Extendware Image Optimization Magento 2 Extension

- E-Commerce, Magento 2

For every ecommerce website, it is highly important to use visual content to promote products and appeal to customers with eye-catching design. Of course, to make your online store look attractive and professional, you would like to add high-quality images. Unfortunately, large images may slow down your website, affecting user experience and undermining search engine rankings. Magento 2 Image Optimization by Extendware is the tool that will help you avoid the mentioned issues. The module optimizes images on your web store reducing their size without losing quality. Thus, images will load faster, reducing bandwidth, improving your website speed, and leading to increased sales.

Below, we spotlight the core functions of the Magento 2 Image Optimization extension.

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  • Image optimization without reducing image quality

As already mentioned, the module allows you to reduce image size without losing its quality, which is critical for the smooth shopping experience.

  • Any directory of images can be optimized

With the Image Optimization extension, it is possible to quickly add any directory of images in the backend and process all images there at once.

  • Improved Google PageSpeed

You get the ability to easily improve your Google site speed grade enhancing your SEO placement in Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

  • Optimization of catalog product images

The Catalog Image Cache function allows caching product images and adding forever expiry settings to better utilize your website visitors’ browser cache.

  • Optimization of skin, template media, and CSS images

Cache option can be applied to skin, media, and CSS images in the same way as to catalog images. The module rewrites all mentioned types of images and assigns expiration headers to them.

  • Search engine optimization

For SEO improvements, you can use the same name for a product and a relevant product image.

  • Improved browser cache management

After the module installation, your product and CSS images will be rewritten most effectively, so that your website visitors won’t need to request an image on your server again, once the image is downloaded. This functionality saves dozens of web requests and hundreds of kilobytes per page load.

  • The need to install server software is eliminated

The Image Optimization extension uses Smush.it online API, so that store owners don’t have to install additional server software. However, if it is needed, optimization can be further done on your server.

  • Different hostnames for increased download speed

Admin settings of the module allow specifying different hostnames for particular image resources, which increases parallel downloads speed.

  • CDN Support

The module is compatible almost with all content delivery networks. So, you can use Image Optimization with your favorite CDN and achieve better results.

  • Reduced bandwidth
Moreover, Image Optimization simplifies bandwidth requirements necessary for getting your products to customers’ web browsers. Besides, reduced bandwidth requirements on your web store cut the costs, so you get one more benefit from using the module.

Final Words

Image optimization is critical for high search engine rankings and profitable sales. The Magento 2 Image Optimization extension will speed up your store pages loading, improve SEO and Google page speed grade, and leave your customers more satisfied with browsing on your website. In addition to enhanced store performance, you can also save money on decreased server requirements. As for the price, the Magento 2 Image Optimization extension costs $199.

Download / Buy Extendware Image Optimization Magento 2 Extension