Mageplaza Magento 2 Gift Card Extension

- E-Commerce, Magento 2

We can’t deny that customers are the most hot-tempered and lazy shoppers. There are so many choices, and they don’t know how to find the suitable gift for each people. Choosing the proper gift for family members or friends and relatives is a challenging and laborious process. I have witnessed many friends around me complaining about selecting the gift for their girlfriend, sister, grandmother, mother, father, etc. They always suffer from headaches in this matter. As an online store owner, you need to find the best solution to help these poor customers. Fortunately, all your troubles will be resolved in just minutes with the Mageplaza Gift Card.

Mageplaza Gift Card is a great and beneficial solution for online stores. With just a few drag-and-drop operations, you can configure this module. This plugin not only allows administrators to create beautiful Gift Card templates but also enables customers to design unique and attractive gift cards for their friends. As a result, it will motivate shoppers to buy more gifts from your store. It is one of the most effective ways to boost sales and improve customer loyalty.


Why choose Mageplaza Gift Card

Serving customers and satisfying them is a top priority task for every merchant. If you don’t give them what they want, they will leave and never come back. Don’t worry because Mageplaza Gift Card will help you do this. We will help you better understand Gift Card by Mageplaza and the reasons why it is a must-have module for your shop.

  1. Personalize Gift Cards

It’s excellent that Mageplaza Gift Cards have the integration of this great feature. Thanks to it, customers can choose their photos with friends or the fun pictures of friends as well as design these gift cards in a unique and eye-catching way. Mainly, the customer can leave a note and enter their name along with the recipient’s information on the gift card.

  1. Drag and drop to design

With this feature, customers can completely design their gift certificates for their friends. With the simple drag-and-drop functionality of the add-on, you have the most attractive and beautiful gift certificate intended by you. It contributes to your gift becoming more meaningful than ever.

  1. Delivery methods

Being so busy with work and chaos during holidays, that is why customers don’t have the time to deliver gifts to their loved ones. Delivery methods will help people do this. After creating and designing gift cards, shoppers can send these gift vouchers via SMS, email or online chat applications such as Whatsapp, Viber, Facebook Messenger or Tango. Also, for physical gift cards, they can be printed and mailed.

  1. Delivery time

Customers want to send gift cards to their friends on their birthday or an anniversary of their meaning with relatives. But the work is too busy, and they can not do it themselves. With Delivery Time, shoppers are free to choose the time and date when giving the gift cards to their friends.

  1. Gift Card History

When creating, sending and receiving the gift card successfully, it will be saved in the backend. To efficiently manage gift certificates and gift codes, administrators can view them from the module’s backend.

  1. SMS Notification

This feature allows administrators to send SMS to gift card recipients as well as customize the message so that it appears as a personal SMS. Also, you will have to sign up for a Twilio account so that this feature work.


Preview Gift Cards: Thanks to this feature, customers can preview the gift cards they just created before sending. From there, they can edit if there are any errors.

Gift Card tracking: With this feature, customers no longer worry whether their gift cards have been sent to their friends or not. Buyers can track the status of gift cards and receive alerts if there are any changes.

Discount options: Administrators can set up discount cards on the price of the product before or after the tax.

Use Gift Card Offline: This is an excellent feature of Mageplaza Gift Card. It allows merchants to print gift cards and use them offline.

Expiration dates: Thanks to this feature, you can set expiration dates with gift certificate shoes as well as allow them to show or hide.

Restrict Gift Codes: Store owners can limit the number of gift codes with this feature.

Usage conditions: This feature allows shop owners to set up requirements for the use of gift vouchers with buyers.

Flexible Gift Card Price: By using fixed value or using a price range, buyers can completely filter the price of a gift card to suit their wallet.

Buy Gift Card at a lower price: Luckily, buyers can buy gift cards for friends and relatives at low prices. Here is a bargain for you on the occasion of the upcoming holidays.


Mageplaza Gift Card is the choice trusted by thousands of customers. It brings great satisfaction and experience to our customers. Therefore, Mageplaza always gets good feedback on the Gift Card extension.


Please go to admin panel > Mageplaza > Gift Card. You will see an image below. It includes five fields: Manage gift codes, Manage gift codes pools, manage templates, gift card history and configuration.

Let’s explore an exciting journey:

Manage gift codes

Here is where to save all the gift codes. From this Grid, admins can collect all information about gift codes such as ID, Code, Status, Balance, Store View, Expired Date, Created Date, Order, Pool, Template, Delivery, Delivery Date. Also, the admin can delete, print, change status and edit the information on the gift card.

Manage gift code pools

Gift Code Pool is a gift code that includes information such as Balance, Expiration Date, Template, etc. In Gift Code Pools field, administrators can create and edit Pool easily.

Manage Templates

Here is where to store all gift card templates. You can also create a new sample as you like and save it.

Gift Card History

In Gift Card History field, it allows displaying the full calendar of all gift cards including ID, Code, Action, Balance, Amount Change, Status, Detail and Created Date.

Also, it also allows administrators to filter, change store views or add/remove columns.


Choose Yes or No to Enable or Disable this module, Gift Card credit and Gift Card Be Redeemed.

Gift Code Hiden Configuration

Select Yes to apply this feature. With Prefix Chars and Suffer Chars fields, you can set the number of characters in the Gift Code. If you leave the bank, it will appear the default symbol “X.”

Gift Card Product Configuration

In Gift Card Lifetime field: This is the field for admins to set the expiration date of the gift card which the customer has purchased.

Click on Yes in the Delivery Date field to choose date and time for sending Gift Card. As soon as enabling this feature, the customer can select the timezone.

Gift Card/Credit Checkout Configuration

In this field, you only need to choose Yes or No to Enable or Disable some features such as Use Coupon Box To Apply for Gift Card, Use Multiple Gift Cards, Show Gift Card Summary On Total Block and Use Gift Credit.

Gift Card Template Configuration

As you see, admins can insert your logo as well as limit Message Character as they want.

Email Configuration

To enable this feature, choose Yes. Immediately it will work. Also, admins can set config Email Sender and Gift Card Email Template.

SMS Configuration

This feature will work as soon as you choose Yes. Also, here is the place to register a Twilio Account and modify the content of SMS.


It is where to save all the gift card products. With beautiful and eye-catching images, it quickly impresses the customer.

Final words

Choosing gifts for your friends and relatives has never been easier. Mageplaza Gift Card is an excellent choice. Do not miss the opportunity to own a Gift Card for your e-commerce store. Not only does it come with tons of powerful features, but this module is also a valuable item that will significantly improve your store’s sales. We are proud to recommend Gift Card extension by Mageplaza to your online store.