FireBear Improved Bundle Product for Magento 2

Improved Configurable Product for Magento 2

Here at Firebear, we are obsessed not only by improving import and export processes and simplifying the way you integrate your e-commerce website with external systems but also making product pages better. Our second significant extension – after Improved Import & Export – is Improved Configurable Product and today we are very excited to announce Improved Bundle Product for Magento 2!

This module is developed to improve the default user experience of our favorite e-commerce platform by simplifying bundle products and making interaction with them more intuitive and user-friendly. Let’s take a look at the core feature of this product type and then describe the core possibilities of Improved Bundle Product.

Note that the extension is in development. Please, contact us to get early access and submit feature requests. 


Magento 2 Bundle Product Definition

Bundle products are all about personalization of customer experience. Designed to make every shopping session individual, they enable customers to compose their own set of items. The main advantage of a bundle product page over other ways to purchase the same things is that a customer doesn’t need to visit separate pages. All the necessary products are added to cart from the same place. Take a look at the following gif image:

It shows an example of a training bundle: a single page with multiple items with several options for each one. As a result, customers can get ready for a workout without visiting numerous store pages. At least four pages are replaced by a single one. The impact on conversion is similar to the one-page checkout improvement: you dramatically decrease cart abandonment by replacing several checkout pages with a single step. 

With bundle products, you eliminate the need to visit multiple product pages. Furthermore, you even reduce the necessity to surf the entire catalog looking for particular items. At the same time, if a customer wants to do that, nobody prevents them. The overall shopping experience is significantly improved, so is the conversion.

As you might have already noticed, bundle products are similar to grouped and configurable products from the perspective of how they work:

  • All of them are complex product types;
  • They combine simple products;
  • They offer a better shopping experience. 

What’s the difference, you will ask? The main difference is in how a customer can interact with a product page. Let’s briefly explore each product type:

  • Configurable products are the most popular complex product type. Basically, it is the same product with multiple variations. For instance, a t-shirt is available in three colors and four sizes. Instead of 12 pages, you can create one that combines all these options. A customer finds the t-shirt and selects the necessary color and size on a single page.
  • Grouped products introduce an entirely different approach to complex products. Instead of introducing variations, they provide a pre-composed set of products created from the admin. A customer doesn’t have to visit different pages to add multiple products to cart simultaneously, but it is necessary to add what is offered without variations. 
  • Bundle products a way more flexible. They offer a set of items with variations, unique prices, shipping, quantity, etc. But it doesn’t mean that bundle products are the best complex products. They are just more flexible than grouped products and combine features of the other product types. 

For further information about bundle products, read this article: The Complete Guide to Magento 2 Bundle Products, and how to import them

Improved Bundle Product Features

The primary purpose of the Improved Bundle Product Magento 2 extension is to improve the way your customers and admins interact with this content type. Thus, the module not only enhances the default Magento 2 product pages but also simplifies different management procedures that occur in the backend. We’ve analyzed several other bundle product extensions as well as dozens of comments and feedbacks to create a tool the complies with modern standards and requirements. These are the core features of our module:

  • Dynamic content updates;
  • Price ranges;
  • Bundle product option images;
  • Improved bundle creation and management;
  • Default bundle values;
  • Unique URLs;
  • Bundle product matrix;
  • SEO improvements;
  • Support for different product types and custom options;
  • Split bundle products;
  • Product summary total sidebar + Add to Cart;
  • Enhanced product view + zoom.

Dynamic content updates

The Improved Bundle Product extension modifies the default product display by introducing dynamic content updates based on selected options. Every time a customer selects a new option, the extension correspondingly changes such elements as product images, page URL, description, and attribute values. Thus, you make sure that a customer sees all bundle product items, options, and content elements without page reloads. 

Price ranges

Another significant benefit of the Improved Bundle Product Magento 2 extension is the ability to display various price ranges. A customer can view the minimal and maximal price of bundle product options. Both group and tier prices are supported with dynamic updates on the frontend. Furthermore, if you need to display the price range for options as well as unit price, our module fully supports the BasePrice extension by MageNerds.

Bundle product option images

With our module, you can enhance a bundle product page even more by adding images to all available product options. Although a bundle product usually consists of many children products, only their names are displayed as options. Our extension adds corresponding images to the game. They can be displayed for drop-down, radio button, checkbox, and multi-select. For multi-select options, images are available in a slider.

Note that the height and width of bundle item images are fully configurable from the admin. As for the slider, you can change its parameters as well.

Improved bundle creation and management

With our module, you will spend much less time creatine bundle products than usually. In addition to simplifying purchasing, it completely revamps the admin part of bundle products management. 

The extension enables you to configure bundle products with the key parameters only. The rest options are pre-configured!

You can also add bundle products to backend orders. There is no need to add items one by one or apply complex configurations. 

Default bundle values

You can improve the conversion of your bundle products by simplifying the way customers purchase them. Due to the default bundle values feature, it is possible to reduce the number of steps necessary to add a bundle product to cart. Specify default values in the admin, and your store visitors will spend much less time on the configuration of a new order. 

Unique URLs

With Improved Bundle Product Magento 2 extension, each bundle option pre-set gets a unique URL. This feature provides more flexible opportunities when it comes to traffic targeting as well as enables faster purchases.  

Bundle product matrix

You can also increase B2B conversion due to the product matrix available with Improved Bundle Product. The feature enables bulk product ordering so that your customers can:

  • Add multiple product options of bundle items to cart simultaneously;
  • Leverage Magento 2 quick order functionality;
  • Benefit from tier prices;
  • View the availability of products.

Note that this feature can be applied to B2C customers, who want to purchase several bundles with different items. 

SEO improvements

To enhance the default SEO, Improved Bundle Product introduces two essential features. First of all, it is integration, which is a crucial SEO boost that increases SERP with a comprehensive description of the products in a bundle. Secondly, our extension offers dynamic meta attributes updates to make your bundle product pages more appealing to search engines. 

Support for different product types and custom options

Improved Bundle Product for Magento 2 lets you add any product types to bundles. Furthermore, custom product options are fully supported. Thus, the extension provides the ability to:

  • Add configurable products with custom options to a bundle (possible with the ICP module);
  • Add simple products with custom options to a bundle;
  • Add virtual and downloadable products to a bundle.

Split Bundle Products

However, you can not only combine items into a bundle but also split up bundled products into separate products when adding them to the order. This feature eliminates conflicts caused by the integration with external systems which do not handle bundled products.

Improved Bundle Product Use Cases

Below, you can see a few examples of how to use the Improved Bundle Products Magento 2 extension. 

  • Sport Outfit. You are selling a running outfit. Provide customers with a separate page that includes all items: shoes, socks, clothes, etc. Each item is a configurable product with different size and color options. You can create several different bundle products for running outfits for different seasons. 
  • Computers. Selling computer kits is another example of the application sphere of our extension. You can provide customers with a single page that already includes numerous options for cases, CPUs, processors, hard drives, etc. Depending on the selected options, Improved Bundle Product will update the description, images, URL, and other page content. 
  • Smartphones. It is also a good idea to create a page that includes not only a smartphone with configurable options but also various accessories: cases, phones, power banks, etc.
  • Furniture. Selling furniture collections becomes easier with Improved Bundle Product. You can create different bundle product pages for different room types: entry hall, living room, dining room, bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, etc. 
  • Plants. You can combine plants with different accessories and fertilizers. At the same time, it is possible to create a kit that includes seeds, ground, flowerpot, so a customer can grow a plant from scratch. 

Current State & Alternatives

Although FireBear Improved Bundle Product for Magento 2 is under development, you can already explore its features and enhance the default Magento 2 functionality with its bets version. Contact us for further information. Also, don’t hesitate to write to us to get early access or propose improvements to the functionality of the extension.

Note that some features mentioned above are already available with our Improved Configurable Product module.  The extension lets you add configurable products to bundle product options as well as specify default bundle values.

On a bundle product page, customers use the ‘Customize’ button to select bundle product options, which are displayed as configurable product image thumbnails.