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Improved Configurable Products for Magento 2

We are happy to announce Improved Configurable Product for Magento 2 –  our second extension for the new version of the ecommerce platform. The module introduces an innovative approach to configurable products, which is based on our previous experience with Magento 1 and latest achievements in the field of Magento 2 development.

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Massive update – new version 1.1 : full colour swathes support, update any attribute visible on product page, meta description and + microformat updates on simple product page. 

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Frontend and Backend Extension DEMO

magento 2 configurable product

With the help of the Improved Configurable Product (ICP) Magento 2 extension, you can fully utilize the power of configurable products in Magento 2. First off all, the module significantly simplifies the process of buying by offering a product with a pre-selected set of options and reducing the number of steps required to add something to cart. The second important feature implemented with Improved Configurable Product for Magento 2 is the ability to create unlimited combinations of products with unique content and automatically generated URLs. Thus, the extension improves SEO and generates additional organic traffic from Google.

Core features of Improved Configurable Product for Magento 2

  • Pre-selected configurable product options via simple product URLs.
  • Select default options for configurable product. Reduce steps for add to cart – required product options can be selected and loaded by default on product page!
  • Unique URLs for configurable product presets (option combinations). Can be generated automatically or manually in admin.
  • Simple products associated to configurable ones are displayed on a category page with a unique URL. Configurable product pages are loaded with pre-set options.
  • The extension is SEO friendly and works without any redirects

New Features:

Tier pricing for simple products + on the fly price update (AJAX)

Each associated simple product gets a vital improvement: its final price is calculated on the fly without any page reloads. This feature essentially decreases bounce rate and cart abandonment rate, because your clients see final product prices long before checking a cart page.

On the fly URL updates for selected options

Another aspect introduced with this extension is related to the ability to change options on a configurable product page while a URL in a browser is simultaneously changed to a direct link for the selected product configuration. From the perspective of customers, this feature is designed to save selected product configurations for future processing. As for merchants, they get a more convenient approach to the usage of individual options presets: it is no longer necessary to copy URLs from the admin for every simple product. Instead, you can visit a configurable product page and collect all required option URLs.

Color swatch support

Full colour swathes support – works fully the same as with standard  dropdown options.

Configurable product default options

With this extension, each simple product assigned to a configurable product can get a role of a default option. As a result, it will be pre-selected every time a customer uses a default product page URL to visit an appropriate configurable product page.

With our extension you can specify default product options on “Default” column in Current Variations block of configurable product on Magento admin

how to set default option for configurable product - magentp 2 - icp

Before using the Improved Configurable Product Magento 2 module, make sure you can provide at least one unique sentence for EACH option description of every configurable product. Thus, you will dramatically improve SEO on your Magento 2 website.

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Improved Configurable Product for Magento 2 on GitHub

Important notes

Below, we describe two core features of ICP for Magento 2 in details. The extension’s potential is really huge, so don’t miss anything.

  • Pre-selected / pre-set options for configurable products

Since customers have to spend a lot of time trying to select desired product options, this inconvenience leads to a negative impact on conversion rate. Luckily, you can provide visitors of your Magento 2 store with the ability to add products to cart without choosing any options. On stores with more than one product option, bounce rate grows up to 25%. Therefore, when you try to improve your ecommerce experience by adding new options, you lose sales instead. But you can fix the problem with the aid of Improved Configurable Product for Magento 2. The extension provides the opportunity to use dozens of product options without a negative impact on sales. The secret behind the module is quite simple: it relies on pre-selected options for every product, so buyers don’t need to scroll down a page to select options they need. As a result, a product can be placed in cart within a single click, which is especially useful for mobile buyers.

  • Unique URLs and pages for all configurable product options

Although Magento 2 is SEO friendly out-of-the-box, there are still opportunities for further enhancements, so unique URLs and pages for all configurable product options is a must-have feature for the Magento 2 core.

Providing each associated simple product with a unique URL is considered to be a vital improvement to default SEO. Configurable product with the pre-selected option are loaded according to unique links. Besides, by using our Magento 2 module, you can easily add unique descriptions for all simple products / options and display them on a category page without any troubles related to the “Not visible individually” option. Additionally, you can make simple products / options visible only for Google and on your catalog search or for target customers only.

Other important features

  • The module supports endless product combinations which are easy to create, is extremely useful for managing and selling configurable products with many options, and can demonstrate all possible product combinations to your customers.
  • The extension dynamically changes product description, title, and image each time a buyer changes selection.
  • ICP for Magento 2 does not use any Javascript during a page load. It is used for switch options after the page has been completely loaded. Thus, search engines get unique pages for all options / products.
  • The module relies on default Magento configurable products and doesn’t require any changes for existing ones. It’s only necessary to make the content visible for Search or Catalog and create unique descriptions.
  • The tool supports both default Magento cache and Full page cache for every page with pre-selected options and a unique URL.
  • Because of reduced dynamical content and ajax, page load time is improved.
  • The visibility feature – “Search only” for Google and internal Magento search – helps not to confuse customers with a plethora of same products on a category page, but provides you with the power of pre-selected options for SEO and internal catalog search.
  • ICP for Magento 2 does not redirect from associated simple products to configurable ones. It utilizes a modified Magento routing instead as well as load the same configurable product with different pre-selected options for each simple product URL.
  • Besides, hashed and GET requests are replaced with automatically generated unique URLs for every simple product / option. Each URL can be customised according to your requirements.
  • An improved product page provides customer with pre-selected options and the ability to purchase your goods in just one click. As a result, you improve conversion.
  • It is also worth mentioning that ICP is a perfect solution for AdWords targeting due to its pre-selected configurable product options.
  • The Improved Configurable Products Magento 2 module provides a full HTML5 support and works well with popular Magento 2 templates, as it has been developed with the best Magento coding practices in mind.

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Improved Configurable Product Magento 2 Extension Manual

We are happy to introduce the first massive update for our Improved Configurable Product Magento 2.x extension – the first extension which changes the way how configurable products work in Magento. Each new feature of the module has been requested by our customers and is based on a deep analysis of modern ecommerce trends, SEO requirements, and various advertising strategies.

  1. Installation

  2. Configuration


1. Backup your web directory and store database;

2. Download the Improved Configurable Product installation package;

3. Copy files to /app/code/Firebear/ConfigurableProducts/ folder (create it if not exist!)

4. Navigate to your store root folder in the SSH console of your server:

cd path_to_the_store_root_folder




5. Flush store cache; log out from the backend and log in again.


Magento admin -> Stores -> Configuration -> Firebear Studio -> Improved Configurable Products

configurable product magento 2 extension   improved configurable product magento 2

Let’s describe fields from the screenshot above:

  • Change browser history URL?: If Yes browser URL will be changed after a customer selects configurable attributes on a product page
  • Change product name?: If Yes a product title will be changed dynamically depending on selected attributes
  • Product title block html class or id: HTML class (.some-class) or id (#some-id) for product title block.
  • Change product SKU?: If Yes a product SKU will be changed dynamically depending on selected attributes
  • Product SKU block html class or id: HTML class (.some-class) or id (#some-id) for a product SKU block.
  • Change product short description?: If Yes a product short description will be changed dynamically depending on selected attributes
  • Product short description block html class or id: TML class (.some-class) or id (#some-id) for a product short description block.
  • Change product description?: If Yes a product description will be changed dynamically depending on selected attributes
  • Product description block html class or id: HTML class (.some-class) or id (#some-id) for product description block.

Important Note: Magento does not create SEO friendly product URLs for automatically generated simple products. It generates non visible virtual simple products, but there are few ways to set up SEO friendly urls for these products:

  1. Add simple products manually (This is the best way in case you don’t have any skills in Magento URL rewrites).

  2. Add URL Rewrites manually. Go to Marketing -> URL Rewrites. Click the Add URL Rewrite button.

  3. Run CLI command by SSH to generate URL rewrites for all simple products by command:

For further information, consultation, or to request individual new features use our contact form!

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Improved Configurable Product for Magento 2 FAQ

1. Product url doesn’t change

1) Make sure you have enabled required extension settings:

Go to Stores -> Configuration -> Firebear Studio -> Improved Configurable Products.

Set Change browser history URL? to Yes

2. Products have wrong url format

If product urls have next format:


Make sure there are correct URL Rewrites in Marketing -> URL Rewrites

If not you can generate url rewrites for simple products via console command: