charging extra fees for wrapping, you also get additional revenue and increase average order value.

As for the price, you can buy the Magento 2 Gift Wrap module for $199. Follow the link below to learn more details about the product:

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