Clash of Themes: Magetique vs Fortis. Choose the Best Multipurpose Magento Theme

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Magento 2 Theming

It’s an open secret, that web development is extremely attractive today. Actually, it can meet the requirements of many users on the Web and it doesn’t matter what you need: a portfolio website, a blog, a corporative business website or an online store. Nowadays, more and more people decide to manage their business online. And both personal and commercial needs will be obtained thanks to ready-made responsive Magento themes. For this reason, there is a huge variety of themes on the Internet and everyone can definitely find their cup of tea. Besides, you also have an opportunity to choose between different CMS: WordPress, Joomla, Magento, Open Cart etc.


Download Responsive Magento Themes

Each of them is created for specific needs in different fields. However, it’s just a part of the whole mechanism: you also need an individual design, key features and a qualitative content. Anyway, you can always use multipurpose themes and adjust them to your products and services. Such a type of templates is very popular today, that’s why you can take a look at two of them. Both are Magento themes and have their pros and cons. Taking this, we can’t leave without attention all advantages of Magento CMS. So here they are: high customization level, active user forum, solid SEO, mobile-friendly configuration and many others. And now let’s find out more about the themes!

Before talking about benefits and drawbacks and comparing, let us present these two modern templates. There are the following themes in the limelight:



Both are full customizable and pre-loaded with ready-made page templates. This will be especially interesting for users without any coding knowledge and skills. Maybe it staggers belief, but with your template you will become the whole documentation and instructions, which will help you not to get lost while building your website. You can even enjoy this process. Just be creative!

More opportunities with Bootstrap

Obviously, a responsive website is a must, because our everyday life is full of gadgets. We can turn a blind eye, but it’s a well-known fact. So, modern technologies are a good way to provide your business and it’s important to be able to do this everywhere. Try to open any responsive website on a tablet or phone. It is much better if you can open it not only on your PC, isn’t it? So these themes are fully responsive, because they are made using Bootstrap framework. The 12-columns structure allows a website look perfect on any screen and it’s really powerful!

Updates allow you to stay on track

Updates are an essential part of the technology world. They help you to get modern modifications and use them on your website right away. Besides, they make your website function easier and better. Speaking about the Magetique theme, it was updated on the 5th of June 2017 and has a new version of Magento engine 2.1.7. Different from the TemplateMonster’s  Magetique, Fortis’ latest update was on the 9th of November 2015. It’s also important to know, that all updates are free of charge. Both templates have many similar key features, but Magetique has more additional modules, which you can see in the picture below.

Design as a face of your company

It’s clear, that such multipurpose templates like Magetique and Fortis are fully editable, but let’s start with basic look of themes. Magetique template from Template Monster offers 5 premium layouts for any niche. It’s an excellent choice, isn’t it? Speaking about Fortis, it has only one layout, but almost all elements you can easily customize as well as Magetique. Both templates have a rich colorful palette. You have an opportunity to choose colors almost for every element and create your own style. It helps you to show the identity of your company and attract clients with an eye-catching design. When you just open the demos, you see a good tool for attention drawing – a slider. Place here the main information you need to share with customers and they will certainly notice it. In spite of the fact, that both sliders are similar, a Magetique slider is snazzier, and a Fortis one is rather soft.

Good navigation makes a website more understandable and easy-to-use

Regarding such an important thing as navigation, we need to mention, how easily and quickly you can find what you are looking for. Fortis offers 2 menu styles: a wide mega menu or a classic drop-down menu. Additionally, a sidebar menu and eye-catching labels for categories are provided. Similarly, you can build 2 menu types using Magetique theme, but this template also gives you an opportunity to choose between 5 header types. In fact, both interfaces are intuitively clear.

Clear product page – the way to drive new customers in  

Comprehensible and careful product page is your key to success. It’s important, how fast your visitors can find necessary information, how handy is an interface there and how clean-cut are your images. That’s why we decided to compare this part of website. Magetique has a user-friendly gallery with big photos, information about product amount, a big brand logo and details. Each user can calmly add a good to his or her shopping cart without leaving a page and doing other extra actions. By the way, under the product preview your visitors will be able to find recommendation and related products. Concerning Fortis template, it has a smaller gallery, but with a handy zoom, a product description, information about availability and a brand logo.

Generally speaking, both of these multipurpose templates are advisable for bringing to life any web projects. Also, if your purpose is to create an online store – it’s really a good choice. We reviewed two Magento themes – Magetique and Fortis. They have a lot of similarities and common features. But in contrast to Fortis, Magetique has more regular updates and a better product page thanks to recommendation and related products blocks. Moreover, Magetique has more ready-made layouts for customization, but at the same time Fortis offers a wide variety of customization elements. Speaking about navigation and responsibility, both templates have high-quality characteristics. In brief, Magetique theme provides more useful functions and allows you to go online confidently. So, just get started now!