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Magento 2 Coupon Extension

There are many reasons for customers to come back to stores such as product quality, excellent service, and so on. One of the common reasons that make customers return to stores is discount coupons. Most customers will be eager to earn these coupons to spend during the checkout process or for next transactions. Thus, as a fantastic tool to boost conversion rate, Magento 2 Coupon Extension supports store owners to provide coupon codes for their shoppers.

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We cannot deny that providing coupons codes is an excellent idea to engage customers and increase their loyalty. Hence, Magento 2 Coupon Extension helps you generate coupon codes via email templates, variables, and rules. Then, you can send them to a specific customer group in a few seconds. Besides, the extension supports sellers in tracking sale campaigns and managing coupons.

In this blog, to help you get more details of the extension, we will discuss some outstanding features as well as usage and configuration guide.

Highlight Features


  1. Create Barcode or QRcode from your coupon code


QRcode contains a lot of information about products including name, address, tracking number, price, and quantity. With Magento 2 Coupon Extension, you can generate QRcode programmatically or create with the multi-functional dashboard. For Barcode, the module supports Barcode Type 39 that can contain coupon codes.

Magento 2 Coupon Extension

  1. Limit coupon code for each email address

Magento 2 Coupon Extension enables users to generate a limited number of coupons per an email address. By this way, you can create urgency and increase shareability for your coupon codes.

Magento 2 Coupon Extension

  1. Verify emails before applying coupon codes

The module is associated with email campaigns. When using the module, you can verify emails before applying coupon codes on the frontend. Therefore, you can make sure for exact codes and handle them easily.

Magento 2 Coupon Extension

  1. Limit customers to use coupon code

Admins can limit the number of times coupons can be used by each customer.  As an admin, you can determine how many times coupon codes can be used by the same registered customer who belongs to any selected customer group.

Magento 2 Coupon Extension

Other powerful functions:

  • Auto-generate coupon codes
  • Save a ton of time with mass action
  • Include coupons into emails, newsletters, follow-up emails
  • Use various conditions to get coupons
  • Track coupon status and coupon info in one place
  • Edit coupons by simple steps
  • Insert coupons & coupon information into emails
  • Import promo codes in bulk within seconds
  • Export coupon codes quickly
  • Track coupons usage statistics effectively
  • Fully compatible with Follow Up Email
  • User-friendly configuration
  • API support (coming soon)
  1. Usage & Configuration

  • How to set the module


To configure Magento 2 Coupon Extension. First, go Admin -> Landofcoder -> Coupon Code -> Settings

Magento 2 Coupon Extension

Enable Module: enable/disable the extension on the frontend

Barcode folder: input barcode image folder with the default barcode, the real path is “pub/media/barcode“ and the folder should be permitted to read/write

Email Sender: send email notifications

Email Template: send notifications when generating coupon codes

Show list coupons on customer dashboard: allow or not to show a list of generated coupon codes on customer’s panel

Enable Redeem Coupon On Frontend: enable/disable to redeem coupon codes on the frontend via widgets

Redeem Coupon Only For Customer: enable/disable to check only logged-in customers who can redeem coupon codes on the frontend

Redeem Url: rewrite the Url to redeem coupon codes on the frontend

Allow Send Email: allow or not to send email notifications when generating coupon codes

Allow Save Log When Redeem Frontend Coupon: allow or not to save coupon log when redeeming coupon codes on the frontend via widgets

Allow Track Coupon Log On Frontend: allow or not to track coupon log info on the frontend by QRcode

Tracking Url: follow the url that shows coupon log details (include order info if the coupon code was generated on successful order page)

  1. How to create coupon code rules

You can create a set of rules which are used to create coupon codes with predefined attributes.

-> View tutorial video

  1. How to generate a coupon

Magento 2 Coupon Extension allows you to create a coupon fast and conveniently.

-> View tutorial video

  1. How to manage coupon codes

You can take full control of coupon codes with ease.

-> View tutorial video

  1. How to use coupon code to track order information

After you generate QRcode, Barcode type 39 on the successful order page, scan them or input the coupon code to track order information.

An example of redeeming coupon codes on the successful order page:

Magento 2 Coupon Extension

Then, you can scan QRcode to track order information. You will get sales order and coupon code detail.

Magento 2 Coupon Extension

To track order info like that, you need to carry out 3 following steps:

Step 1: Go to Admin -> Content -> Widget.

Next, add a new widget instance type “Lof Redeem Coupon Form”.

Magento 2 Coupon Extension

Step 2: Then configure the page where the widget will be displayed on the frontend. Here, we choose “One page checkout successful page”.

Magento 2 Coupon Extension

Step 3: Configure the widget settings.

Magento 2 Coupon Extension

Finally, you can use coupon codes to track order at any time you want.

Final Words

Magento 2 Coupon Extension with fantastic features, user-friendly usage and configuration will be your best solution to increase conversion rate and customer loyalty. Moreover, when purchasing this module, you will get free installation, professional support from our team and a lot of other benefits.

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