Magento 2 Free Shipping Bar Extension by Mageplaza

- E-Commerce, Magento 2

According to an e-commerce survey by VWO, nearly 30% of online shopping carts are left due to several unexpected reasons. One of the main reasons is that buyers are additionally charged more with shipping fee. For many customers, it seems like that saving an amount of delivery cost is even better than getting a  discount. By VWO, up to about 25% of customers are willing to extend their shopping cart instead of keeping initial intention to gain free shipping.

Therefore, to encourage customers to buy more, recently more and more store owners, on a regular basis, have offered many promotions, standing out of which is free shipping. Free Shipping Bar extension by Mageplaza is developed as a supporting tool to helps visitors approach that attractive shopping policy, more easily and effectively.



Why choose Mageplaza Free Shipping Bar Extension for Magento 2

Display Free Shipping Offer

Free Shipping bar can be set to appear on any pages of online stores. There are 4 default locations on a page so that admin may choose places to display the bar. Moreover, by using the snippet, it is able to place the bar on any places up to store owners’ wish. Additionally, designs and pre-made templates can also be flexibly configured to match your store theme.

Show Messages based on auto-calculating cart total

Mageplaza Free Shipping Bar extension, based on every each customer’s shopping cart, will offer them suitable preferences. There are 3 types of notification message to be shown on the Shipping Bar:

  • The initial message: displayed as an announcement of free-shipping and the cart total to gain this offer.
  • The below-goal message: This message will notify and motivate buyers to add specific value to their cart. This extension will automatically calculate and show the remaining amount needed to qualify for free delivery
  • The achieve-goal message: This is a success notification. When the cart total has just been achieved, the bar will automatically change to a congratulation message notifying customers that they have got free shipping.

Flexible Design and Customization

With Mageplaza Free Shipping bar extension, admins can freely choose one of the pre-made templates, or create a new one. Besides, all attributes including color, text font and text size can also be customized to suit well stores’ theme design. Especially, the message for each phase of shopping can be easily set to support well free shipping approach.

Extra features

Display positions

No limitation to which pages or positions on a page to displace free shipping bar

Time to display

Set time to display free shipping bar on the chosen pages

Ready-to-use templates

There are 5 ready-to-made  templates to be chosen

Instant preview

After being customized, the free shipping bar can be previewed at once.

Support Google fonts

Diverse choices from Google fonts library are offered by Free Shipping Bar

Link on the bar

Any links to another page can be inserted on the bar.


A great module

“Thanks to Free Shipping bar, my shop gain a sharp increase in the number of orders for recent 3 months. I am really satisfied.”

Big change

Before installing Free Shipping Bar, a number of shopping carts in my store were abandoned due to the shipping fee. Now by providing notification of free shipping policy, not only does the cart abandonment rate reduce but also the sales rate go up amazingly. Thanks so much!”

Simple but effective

“Just adding simple notification bars on the frontend, the great positive results have come to my store. It is beyond my expectation. Great!”


Free Shipping Bar Management

Management Grid

There is basic information included in this grid such as ID, Bar name, Status. Especially the action column, admin can choose to edit, delete, pause or duplicate the bar easily.

Add New/Edit Shipping Bar information

  • General

Depending on admin’s configuration, the name, status, priority, store view, valid date can be easily edited. To activate the bar, remember to change its status to “Enabled”.

  • What to display


Here admins enter the number of free shipping threshold then create the first message, below-goal message, achieve-goal message, URL link

The minimum subtotal value for free delivery should be the number installed in the Configuration.

  • Where to display

There are 5 positions for the bar to be located: The top of the page, Fixed bar at the top of the page, The top of the content, Fixed bar at the bottom of the page, Insert snippet.


Enable the module by selecting “Yes”.


Free shipping bar on homepage 


Free shipping bar on Product Listing Page


Flexible design and customization

Full feature list

For store admins

General configuration

  • Enable/disable module
  • Present relevant messages depending on the value of the buyers’ current shopping cart
  • Enable customers to click on the block linking to another page

Free Shipping Bar management grid

  •  Configure free shipping bars in a grid on the backend
  •  Immediately remove a free shipping bar
  •  Shortly rest a free shipping bar
  •  Multiply a pre-made free shipping bar
  •  Change a premade free shipping bar
  •  Add a new free shipping bar

Free Shipping Bar configuration

  •  Name a free shipping bar to differentiate from others
  •  Enable/disable a free shipping bar
  •  Configure store views for a free shipping bar
  •  Decide a timeframe to perform the block
  •  Set a goal for buyers to receive free delivery
  •  Set messages to be displayed in distinctive phrases
  •  Implant a link to the free shipping bar
  •  Decide a template for the block
  •  Make a new template for the block
  •  Customize the template
  •  Apply an image to the template
  •  Support Google fonts
  •  Instantly preview templates
  •  Include/exclude pages to display free shipping bars
  •  Present the bar at unlimited positions on a page using a snippet

For buyers

  • View free shipping bars with related messages depending on the cart’s value
  •  Place free shipping notification at anywhere on the store
  •  Get notified of how much they have to spend more to get free delivery
  •  Be driven to another page when clicking on the bar

Final words

In many cases, even when customers are ready for paying for the order including shipping cost, they could easily extend their cart to have delivery cost saved. It brings benefits to not only the buyers but also the store owners. Therefore, Free Shipping Bar is exactly the extension that you need to upgrade your store and improve customers’ experience by offering free delivery and many other good deals.