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Magento 2 Promotions

The eCommerce market is highly competitive. To survive the competition, the merchants need to come up with new creative ideas on a daily base. Outlasting the competition means attracting new customers, as well as keeping the old customers loyal to your brand. The merchants need to use powerful marketing tools to achieve these goals. One of such tools is promotions.

Promotions can help you to address many of the marketing issues on your website. For example, using promotions, you can increase the visibility of your brand. Advertise the promotions on the different channels – social networks, internet and offline. Advertising an appealing promotion over those channels can help to create interest over people who are not familiar with your brand yet. That is a great way to drive new traffic to your website.

Promotions can also help you to increase your average order value. Offer a bundled discount for products that customers often purchase together. This way customers who were intended to buy a single product will be encouraged to buy more.

Use promotions to make your customers happy and stay loyal to your brand. Offer a discount or a gift to an old customer to express your appreciation.

In recent studies, customers were offered a coupon on their birthday and an anniversary. It turned out that they were three times more likely to purchase on their special day than on a regular day. Increase your sales by providing the customers with special occasions coupons.

The native Magento functionality is limited when it comes to promotions. MexBS Additional Promotions extension adds 23 new promotion types to your website. It makes it possible to create a variety of promotions and coupons.

Use BOGO, Bundled Discount, Each N, discount steps promotions (and more) to attract new customers and to increase the order value.

Use the enhanced conditions engine to give away birthday coupons, anniversary coupons, coupons addressed to old customers and other personalized coupons.

Use custom options in your conditions to give a discount when the customer selects specific custom options.

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New promotion types

MexBS Additional Promotions extension extends the cart price rules, by adding 23 new action types. That allows you to create the following promotions –

  • Discount the cheapest item(s) in the cart
  • Discount the most expensive item(s) in the cart
  • BOGO – Buy one get one, Buy 2 get one in a half price, Buy 1 get 2 for $10, 2+2, etc.
  • Each Nth with discount – Each 3d (3d, 6th, 9th and so on), Each 5th (5th, 10th and so on), etc.
  • Category tier/quantity discount. Example: Buy five shirts with 20% discount.
  • Bundled Discount – groups of different products for a fixed price, or with a discount. Example: 3 books and two pens for $100.
  • Discount steps – first N with X% discount, next M with Y% discount. Example: First 3 shirts without a discount, following three shirts with 10% discount, next 5 with 20% discount.
  • All after N with a discount – add N products to the cart and get a discount on all subsequent products. Example: add three shirts to the cart and get 10% discount on every next shirt added.
  • Get $Y on each $X spent. Example: get $10 on each $100 spent.

Enhanced conditions engine

The extension extends the cart rules conditions

  • Use customer attributes in the conditions. E.g., name, email, date of birth, etc.
  • Use customer sales history – order statuses, orders count, orders average value, orders total sum, days since the order placement and more.
  • Use products custom options.

Discount break down

The extension makes it possible to display a detailed discount breakdown in the cart. There are three breakdown types that the extension implements:

  • Comprehensive – it uses a human language to describe the discount. Example: “You’ve got the ABC pant for free for buying 2 DEF t-shirts”.
  • Rule name and product names – it displays the name of the applied rule and the names of the discounted products. Example: “Buy two t-shirts, get a pant for free: ABC pant.”
  • Rule name – it only displays the name of the applied rule. Example: “Buy two t-shirts, get a pant for free.”

Upselling hint messages in the cart & invalid coupon message

The extension adds the functionality of upselling cart hint messages and non-valid coupon messages. This cutting-edge functionality is currently not available in any other extension.

Upselling cart hint messages are informative messages that show up in the cart. They mention the products that are missing for the promotion. That way they encourage the customer to add more products. For Example: “Add one bag to the cart, to get the set of watch and bag for $100 only!”

Invalid coupon messages show up in the cart when the customer applies an invalid coupon. They explain to the customer what products are missing for the coupon to be valid. For example: “Add another t-shirt to cart. Then try applying the coupon again. You should get this t-shirt with a 10% discount!”

Skip products with tier / special prices

The extension allows skipping the products that have a tiered or a special price applied in the cart. It helps to prevent multiple discounts on a single item.

Set the maximum discount amount/discount quantity

The extension allows setting the maximum discount amount and the maximum discount quantity per rule. This feature allows you to set the maximum number of products in the cart that can get the discount. It also allows you to set the maximal discount amount that the customer can get per order.

Display a popup on the first customer visit

The extension allows displaying a popup to the customer on his first visit to the website. This popup is bound to a promotion. That is, it will be shown on the first visit as long as the promotion is active. That is a useful feature when you want to inform the customer about an ongoing promotion.

Is this Extension the right choice for me?

Here are the cases for which the extension can provide a solution. If one of them describes your needs, this extension will fulfill them.

  • You have a Magento store, and you want to attract new customers. Use the extended cart rule conditions to create a sign-up discount for the new customers. Give a new customer a gift on the first purchase, using the BOGO functionality.
  • You want your existing customers to return. Create promotions that encourage the customers to return. For example: “Make another purchase within a month, and get a 20% discount”. Give existing customers birthday discounts and anniversary day discounts.
  • You have customizable products that you want to promote. Use the extended cart rule conditions to create promotions based on the selected custom options. For example: If the user selects the more expensive custom option, he gets a 10% discount.
  • You have some products that customers tend to buy together. Use the bundled discount promotion type, to create promotions for products that customers tend to buy together. For example: “Buy two lipsticks and one mascara for $50”.
  • You want the customers to buy higher quantities of products. Use the category tier promotion type or discount steps promotion type to encourage buying larger quantities of products. For example: “Buy 5 t-shirts for $100”, “Buy first 10 t-shirts with 10% discount, next 10 with 20%”.
  • You want to increase customers loyalty, discount the cheapest or the most expensive product in their cart. Give a discount on each Nth product. Give the money back by creating promotions like “Get $10 on each $100 spent”.

The frontend

Promotion example – BOGO

In the frontend, the new rules that were created by the extension act like the core Magento cart rules. The following screenshot is an example of BOGO promotion applied in the cart. We can see that the promotion is “Buy two t-shirts and get a pair of shorts with 50% discount”. Since the pair of shorts costs $32.5, the discount in the cart is $16.25. We can see that the discount breakdown is a human-friendly message – “Got Apollo Running Short with 50% discount for buying Zoltan Gym Tee and Aero Daily Fitness Tee”.

Magento 2 Promotions

Upselling hint messages

In the following screenshot, we can see an upselling hint message shows up in the cart – “Add one more t-shirt, to get the next t-shirt for free!”. There is an active promotion on the website – “Each 3d t-shirt for free”. Since the customer has one t-shirt in his cart, the message encourages him to add another t-shirt. If he adds another t-shirt, he will get the next one for free.

Magento 2 Promotions

Invalid coupon message

In the following screenshot, we can see the non-valid coupon message showing up in the cart. The customer applied an invalid coupon. The coupon gives 100% discount on shorts if you have a t-shirt in your cart. The customer applied the coupon, but he doesn’t have a pair of shorts in his cart. That is why the coupon is invalid. The message informed the customer that he needs to add a pair of shorts to his cart so that the coupon will become valid.

Magento 2 Promotions

The backend

Creating a cart rule with MexBS Additional Promotions extension is very easy. Just select the desired action type – BOGO, Each Nth, Bundled Discount, etc. Then fill the gaps – discount amount, discounted products, products quantities, etc. In the following screen video, you can see the promotion “Buy two t-shirts and get short with 50% discount” is being created.

Why should I trust MexBS?

All MexBS extensions are Magento Marketplace approved. That is, they were all tested and qualified by the Magento Marketplace team. Recently, Magento interviewed the Mexbs CEO, Sveta Oksen about the innovation in the field of Magento extensions.

MexBS Policy

  • Free lifetime support
  • Free installation
  • 30 days money back guarantee
  • 100% open source

Final words

If you are looking for an all in one solution for creating new exciting promotions, MexBS Additional Promotions extension is the right tool for you. Its current price is $199.

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