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Magento 2 Affiliate Refer Friends module

Selling a lot of goods and earning a lot of profit is the ultimate goal that shop owners aim. So how to do it? Nowadays, Affiliate Marketing is an excellent opportunity for e-commerce shop owners to earn high profits from customer orders. Just visit the online store, find favorites and share and recommend to others. The prize of the customer is the amount of commission that is the portion of the store’s profits given to them when they sell. Apparently, we can see affiliate marketing as a beneficial relationship between store owners and consumers.

Mageplaza includes professional software developers. That’s why they have developed the Magento 2 Affiliate extension. It is one of the most effective marketing solutions for online sales. Using Mageplaza Affiliate, you can create affiliate programs on your site, thereby increasing traffic, leads as well as improving sales effectiveness quickly. Besides, it also helps your website have higher SEO ranking on the Google search engine.


Why choose Mageplaza Affiliate Magento 2

Follow us to discover the benefits of Mageplaza Affiliate extension. We believe this is a smart choice for you if you want your business to be more efficient.

Multiple Affiliate Programs

Using Magento 2 Affiliate from Mageplaza, shop owners have the excellent opportunity to create as many affiliate programs as possible without the limitation. Store owners will assign each campaign to specific affiliates and time accurately if customers need.

Multi-level Marketing

Multi-level Marketing function enables you to add unrestricted tiers as well as set the different level of commissions for each tier of Affiliate network.

For example, customers have the opportunity to receive $ 10 value for an order that Tier 1 creates. Also, shopkeepers also allow their affiliates to receive 5% of the value of the order from Tier 2, Tier 3 or Tier 4. And that depends on your strategies at the time.

You should also know that the more extensive your Affiliate network, the more you can earn. Indeed, Multi-level Marketing is an attractive program from Mageplaza Affiliate Standard which helps to promote your network. It also means that your revenues will overgrow from these systems.

Pay Per Sale

Admin stores and affiliates can set up each Pay Per Sale rule as well as the value of the commission and the type of commission policy. It includes three types of commission policy: Percentage of total, Percentage of total profits and Fixed amount.

After customers generate a sale via the Affiliate link, store admins will pay commissions as a prize for the Affiliate.

Customizable Affiliate links

To customize the Affiliate link, Mageplaza supports two styles of URL: Parameter and Hash. They give you an example to you visualize clearly:

Affiliate Groups

This feature allows you to create many Affiliate Groups that contain affiliate members to categorize better. This groups will be managed in the grid by Magento 2 system.

Refer friends

With this smart feature, affiliates easily refer friends via a variety of channels:

  • Allow inserting a banner with a referral link
  • Easy to hide referral links with Deep Link or Direct Links plugin
  • Enable sending emails invitations to friends
  • Allow sharing on social media with 250+ social buttons
  • Embed widget on affiliate websites

Banners & Links

Thanks to this feature, you can set the banners and links right on your affiliate’s page as well as earn money per impression/click instead of seed link manually. As soon as you log into the admin panel, you can upload banners with images, flash type or text links. Here is a great way to attract more partners to your affiliate network.

Lifetime Commissions

As soon as you enable Lifetime Commissions, Affiliate will get the commissions on all purchases in the future by customers that leads them to your store. This feature is an excellent feature that boosts your products and services as well as drives your sales most quickly.

Withdraw Commissions

This feature allows affiliates to withdraw their commissions via some popular payment methods:

  • Paypal
  •  Bank Transfer
  • Offline payment
  • Skrill (coming soon)

Affiliates may establish a recurring payment when the commission reaches the minimum payment amount. You can create payout request automatically.


If you are still wondering about choosing Mageplaza Affiliate Magento 2, here are some honest reviews from customers who are using their extensions. We believe this is an excellent solution for you to promote your store’s sales.


Mageplaza Affiliate is available under Mageplaza > Affiliate. It includes seven sections to configure. Now let’s explore it to know more how to config it. Also, you can see the detailed guide here.

  1. Manage Accounts

After logging into Magento Admin, go to Affiliate > Accounts.

Click Add New Account button to add a new account. Then, you will be navigated to the Account Information page, follow some steps to complete a new Affiliate account.

  • In the Choose Customer field, click the down arrow and choose one of the existing customers from the list.
  • Then, enter Affiliate email or ID which refers to customers in the Referred By field to add commissions to their account. Leave it empty if you don’t want.
  • Establish Status to Active for the account.
  • Enable getting Email Notification if you choose Yes.
  • Please, choose Save to complete or Save and Continue Edit if you want to modify any information.

  1. Affiliate Groups

Assign to Affiliate Groups

After creating the new Affiliate accounts, admins can manage them in the Accounts Management grid.

  • On the grid, you need to choose the Affiliate account to assign and open the Edit mode.
  • Select the Affiliate group to assign.

Add Affiliate Groups

  • Choose ‘Add new groups’ button to add a new group.
  • Enter Name of the new group
  • Set Status to “Enabled”
  • Click Save Group in the upper-right corner

  1. Campaigns

You need to go over four tabs: “Campaign Information,” “Conditions,” “Discounts,” and “Commissions.” For each section, you need to enter all necessary information into it.

  1. Banners

In this Banners field, you can choose Add New Banner button if you want to add it.

  1. Withdraws

To generate new Affiliate Withdraw

After logging into Magento Admin, Affiliate > Withdraws, click ‘Add New Withdraw’ button.

Select an affiliate account to create a withdraw.

In the Withdrawal Configuration field:

* Type the number of the withdrawal that includes fee into Amount field.

* Enter the price for the withdrawal.

* Select one of two available payment methods: Offline Payment or Paypal Payment.

In the Payment Detail field:

* If you choose Offline Payment, fill out Address to receive.

* If you select payment PayPal, enter your Paypal Email and Transaction ID.

  1. Transactions

To generate new Affiliate Transaction:

Please sign into Magento Admin, Affiliate > Transaction, choose ‘Add New Transaction’ button.

– Select an affiliate account for the new transaction.

– In the Transaction Information field:

* Fill the number into Amount field.

* Establish Title for the transaction.

* Enter the holding days into Holding Transaction.

  1. Configuration

7.1. General configuration

Choose Yes to Enable this module.

In the Cookie Expiration field, fulfill the number of days to store cookies of this program. If you skip it, the default (365) is used.

Let override cookies field enable to override Affiliate code.

If you allow, choose number “1” into the field, in contrast, insert “0”.

7.2. Custom Affiliate URL

Apply “Hash” or “Parameter” for URL Style

Enter the character for the customization of Affiliate URL.

Establish The Length of Affiliate code that includes from 3 to 32 characters.

7.3. Account Configuration

To create a new account, set Embed customer signup fields in Affiliate signup form to “Yes.”

Select Default Affiliate Group from the current Affiliate groups.

By selecting Yes to ask for admin’s approval to complete the Affiliate sign up process.

Scroll down to Affiliate Sign up-Term and Condition.

Choose Yes to Enable Terms and Conditions on the storefront.

Enter the checkbox text that is in the right of Terms and Conditions box.

Type Terms and Conditions Title.

Choose CMS Block for Terms and Conditions Content.

With Account Balance field, and do the following steps:

Please enter the Maximum of Affiliate Balance, and if Affiliate reaches the milestone, none of the commission is added, you only need to leave empty or zero.

7.4. Email Configuration

Please, select Email Sender name that will appear in the email notification.

You can send the email notification when there is an update on Affiliate Account, Transaction, and Withdrawal.

In the Account Email field:

  • Enable Send Welcome Email
  • Establish Welcome Email to the available template.
  • Set Welcome Email After the account approved to the available template.

In the Transaction Email field:

  • Enable Send Transaction Email
  • Choose the template for Update Balance Email

In the Withdrawal Email field:

  • Enable Send Withdrawal Email
  • Choose the sample for Withdrawal Complete Email

  • Choose Yes to Enable this feature.
  • Allow inserting the referral link in the Default Refer Url.

This link will show in My Account/My Affiliate/Refer tab. If you don’t insert, the default homepage URL will be used.

  • Choose CMS Block to display Affiliate Welcome homepage content
  • Create Affiliate Welcome homepage content that will appear on “Category Page” or “Product Page.”
  • Choose Yes to remind Affiliates to fulfill captcha before sending the referral email.

7.5. Withdrawal Configuration

To enable Withdrawal request, choose Yes.

You can make the active the Payment Method that allows paying commissions via Paypal or Banks.

Establish the minimum balance in affiliate account for requesting the withdrawal to a specific number.

Fulfill Minimum withdrawal amount and Maximum withdrawal amount per withdrawal.


Affiliate Home Page includes Welcome Message and How does Affiliate Program work? You can modify the text from the backend if you want to change. Also, all the active Affiliate Program will display on the Affiliate Home Page.

Final words

Mageplaza Affiliate extension is a perfect module for increasing the revenue and profitability of your e-commerce store. We can’t deny the powerful features that this module brings. Did you try to integrate this extension into your shop? If not, we strongly recommend using it today. For only $149, you have the opportunity to own this plugin. It’s time to select it to reach your store’s business goals as well as create more loyal customers.