Mirasvit Advanced Reports for Magento 2 and 1

It is hard to argue that every ecommerce business requires constant analysis. Otherwise, there is a risk of losing everything or at least running an online enterprise with the least possible effectiveness. Unfortunately, the default Magento platform (we are talking about its both versions) does not offer a robust analytics and reporting system. However, you can always rely on third-party solutions, such as Mirasvit Advanced Reports. The tool lets you get a profound insight into the performance of your Magento website. The Mirasvit’s module is available for both Magento 2 and Magento 1, so it doesn’t matter what version of the ecommerce platform you use. Below, we will introduce you to all nuances of the Advanced Reports extension.

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Download / Buy Mirasvit Advanced Reports Magento Extension

Download / Buy Mirasvit Advanced Reports Magento 2 Extension

Available Reports

Being a robust solution for analyzing Magento stores, Mirasvit Advanced Reports for Magento 2 and 1 covers the following areas:

  • Sales;
  • Customers;
  • Products.

As for sales, you can get a report with a full analytical overview. Besides, you can check data gathered by an hour of the day, day of the week, coupon code, cart price rule, customer group, payment type, tax rates, category, geo-data, customers, attributes, and attribute set. When it comes to customers, the Mirasvit Advanced Reports extension lets you get comprehensive data about your registered customers, as well as compare new and returning buyers. If you are wondering which reports are related to products, the module provides data on product performance, enabling you to define bestsellers, as well as statistics on abandoned products.

After installing the Mirasvit’s advanced reporting Magento module, you will get access to the following reports:

  • Sales Overview
  • Orders overview
  • Sales by Hour
  • Sales by Day of Week
  • Sales by Coupon
  • Sales by Cart Price Rule
  • Sales by Customer
  • Sales by Customer Group
  • Sales by Geo-data (country, state, place, or postcode)
  • New vs Returning Customers
  • Sales by Payment Type
  • Sales by Tax Rates
  • Product Performance (bestsellers)
  • Sales by Category
  • Sales by Attribute
  • Sales by Attribute Set
  • Customers overview
  • Abandoned Carts Overview
  • Abandoned Carts
  • Abandoned Products

Advantages of Advanced Reports

We would like to indicate the following advantages of the Advanced Reports Magento 2 extension:

  • Store analytics in a suitable form 24/7: constant access to statistical data using pre-configured or custom reports.
  • Boost of the store performance: with advanced analytics and reporting system, you will quickly enter the next ecommerce level.
  • Real-time data: your reports offer data in real time!
  • 22 ready-made reports: the available reports allow users to get a deep insight into store performance KPI.
  • Advanced customization: you can adjust the data display in your reports according to the most specific business requirements.
  • Interactive charts: Mirasvit Advanced Reports for Magento 2 and 1 provides not only detailed data but also its handy visualizations.
  • Data comparison: ability to analyze data for different time intervals.
  • Flexible filters: you can hide data that you don’t need to view at the moment.
  • Customizable grids: the ability to change the way each grid is displayed via drag & drop feature.
  • Multi-dimensional representation of data: you can group reports by several columns simultaneously.
  • CSV/XML export: it makes it possible to further analyze the data outside the Magento backend.
  • Report Builder: you can create custom reports using data from any tables in line with your particular requirements.
  • Advanced dashboards: you can create any number of dashboard panels and add selected blocks for analyzing specific data.
  • Mobile dashboards: it is also possible to track key metrics by instantly accessing your dashboard from mobile.
  • Email notifications: you can create a list of reports that will be sent via email to specified recipients according to the pre-set schedule.
  • Web API support.

Features Highlight

As you could already understand, Mirasvit Advanced Reports for Magento 2 and 1 enables you to quickly get insight into the in-depth analytics. After installing the extension, you will no longer have to deal with complex reports and data that only specialists can understand. The Magento 2 reports module provides the ability to eliminate third-party specialists from ecommerce analysis, saving your time and money. Moreover, due to the high customizability, you can get the most precise level of detail. Now, analyzing your Magento store performance indicators is just a matter of seconds.

You can customize everything on-the-go, adjusting such parameters as time range (select a required period manually or apply ready-to-use presets), the order and number of columns to display, chart types and included details, and more. To make the interface of Advanced Reports even more friendly, Mirasvit provides the ability to utilize drag & drop functionality for customizing your report grid. Besides, it is possible to apply various filters so that you can view only the necessary data in the most convenient way.

As for powerful filters and sorting options for the reports’ data, they enable you to operate all included details without any headaches. The extension supports filtering by any field – you only have to enter the desired date range. Thus, applying filtering and sorting helps you save much time on performing analytics. It is also necessary to mention that you can easily export any report data in a CSV or XML file and send it to specialists for further analysis.

Moreover, you can leverage the report builder offered by the Mirasvit Advanced Reports extension to create a custom report with selected data from any of your database tables. For example, you can track product sales by both SKU and order number, combine the date and customer group parameters to analyze sales, create reports for accounting purposes, and more. Besides, you can add dynamic columns to your custom report using the Config Builder tool for performing calculations on-the-fly.

All these features will help you understand and leverage the most precise performance indicators of your Magento storefront. You can even find out the number of orders and totals of an item of a particular color since there is the Sales by Attribute report available with Mirasvit Advanced Reports for Magento 2 and 1. Furthermore, you can get all detailed geographical data sorted by country, state, city, or postcode! As a result, the extension provides the ability to gain a better understanding of your target audience, improving the overall performance of your ecommerce store.

Furthermore, you can create custom dashboards for a complete view of your store metrics. You decide which blocks, tables, and charts will be added to the dashboard panel so that you will have instant access to data adjusted to particular goals in real time. The Magento 2 advanced report module enables users to create private and shared boards, make them accessible in mobile mode, customize the data display in the dashboard widgets, and select metrics data.

So, let’s see how Mirasvit Advanced Reports for Magento 2 and 1 looks from inside.


We will describe how the backend interface of Mirasvit Advanced Reports for Magento 2 and 1 works on the example of the Sales Overview report.

First, Mirasvit Advanced Reports for Magento 2 and 1 lets you choose different periods for the data display: Day, Week, Month, Quarter, or Year. Also, you can set more precise parameters with the help of the calendar option – just hit on the field with a date range, and the following window will appear:

You can set a necessary period manually (Custom option), or choose one among the predefined time intervals.

There are also four buttons on the right that switch the diagram view between the bar, area, line, and pie charts.

Below the diagram, you can see a grid with various settings that control the display of the sales overview data in the chart. In this example, the following parameters are added to the diagram: the number of orders, total qty ordered, discount amount, shipping amount, tax amount, total refunded, gross margin (subtotal), and grand total. Creating a diagram based on any number of them is possible.

You can apply a wide variety of filters, add or remove particular columns, and set the order of the columns via a drag-and-drop tool. It is also possible to export the generated report as a CSV or XML file and choose the number of lines per page displayed on the grid.

Besides, you can use special buttons at each column’s header to show or hide appropriate data on the chart and display values, whether as a flat amount or percentage.

Other reports are based on the same principles, but some parameters may vary.

As for managing dashboards available in the Magento Admin of the Mirasvit advanced report extension, it is possible to create several dashboards for different purposes, edit and delete existing boards, as well as add new ones.

Below, you can check how various blocks with sales-related data look on a Magento 2 advanced dashboard.

Final Words

As you can see, Mirasvit Advanced Reports for Magento 2 and 1 adds vital improvements to the default Magento platform. The module costs $119, which is much cheaper than Aheadworks Advanced Reports with all additional reports. You can purchase the extension here:

Download / Buy Mirasvit Advanced Reports Magento Extension

Download / Buy Mirasvit Advanced Reports Magento 2 Extension