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Customer Documents Magento 2 Extension Module review

The AIRBYTES Customer Documents Magento 2 extension is designed to provide customers with additional information. The module helps to create various documents and provide access to them for individual clients or on the customer group basis. In the following post, we describe how to use the tool and explore its core features.

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Core Features

  • Customer documents upload;
  • Custom name, description, and file for each document;
  • Support for customer groups and individual customer assignment;
  • Email notifications;
  • Download link encryption;
  • Import of documents via CSV;
  • REST + SOAP API for HTTP and XML automation.

After installing the AIRBYTES Customer Documents Magento 2 module, you will get the ability to create new documents with custom names and descriptions, upload them for customers, and display for download. As mentioned above, documents can be assigned to specific customer groups or individual clients. Note that similar functionality is available with Amasty Product Attachments and Mageworx File Downloads & Product Attachments.

Note that while everyone can see the download link, only customers assigned to the document can download it. Besides, if you already have some documents you’d like to provide to customers, you can quickly upload them via CSV. After purchasing the module, you will get a sample file that illustrates how to create a CSV document correctly.

It is also necessary to mention that AIRBYTES Customer Documents Magento 2 Extension provides the ability to customize the frontend appearance of documents. There is a corresponding template file that can be configured in accordance with your ecommerce requirements.

Moreover, your customers will always stay informed about new documents. Everyone who is assigned to already existing documentation can receive a notification when you add something new. The feature is not mandatory, so you can turn off the email alerts. However, we recommend you to enable notifications if you add something really important.

Now, let’s figure out teh core extension features and then proceed to the backend tutorial of AIRBYTES Customer Documents Magento 2 Extension.


Let’s start our journey from the Customer Documents grid. It contains the following columns:

  • ID – each document gets an ID number;
  • Name – a custom name of a document;
  • Description – a custom description;
  • Path – a path to each document;
  • Publicly Available – Yes/No;
  • Customer Groups – corresponding customer groups;
  • Customer Emails – email addresses;
  • Created At – time and date when the document was created;
  • Category – corresponding categories;
  • Action – Edit and Delete.

While creating a new document, you have to deal with two tabs: Customer Documents and Customers. The first one allows you to specify such parameters as name and description. Here, you can also upload a file, enable/disable public availability, and decide whether to show the document in the sidebar. Next, you select a document category (you can create them manually), turn on/off email notifications, and apply restrictions by customer groups.

The Customers tab allows you to assign specific customers to the new document.

This is how a grid with document categories looks:

To add a new category, you only need to specify its name.

Final Words

The AIRBYTES Customer Documents Magento 2 module provides the easiest way to add additional documents and assign them to specific customers. The extension has two core benefits. First of all, it is extremely easy to use due to a user-friendly backend interface. In addition, it has a notification system that informs clients about new important documents. It is necessary to mention that the module is quite expensive, especially in comparison to other file attachment tools: €399 for its Magento 2 version and €299 for M1.

Download / Buy AIRBYTES Customer Documents Magento 2 Extension

Download / Buy AIRBYTES Customer Documents Magento Module