Mirasvit AI Assistant for Magento 2

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Are you looking for an AI Assistant for your Magento 2 store? You’ve come to the right place.

Mirasvit is a software development firm that offers a variety of e-commerce solutions to companies of all kinds. We have previously assessed a large number of Mirasvit extensions. You might read some of the entries here. 

In this post, we will look at a new Mirasvit plugin called AI Assistant for Magento 2. AI Assistant combines your Magento shop with GPT3/ChatGPT, allowing you to take advantage of the most recent AI technology breakthroughs in your business. AI Assistant offers a complete set of capabilities that can help you enhance productivity in many aspects of your organization. We’ll look at the features, the price, and what you can do with it. 

Let’s get started.

Mirasvit AI Assistant for Magento 2 Extension

Plugin Features

Let’s have a look at the capabilities of extensions.

  • Customer Support. AI Assistant can help your support team work more efficiently. With just a few guiding key points, it can produce responses to consumer messages.
  • Catalog Management. This module may produce product short and long descriptions, change existing product descriptions, and generate meta tags for items.
  • Blogging and Social Media. The module may produce fresh article ideas as well as correct grammar, misspellings, and tone in blog entries. The module may produce attractive tweets and social media messages.
  • Email Newsletter. Create email newsletters for your consumers with ease. Simply provide this module with a list of essential points to receive a professionally produced email newsletter.
  • Your own distinct tasks. The module is quite adaptable. In your Magento store, you may develop your own prompts for certain specific activities. Or, you may simply modify existing prompts to meet your needs.

AI Assistant is compatible with all Mirasvit modules out of the box, as well as any third-party module that requires further configuration.


Let’s take a short glance at the plugin’s admin area.


Initially, you’ll see a dashboard with all of the instructions. You may also add new AI plugin prompts. For instance, we can see prompts like:

  • Meta Title and Keywords
  • Description
  • Message 
  • Fix Grammar
  • Friendly 
  • Title
  • Tweet
  • Summary
  • and etc.

Automation Rules

You might also establish automation rules for this AI. You could also add new automation rules. Set the conditions and make a new rule.


This section contains the plugin’s major settings. This plugin’s OpenAI secret key and OpenAI model are displayed here.

Usage Examples

What can this plugin do for you? Have a look at this.

Answer on Tickets

You might use this extension to respond to tickets. “What is the status of my order?” for example. You have the entire template menu and may create customized responses for your clients. This may easily boost client confidence and sales.

Products Content

You might add AI content to your items with this plugin. This function might make your everyday routine easier.

Blog Post Content

This AI might generate blog post material for you. You can, for example, create post ideas. Or compose an entire essay. 

In this part, you may write the title and produce content. Also, the addon allows you to improve textual SEO. That is a really handy feature.


You may use this AI to produce newsletters here.


In conclusion, this plugin is a valuable addition to your Magento 2. You may save time, money, and effort on content production and optimization by using AI Assistant. It will assist you in making the most of your shop and ensuring your consumers have a positive experience. 

Get an AI Assistant today and take your shop to the next level. The plugin is intended to give individualized customer service and to automate numerous online purchasing processes like product search, order tracking, and cart management. 

We recommend that you check out this plugin.

Mirasvit AI Assistant for Magento 2 Extension