Amasty Cancel Orders Magento 2 Extension

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Customer care is one of the essential aspects of a successful business that helps merchants to come out ahead of the competitors. Today, we present a tool for Magento 2 store owners that allows improving customer service and making your clients more satisfied with their shopping experience. Meet the Cancel Orders extension by Amasty – a solution that extends the default platform’s functionality and streamlines the order cancellation procedure. The Magento 2 module automates routine tasks of canceling orders and allows store admins to quickly process customer requests. This way, the tool not only increases customer loyalty due to the ability to cancel orders on their own but also makes order management more convenient for admin users. 

Below, we describe the functionality of the Magento 2 Auto Cancel Order by Customer module in more detail.


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  • Ability to cancel orders by customers;
  • Cancellation popup window with comments field;
  • Possibility to create a list of common reasons for order cancellation;
  • Customer group-based restrictions;
  • Automatic admin notifications;
  • Convenient backend management of cancel order requests;
  • Automated refunds;
  • Ability to quickly restock products.

The Amasty Cancel Orders extension streamlines the process of order cancellation for both customers and store managers. Any person might face a situation when they select a particular product on an online store, but after checking out, change their mind about, for example, color. It might also happen that a customer added the wrong size of a product to the shopping cart and placed an order without checking the cart’s content carefully. If such or similar situations occur, a shopper will need to contact customer support and wait until the reply and then change of item or order cancellation.

The Magento 2 cancel order module extends the default platform’s functionality by allowing customers to cancel orders on their own. Users registered on an online store get the possibility to modify or annulate selected orders right in their accounts under the “My Orders” tab. This way, the extension improves user experience on the storefront and saves your clients’ time on contacting the support department. At the same time, store admins spend less time handling customer requests and managing canceled orders.

The Magento 2 auto cancel order extension allows online store owners to enable a confirmation popup on the storefront, offering customers to add comments to the canceled orders. This way, you can better understand your clients’ motives and use this information to improve your service. It is also possible to specify a list with typical reasons for canceling orders in the backend and streamline frontend user experience even more.

Furthermore, store admins can limit access to the order cancellation function for particular customer segments. Thus, you can fine-tune the ordering procedure on your store in line with your business strategy.

For improving the order workflow, the Amasty’s auto cancel order solution allows sending timely notifications to admins about orders cancellation. The Magento 2 module will send an alert automatically to a recipient specified in the extension’s settings.

As for the backend interface of the Magento 2 cancel order module, admin users can view and manage all cancel order requests on a dedicated grid. The grid allows archiving and deleting selected orders, as well as applying bulk actions. Since the grid includes all related details about a canceled order, admins can see the reasons for order cancellation and use this info for further analytics.

Moreover, the Cancel Orders extension by Amasty automates returns and refunds procedure. Invoices are generated automatically for each canceled order no mater the processing step. Thus, store admins don’t have to process money returns manually, which saves time and makes the whole workflow smoother.

Final Words

The Cancel Orders extension by Amasty drastically improves order management for store admins and simplifies the process of canceling unwanted or wrong orders for customers. With the Magento 2 module, store managers can save time on replying to customer requests and process money refunds and restock items faster and more efficiently. At the same time, merchants build more trustful relations with their clients by improving frontend experience on their ecommerce stores. 

Note that the Cancel Orders extension by Amasty is not released yet, but the company offers a special price for pre-order purchase. Now, you can get the M2 module with a 50% discount for just $40. So, don’t miss your chance to add the vital functionality to your Magento 2 store. Follow the link below to buy the product:

Download / Buy Amasty Cancel Orders Magento 2 Extension