Magedelight Shipping Restrictions Extension for Magento 2

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Today, we are presenting you a tool that enhances out-of-the-box Magento functionality related to management of shipping methods on a web store – the Magedelight Shipping Restrictions extension for Magento 2. With the help of the tool, you will gain more control over the shipping options availability depending on a store view, customer group, and custom conditions. Various rules based on the cart, product, and customer parameters provide more flexibility for website management. The Magento 2 Shipping Restrictions module lets merchants adjust all the settings in accordance with their business requirements to organize more convenient and cost-effective shipment procedures.

Below, we dive deep into the functions of the Magedelight Shipping Restrictions extension and explore how it works in the backend and frontend.


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  • Restriction of specific shipping carrier options;
  • No limitation on the number of restriction rules;
  • Product, cart, and customer attributes as a basis of restriction;
  • Dynamic grid for choosing a specific cart rule or customer;
  • Shipping restrictions based on billing info;
  • Shipping options limitation based on coupon usage;
  • Customer group and store view-based restrictions;
  • Possibility to set a date range when a rule is active;
  • Shipping restriction rules applied in the admin panel.

Flexible restrictions settings offered by the Magento 2 shipping methods module enable online store owners to fine-tune shipping process in line with their sales strategy. The extension also helps to enhance customer experience on a website by eliminating confusion that can be caused by unavailability of a preferred shipping carrier in a specific region.

With the Magento 2 module, you can set payment restrictions based on multiple conditions. It is possible to create any number of restriction rules using product, customer, and cart attributes or custom parameters. This way, you can leverage particular attributes of a product to define how it should be shipped. It could be especially useful for non-standard or premium goods. Also, you can select customer parameters to put limitations or provide your loyal clients with some privileges, like, e.g., a bonus for a birthday. Note that the Shipping Restrictions extension offers a handy grid where you can select a specific customer, as well find a cart rule which you want to use for the rule conditions.

Another possibility provided by the Magento 2 tool is restricting shipments based on customer billing details. This way, you can define particular countries, regions, states, or postcodes where you want to limit delivery options. It is a necessary feature for sending goods to locations where a shipping method is not applicable due to legal reasons. Also, you can use address parameters to cut costs on using some shipping carriers with higher rates in specific regions.

Moreover, you control the availability of shipping options for the cases of a discount coupon usage. For example, you can disable free shipping if a coupon code is applied in the shopping cart.

With the module, it is also possible to restrict shipping options for selected customer groups. This way, you can differentiate the shipment procedure for wholesale and retail customers and other client segments. Besides, you can utilize store view-based rules to determine which shipping methods will be available on each of your websites.

By installing Shipping Restrictions for Magento 2, you also get an option to specify the dates for the time interval when a rule will be active. Using this feature, you could exclude holidays or weekends from available delivery days.

Note that you can apply created shipping restriction rules on the storefront, as well as use them as a limitation for order creation from the backend.


You can view and manage all created shipping restriction rules on the grid that includes 8 columns:

  • Checkbox (you can mark the rules to apply mass actions: Delete or Change Status);
  • ID (a unique number);
  • Rule Name (a title to quickly identify a rule);
  • Status (Enabled or Disabled);
  • Store View (websites where a restriction is applied);
  • Customer Group (customer groups for which a rule is activated);
  • Shipping Methods (shipping options related to a rule);
  • Action (Edit or Delete).

The grid supports ID, Rule Name, and Status filters, as well as sorting of all columns except Checkbox and Action.

When creating a new restriction rule, you will need to configure its options in two tabs: Shipping Restriction Rule Information and Rule apply for this condition.

In the first section, create a name for your rule, enable or disable it, and select applicable store views and customer groups for which you want to restrict particular shipping options.

Next, you should choose shipping methods to which you want to restrict access. Also, here you can set a time interval for the rule activation by specifying its start and end dates, as well as priority. Then, decide whether to discard subsequent rules for conflict situations with multiple rules and apply the rule in the Magento Admin.

The next section of the new rule configuration page allows settings specific conditions based on cart and customer attributes, as well as additional parameters like billing details and cart rules.

If you pick “Select Customer” from the Customer Attribute options, you will be able to choose particular customers from the grid.

For the “Cart Rule” option, you also get the possibility to find a required cart rule on the dedicated grid.

As for the general configuration of the Magento 2 Shipping Restrictions module, here you need to specify serial and activation keys from your purchased license, select website domains for using the extension, and enable the module.


Let’s have a look at a couple of examples of shipping restrictions rules on the frontend.

In the image below, the rule restricting free shipping option for cart subtotal less than $100 is applied.

In the next example, you can see how shipping method restriction works if a coupon code is applied on the cart page. If a customer types “GET20” code in the “Apply Discount Code” field, free shipping will be disabled.

Final Words

Organizing a transparent and convenient shipping process on an online store is crucial for keeping customers loyal to your brand. The Magento 2 Shipping Restrictions extension by Magedelight allows setting conditions for shipping methods access that will be beneficial for both your business and clients. The extension provides flexible settings for creating unlimited rules of shipping restrictions according to specific needs. Also, you get the ability to differentiate your sales strategy for various customer segments and deliver products in the most efficient way to multiple locations. As for the price of the Magento 2 module, you can buy it for $149.

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