Mageworx Store Credits and Refunds for Magento 2

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Adding store credit functionality is an excellent way to extend payment options on your ecommerce site. Possibility to pay for online purchases using in-store currency gives additional motivation to customers to shop on your store. At the same time, store owners save their time handling product refunds. Unfortunately, the default Magento 2 platform doesn’t provide store credit opportunities, but you can get them with the help of third-party solutions.

Mageworx presents its new tool with a full set of features for convenient store credits management. Meet the Store Credits and Refunds Magento 2 extension! With the module, merchants can significantly increase sales by providing customers with store credits that can be used for future purchases, create advanced pricing schemes based on credits, and refund orders using in-store currency. Thus, you will gain customers loyalty to your brand and improve engagement rate.

Below, we look closer at the features the Magento 2 store credit and refund module offers to its users.

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One of the most important features the Magento 2 Store Credits and Refunds extension provides is the possibility to refund purchases fully or partially using in-store currency instead of processing monetary refunds. This way, you keep your profit at your store, while giving customers one more incentive to buy from you by spending their store credit on other products. Also, handling returns with credits makes the refunding process faster and saves time and effort on dealing with product refunds both for sellers and online shoppers.

With the Magento 2 store credit module, you can choose a manual or automated option of adding online credits to the customers’ accounts. For example, you can reward your customers by filling their credit balance with extra points on a special occasion or event, or just for making purchases on your web store. This way, you can have more loyal customers that will be motivated to come back to your store.

Moreover, admin users can set automatic emails notifying customers on their credit balance updates. With this function, store owners improve communication with their clients by keeping them always informed on what’s going on with their virtual credits.

Store Credits and Refunds for Magento 2 provides a user-friendly backend interface with all necessary tools for effective management of credits and refunds on an online store. With the extension, you will be able to fully control customers’ accounts and changes in their credit balance. The module enables Magento admins to monitor the latest transactions made with online credits and keep track of the credit usage. It is also possible to apply mass actions to the operations processed using store credits.

As for customers, they also get the possibility to buy credits to speed up the checkout process when making purchases in the future. At the same time, your clients can share their store credits with friends and family by sending a specified amount of credit points as a gift to them.

Final Words

The Magento 2 Store Credits and Refunds extension helps merchants manage store credits and organize the refund process more efficiently. The module provides a complete set of tools to implement store credit functionality on an ecommerce web store.

Store Credits and Refunds for Magento 2 will be released soon, so follow the link below to keep up with the latest news. Besides, the company offers a 35% discount on the Magento 2 upgrade!

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