Mirasvit Surcharge & Additional Payment Fee for Magento 2

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We’ll examine the new Mirasvit plugin today. All organizations who struggle with payments or simply wish to streamline the payment process can use the Surcharge & Additional Payment Fee for Magento 2 solution. While retaining your profitability, you might raise your prices. Provide cheaper base costs to all of your customers and impose surcharges for consumers that select pricey payment or shipping options, have orders that are too large for regular delivery, etc. This extension gives you the flexibility to impose additional fees per order or per product, apply surcharges based on customizable criteria based on cart or product data, and use various forms of surcharges. Let’s start with the features of plugins.

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How to Install the Extension

  • Back up the web directory and database for your store
  • Navigate to the root directory of the Magento 2 store after logging into the server’s SSH console
  • Press ENTER after pasting the installation guidelines from the page My Downloadable Products into the SSH console
  • Run command 
  • Run command
  • Run command

    to clean the cache.
  • Deploy static view files


  • Surcharges may be fixed or calculated as a percentage of the order 
  • Additional charges may be made per item or per order
  • Minimum and maximum surcharge thresholds 
  • Flexible guidelines on how each surcharge will be used 
  • Priority level of each activation of a surcharge for obtaining a working system of additional fees
  • There may be surcharges for particular customer groups

You have the option to create flexible fee calculations using this plugin. Set flexible surcharge rates and thresholds using order attributes. Additionally, decide how to set the order’s surcharge rate. Choose a fixed rate per order, a rate for each product, a rate for each pound, or a percentage of the product price. Within the threshold option, you might also specify the surcharge fee’s lowest and maximum amounts.

You’ll be able to apply surcharges based on conditions with this Mirasvit plugin. For the surcharge fee to be applied in a flexible manner, you can establish a set of requirements. You can choose attributes like subtotal (excluding or including tax), total item quantity, total weight, payment method, shipping method, shipping postcode, shipping region/state, or shipping province/country when using cart attributes as a condition.

Furthermore, you have the option to create a target surcharge for customer groups and store views. Apply surcharges only to customer groups and store views that result in increased order processing fees. Store administrators can set up the surcharge for a particular store view with ease. Alternately, a surcharge can be set up to be visible in every store view of your Magento 2 store.

You can give customers full visibility of a surcharge. Customers who use this plugin are informed of the surcharge that has been added to their order both on the checkout page and in the shopping cart. Multiple surcharges may be applied to one order, and the customer will see them all on the checkout page.


There are a few pages in the Backend of this plugin. The first one is a Order Surcharge.

Order Surcharge

All of your store’s surcharges are listed here. It is editable and deleteable. 

You can also add a brand-new surcharge. You must fill out the following requirements:

  • Internal Name
  • Label
  • Group Label
  • Active 
  • Priority

You can add conditions to the surcharge you create. “Only use the rule if the following requirements are satisfied”. Store and Customer group conditions can be set. 

You can also set rates and thresholds. You know how much your fees will be and what your rates and thresholds are.

Order Surcharge Config

A general setting for this plugin is available here. Weight Attribute settings are available. You can specify an attribute like:

  • Product Name
  • SKU
  • Description
  • Price 
  • Special Price
  • Meta Keywords and Data
  • Color
  • Tier
  • and much more

Order Surcharge Applied for Different Option

The last one is an Order Surcharge with various options, which you can see in the Backend. Order Surcharge applied for payment, state, or category is visible.

Final Words

With this Mirasvit extension for Magento 2, you will simplify your payment process and can increase clients satisfaction. Offer lower base prices to all of your customers and levy surcharges on those who choose pricey payment or shipping options, place orders that are too big for standard delivery, etc. With this extension, you have the freedom to charge extra per order or per product, apply surcharges based on user-customizable criteria based on cart or product data, and employ various surcharge types. You can buy Surcharge & Additional Payment Fee for Magento 2 from Mirasvit for $149.

Get Mirasvit Surcharge & Additional Payment Fee for Magento 2