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Magento 2 Sold Together Module

In the world of e-commerce, being one step ahead of your rivals means you gain the market share.  However, what is to be done to outperform your opponents and increase your profit? The answer is pretty simple: apply state-of-the-art technologies to reach out as many customer as possible. Therefore, having installed Swissuplab Sold Together Magento 2 Extension you are able to impact on client’s decision to make more purchases on your e-commerce website.


With the assistance of Magento 2 module, you will be able to let your customer get acquainted with products which are available on your website as well as trigger them to add more items to their shopping carts.

There is one trick we would like to share with you: when you start applying this strategy, it’s better for you to display items with lower price, thus, from psychological point of view, your clients will be more inclined to add products they did not think of before.

Here are benefits which you will get when install the Magento 2 extension:

  • increase sales on your e-commerce website;
  • make your customers familiar with product inventory available in your webstore;
  • optimize website management processes;
  • take full advantage of Compare products and Ajax wishlist features;
  • improve your SEO rankings by diminishing a bounce rate;
  • get the shopping experience of your webstore to a new level.

In essence, the Sold Together Magento 2 module provides your website with cross-sell blocks  which possesses 2 different algorithms: 1) frequently bought together and 2) customer who bought also bought.

Customer who bought also bought block

Basically, customer who bought also bought algorithm displays to your clients those products which have been purchased by other website users. The order in which the items are shown and the number of products you would like to display is fully configurable. By applying this approach, you can make sure your customers are pretty familiar with products inventory you provide them with. To gain maximum benefit from the block, the Template Master incorporated Compare product and Ajax Whishlist features, thus allowing to optimize the functionality of your website management and improving user experience. Apart from it, provided you decide to place the ‘customer who bought also bought’ block in the shopping cart, you are able to do so by getting Template Master Ajax Pro Magento 2 Extension.

So, suggest your clients those products which other users of your website found worth purchasing.

Frequently bought together

The frequently bought together approach basically displays to your website users the products which are often placed together in customer shopping cart. The block can be easily configured, thus you will not find any difficulty with defining how many products as well as columns are going to be displayed and what sort order would be applied. Besides, the module permits the placement of the ‘add to cart’ button on the frequently bought together block. As a result, you speed up the buying process on your website and make your buyers purchase more items on your e-commerce website.


As you see on the picture below, the Sold Together Magento 2 Extension offers to your clients a set of related items on the product page, thus motivating your customers to take a look at other options as well, and to make more purchases. Consequently, you benefit from this feature and at the same time simplifying the life your website users. The two aforementioned blocks with related products have the following appearance: 

Frequently bought together

Magento 2 Sold Together Module

Customers who bought this item also bought

Magento 2 Sold Together Module


As regards the backend part, here you are able to configure ‘customer who bought also bought’ as well as ‘frequently bought together’ blocks. As you see, you can enable/disable the features anytime and determine how many products are to be displayed.

Magento 2 Sold Together Module

Final words

The extension described above is gaining momentum and helping many e-commerce business owners increase their sales. However, you are also able to combine its power with other modules (as it’s been already mentioned) to double to its positive influence on your website.

It is to be pointed out that the Swissuplabs Sold Together Magento 2 Modules is compatible with CE 2.0.

In case, you have any question or trouble with anything related to the extension, we encourage you to leave your comments to interact with other module users. Apart from, the company provides client support. Therefore, do not hesitate to get what you want to get.

The extension costs $89.