Magento 2 Better Popup Extension by Mageplaza

- E-Commerce, Magento 2

There is a fact that eCommerce stores can gain a large number of daily visits, but amazingly, there is up to over  70% of their sales to be lost due to cart abandonment.  One of the key reasons is that customers find no interest or motivation to continue their shopping. Under that circumstance, delivering online sales programs and coupon codes to dramatically draw customers’  attraction and increase customer intention seems a wise solution. The concern is how to make it easy for your customers to know and approach your promotion strategies?

Magento 2 Better Popup by Mageplaza would be the answer that store owners are looking for.


Why choose Mageplaza Better Popup Extension for Magento 2

Boost email list

Instead of waiting for customers actively to subscribe, a popup will automatically appear as an invitation to suggest visitors filling their email addresses for the subscription. The more the number of registered emails rises, the more visitors could become loyal customers.

Exit-intent popup

Exit-intent technology is well applied for pop-up windows by Magento 2 Better Popup extension. Right when your visitor is moving the mouse with the intention to leave store site, pop-up windows will appear to hold the customer to stay on until he/she performs an action on the pop-up such as subscribing or click exit.

Highly customizable popups

To create an attractive appearance for popups, Mageplaza Better Popup allows admins to configure the design in a flexible way. The configuration can be practiced on:

Content: Customize any content based on  HTML

Display styles: Choose full-screen popups or Center popups

Design: Design can be flexibly changed to match store themes.

Premade popup templates

Better Popup extension already offers various premade templates. Store owners can apply these templates immediately for their sites. In case, if some changes are necessary, the configuration can be freely and easily set from the admin backend

Extra features

Display triggers

When an exit-intent action is found, a pop-up will be displayed. If needed, admins can change its setting to be shown up after X seconds since a visitor accesses the site.

Congratulation popups

When a specific action is performed by a customer, there will be a congratulation window popping out. Its content and design can be flexibly changed on the backend.

Re-display popups

Set a specific time for a popup to be displayed after its first turn-up. This feature helps  prevent customers from the feeling of being interfered and annoyed

Report emails

There will be report emails sent to the store owners on a regular basis, containing the figures for new weekly subscribers.

Report compatibility

A new widget displaying reports on Magento 2 Better Popup is integrated into the Dashboard. It supports Store owners to always keep on track subscription news.

SMTP compatibility

The module is properly compatible with Free Magento 2 SMTP by Mageplaza. This helps guarantee spam-free emails.


Thank you

I’ve found what I need. Now it is more convenient and easier for my customers to approach my sales promotion

Compatible with my phone

I wondered if it worked well on my phone, but amazingly, it was beyond my expectation. A big thumbs-up for you guys.


  • General configuration

Choose “Yes” to enable the module.

  • What to show


  Allow choosing the popup template to be displayed on the frontend

Responsive Design

Design can be fixed to be displayed full-screen or on the center.

Text Color

Set color for the popup text.

Popup Success

Enter the field with the coupon code which is valid to use for purchasing. Enable congratulation firework to be shown up whenever a visitor’s mail is successfully registered.

  • Where to show

Admin can select/ exclude  the  page(s) to appear popups and edit some settings

  • When to show

Email notification


Email report


Full features list

For store admins

  • Enable/Disable module
  • Edit the content of popups
  • Display popups: Full-screen or in the Center
  • Configure pop-ups’ size: width and height
  • Color configuration for popups’ background and text
  • Able to show success page
  • Able to edit congratulation content
  • Add  a coupon code on the congratulations page
  • Insert a snippet to specific pages to show popups
  • Able to display  popups on particular pages by page URLs
  • Set time to show popups
  • Able to display popups after X% of a page scrolled down
  • Set date to re-display popups
  • Show a floating button
  • Set a location to display the float button
  • Set  the Terms and Conditions box with no pre-tick (GDPR compliance)
  • Get notified when there are any weekly figures on new subscribers
  • Show the 8 most recent subscribed email addresses on weekly reports

For shoppers

  • Click to exit the site without quitting the popup
  • See the popup by clicking on the float button
  • See the popup by clicking on the banner
  • Receive discount coupons
  • Tick on Terms and Conditions box actively (GDPR compliance)

Final words

As a conclusion, Better Popup by Mageplaza is highly recommended because of its positive effect on decreasing cart abandonment and bounce rate. Moreover, by the attractive pop-ups included with gifts or discount, customers are likely to feel motivated and make purchases, which results in the sharp increase in conversion rate and boost sales for your online stores.