Mageworx Customer Group Prices Magento 2 Extension

- E-Commerce, Magento 2

Building a differentiated pricing strategy for an ecommerce store is the key to gaining more profit and increase conversion rates. One of the options is to base your product prices on customer groups so that different customer segments will be not charged equally for the same products.

With the Mageworx Customer Group Prices module, you will be able to diversify product pricing depending on a customer group on your Magento 2 web store. Using the extension, you can personalize your marketing campaigns, create special offers for selected shoppers, and show higher prices for not registered or logged in users. In this way, you can motivate your store visitors to register on your website or engage them in some activities by offering discounts in return.

The Customer Group Prices extension allows creating an unlimited number of unique customer group pricing schemes and setting custom prices for any product or customer group. Let’s have a look at the module’s functionality and configuration settings.

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  • Custom pricing per a customer group;
  • Fixed and percentage custom price types;
  • Special group prices on the product level;
  • Support for different types of products;
  • Group prices are shown in cart and catalog price rules;
  • Support of layered navigation filters;
  • No limitation on the number of products, customers, and customer groups.

The Mageworx Customer Group Prices module adds an essential function to an online shop letting merchants set custom pricing for different customer groups. With this functionality, you can create various customer segments, like wholesalers, retailers, and others, and apply special prices to each group. Note that after installing the extension, it will completely replace a standard product price with a specified custom price, which is not possible on the default Magento platform.

The module allows adding fixed or percent surcharges to a default price and offering discounts. With this feature, for example, you can show different prices to logged in customers and visitors. Besides, it is possible to specify special price on the product level, as well as apply differentiated pricing to custom product catalogs. The extension supports different types of products, including simple, configurable, grouped, and others. Moreover, custom prices are automatically applied to the cart or catalog price rules, taxes, and gift cards. Also, a custom price will be displayed when using layered navigation filters and search results.


As we have mentioned above, you can set up individual prices per a customer group. To apply custom prices on a customer group level, you should choose a group for which you want to do this. Then, select Tax Class, Group Price, and Price Type (Fixed or Percent).

Custom prices can also be set on a product level. To do so, go to the Products grid and select the product for which you want to set a group price.

Scroll down the page to find the customer group price settings. To assign a group price per product, select a website, customer group, price, and its type. Here you can add as many price options per customer groups as you need, as well as delete created group prices if necessary.

As for the general settings of the module, here you can enable customer group prices on your website and allow using group prices in catalog price rules.


We have already mentioned that the extension completely replaces the default price with a new customer group price on the frontend. In our example, we set the price for not logged in customers in the way that extra $10 is added:

Final Words

Creating individual pricing for specific customer groups is an excellent idea for building stronger relations with your customers and building long-term loyalty to your ecommerce brand. The Mageworx Customer Group Prices module helps you to activate individual pricing strategies that attract customers and correspond to their needs and expectations.

The price of the Mageworx Magento 2 extension is $149, but now you can purchase it with a discount for just $99! The extension package includes lifetime support and updates for free. Moreover, Mageworx offers 50% on upgrading from Magento 1 to Magento 2 extension for their clients. Learn more about all the opportunities provided by this module here:

Download / Buy Mageworx Customer Group Prices Magento 2 Extension