Firebear Studio offers custom development and data management services for Magento 2 and Adobe Commerce projects of any complexity. We are interested in buiding competitive solutions and long-term relationship with our clients.

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Firebear Studio is Magento and Adobe partner. The team consists of certified Magento 2 developers with 10 years of experience working with complex Magento and Adobe Commerce projects and startups.
We strive for perfection constantly looking for the most recent technologies and their application for best use with Magento 2 stores.

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About FireBear

We deal with Magento 2 architechture every day and want to make our experience work for you.

FireBear is a Magento development agency with almost a decade of expertise in creating robust data management solutions. Fueled by the passion of true Magento enthusiasts, the agency has come a long way and achieved proficiency in delivering the most efficient tools for dealing with the Magento 1 and 2 architectures. Every day we explore new directions of the Magento 2 functionality escalation to provide unique options for users who adhere to the core values of e-commerce without limits.

Our contribution is recognized by the community and we continue to follow our path as a member of Magento 2 ExtDN (Extension Developer Network). The team of certified Magento developers is proud to share the trustable services with the Magento 2 users and pays extra attention to constant improving the quality of our work.

Once considering the ways to extend the Magento 2 reach, we’ve put the idea into motion and developed the Improved Import and Export extension for Magento 2 — the most usable import tool. The module transforms import and export into fast, easily-controlled procedures. Its greater benefits lie within the field of data synchronizations. Magento 2 Improved Import and Export can be used as a means for unlimited Magento 2 integrations, omnichannel, ERP, CRM implementation, etc. It introduces a transparent data management tool with a variety of entities, sources and formats supported and the ability to edit transferred data. (To see the integration abilities of Improved Import and Export in action visit the extension page. There you can find our projects with NetSuite, QuickBooks, Salesforce, eBay, and many more)

FireBear maintains numerous long-lasting relationships with leading companies in the e-commerce sphere (enterprise, B2B providers). We know what our clients want and manage to succeed in satisfying their needs — thousands of completed projects and 70% of returning clients speak for themselves. Equally, specifics of small and mid-sized businesses are not alien to us. So don’t hesitate to request our services, we deliver Magento 2 custom development, cross-platform integrations and much more.

Magento 2 Extensions & Solutions

Years of experience. Certified specialists. Best extensions.

Use enhanced import and export functionality for your Magento 2 store
Sync products, customers, orders, and other with SAP ERP
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Sychronize product, order, customer from MS Dynamics with Magento 2
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Dynamic product and category page updates, Matrix grid for bulk ordering
Magento 2 integration with Salesforce CRM, with full support of entities
Upload your product catalog to Amazon, Google, Instagram etc.

About Magento 2

We deal with Magento 2 architechture every day and want to make our experience work for you.

The most popular e-commerce platform in the world. The open-code wonder that has shaken minds of those who sell online. The complex sales suite that exploits its advanced features to smear the boundaries of what used to be a regular thing. Magento 2 is everything and even more.

Being the leader in e-commerce for years, Magento 2 has accumulated the most user-friendly practices applied in the field, reorganized them to perform on the maximum and ensured no data is in conflict within the platform. Now, with Adobe at the top, Magento 2 is bound to explore new horizons and take over new audience.

Aimed at personalizing any business, the platform is available in the following versions:

Magento 2 Open Source

Targeted at developers and small-businesses, the edition provides customers with free core functionality, the very tools for creating unique content, running powerful marketing campaigns, establishing reliable seller-buyer relationships. The good point is the system is constantly updated and enhanced so that you always get the fullest experience of going live with your Magento 2 store.

Magento 2 Commerce

Commerce is the most extensive and sufficient edition of Magento 2. It gives you the freedom to manage massive data and cover business needs all-in-one. Based on the Open Source edition, Commerce has achieved new heights in customization with content staging and Page Builder. Powerful practices implemented multiply audience engagement and boost sales. Reduced checkout steps and the instant purchase feature keep users involved and enable fast transparent purchases. Scalable nature of the edition can benefit businesses of any size. With Magento 2 Commerce, you can apply dynamic rules, display content in responsive designs, optimize your store content for search engines. Controlling full catalog and inventory, managing orders, shipping and payments are just a part of the routine now. All the promotions can be analyzed and reports are stored up for statistics purposes. The result can be processed to perform better in the future and invest this way or another into customer loyalty increase.

Magento 2 Cloud

The edition is a part of the Adobe Commerce Cloud. It complies with the industry standards and keeps all your data safe and accessible from any device. The flexible, robust solution allows you to reduce time and costs on deploying and maintaining your store on the private server. The type of store administration is suitable for various business models and strategies, and merchants who look up to the future of technology.

Magento 2 B2B extension

The B2B extension adds shared catalogs, negotiable quotes, and requisition lists to the original list of supported Magento 2 entities. The innovations are not in the name only as the functionality goal is to provide a safe experience while dealing with large companies as customers. The extension allows managing company accounts, segmenting customers according to their company roles, assigning customers to groups to permit or restrict specific operations. The option ‘pay in account’ helps to increase the level of trust between you and your customers.

So why Magento 2 is so popular? The answer seems simple — extensive feature list provided, unlimited opportunities risen from every action. When it comes to the technical side, Magento 2 guarantees reduced page load time (or no loads at all with AJAX Cart), provides multi-admin access without conflicts, and shows stable performance even under pressure. The modular nature of the platform and the inclusive framework stimulate numerous data integrations.

About FireBear services

We deal with Magento 2 architechture every day and want to make our experience work for you.

Finding a decent development agency is not a pleasant or tension-free task but the situation is true whenever you are searching for any service. There are too many success factors that influence positive results of a project — your business specifics, industry peculiarities, developer skills, even language can interfere in the process.

The Magento community is huge so you need to choose wisely. Omitting data related to a particular case, we advise analyzing the following information on your future service provider. Start with evaluating the developer influence in the community and their reputation. Scroll through some comments, ask your partners in the industry for recommendations. Check the number of completed projects and satisfied customers, it is important if you want to become one of them. And, last but not least, do research on the expertise of the developer team. It’s common sense to know what you pay for. So don’t forget to collect info on the agency you plan to work with. Better safe than sorry, right?

If you decide to use our services you’ll meet a team of professionals that haven’t lost their enthusiasm over the years. FireBear is a full-stack Magento 2 agency that aims at increasing the number of growth opportunities for businesses built upon the platform. While delivering comfortable user experience is our must we also focus on ensuring safe process operation and workflow automation. We are passionate about any Magento-related projects and have worked out several thousands of solutions for enterprises and SMB. Our extensions and add-ons are implemented in 1,5k. e-stores. Sharing ideas with top Magento agencies, exchanging experience with the core base of the Magento community — from insiders to global elite partners, — we are constantly improving our technology and approaches to software development.

Magento 2 services

Magento 2 third-party software integration

If you are looking for some ways to boost your business performance, try implementing the most innovative practices with the help of Improved Import and Export for Magento 2.

Integrate an unlimited number of systems into your Magento 2 site to arrange a powerful sales lifecycle. Deliver stress-free user experience for both your employees and customers.

FireBear is ready to help in building any 3rd party integration for Magento 2 with Improved Import and Export.

Improved Import extension customization

The Magento 2 Import and Export extension is a true pride of our team. We’ve developed it the way it’d become the best import and export solution on the market. And it is!

The customization service we provide implies creating any custom add-on for the Improved Import and Export to correspond your essential needs and fiercest requirements.

Talk to us and see there’s no integration or import challenge that can’t be solved by the FireBear team and their product.

Magento 2 Integrations

We have built ready single-payment integrations for Magento 2, currently featuring connections with MS Dynamics ERP, SAP Business One ERP, and Saleforce CRM. The connectors are installed at your Magento 2, without the use of third-party servers.

The data is transferred using APIs or CRM-ERP built-in data exchange agents, such as Microsoft Azure or other.

Contact us and let us know about your business processes. All connectors feature default set of entities integration.

Custom development

Custom data and process integrations require increased accuracy while being dealt with. FireBear always goes extra mile to care for every data bit. Our experience in working with Magento 2 helps us to satisfy the most specific needs of our clients. We will make sure to deliver a complete user-friendly solution for any custom development request.

Import and export are complex procedures, considering that every business has a unique data flow and processes are managed individually. We can help you integrate and automate your unique processes.

Enterprise & B2B Magento 2 consultancy service

Address FireBear with any issues you have in hand at the moment. For years we’ve mastered everything related to technical process operation.

Set your goals within the Magento 2 environment and we will help you get there in no time. No matter a startup or B2B enterprise business — FireBear team can understand your aspirations and be of use to you at every step of the journey.

Magento 2 dropshipping services integration

Mulling over the idea of starting a dropshipping business with Magento 2? Improved Import and Export is the most suitable functionality for establishing a safe integration channel with any dropshipping provider.

We offer full automation in all the related processes, so that order fulfillment is performed with a bare minimum of the admin involvement.

Our partners

How can we be of use to you? Depending on the goal you keep in mind, we can offer a wide range of services.

Nothing can help you to create a competitive store as Magento 2 custom development does. You can install hundreds of extensions and see no change in profits. Be it a small content processing customizations or complex workflow changes, it will be tailored for you. And once you see your back covered and procedures automated the boost in your team efficiency will not be slow to follow.

If you aim higher up your league we are ready to arm you with the right Magento 2 integrations. Select a platform, any ERP, CRM, PIM and leave the implementation to the FireBear team. With new data management tools, nothing can stop you from expanding!

Stuck with the lack of growth? Request a quote on Magento 2 business analysis.

Considering the Magento 1 EOL is announced, it’s a high time to take care of your data transfer. We understand some users have got truly accustomed to working with Magento 1 but one can find some positive touches in the situation. If you move to Magento 2 you’ll get the innovative functionality with improved performance and user-friendliness that opens multiple ways of product management and promotion.

Let’s take a look at how we handle your requests. The process starts with a careful evaluation. You contact us and provide an extensive description of the final product and its purpose. We analyze the prospects on all levels from business to technical. The estimation is presented once we see a clear picture of the project development stages. It depends strictly on the amount of involvement needed to achieve the most upscale result for the particular case. Development begins upon agreement of both sides and is fully transparent as the team maintains communication with the client during the whole process. We’ve polished our development workflow with years of following Agile, so advanced technologies as Scrum is not a mere word to us. Those exact practices help us to provide solutions fast and bugless.

You can always look through the comment section of the Improved Import and Export extension to see some reviews of our work. It’s no odds whether you push for your store or provide agency services yourself we solve each case individually and plunge fully into projects.

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