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Magento 2 FAQ Extension

M-Connect Media is an eCommerce developing company which is known to possess an integrated team of Magento experts who believe in offering solutions and adding a digital purview to the conventional trades. The organization operates through smart methods, smart ideas, latest technologies, and a terrific blend of hard work.

M-Connect has adopted the latest standards of service quality. Its operational excellence enables its clients across the globe having links with a myriad range of industries getting transmogrified into a truly digital enterprise. Its ability to give customised solutions at each step of business relationship enhance the speed and precision of the clients. It has directly benefited small to large-scale enterprises and led them to understand the importance of digitization.

The company has already made its presence felt by Extensions. Extension, very similar to modules is a set of designed codes which expedites the functionality of the websites. As every second count, it saves many seconds. One of the significant advantages of using extensions is that they are easy to install and need no beefy-management for its operation.

One of the essential extensions which add custom features to the eCommerce portals is FAQ – KNOWLEDGE BASE – PRODUCT QUESTION & ANSWER EXTENSION FOR MAGENTO® 2


FAQ (frequently asked questions), as the term suggests, it allows customers to ask questions and let them clear their doubts. A customer can post its items directly on the product pages and expect to receive an instant information regarding the complete process of shopping.

FAQ extension also proffers room to ponder upon a genuine grievance and let merchants overcome them by proper execution and guidance to the customers at the same time. It also helps in adding an efficient accordion panel populated with question and answer and can be viewed from any page while making a purchase. It also authorizes to restrict the number of items per page and let users rate a question.

A quick read through a list of FAQ features:

  • Gives a chance to categorize the question set in the FAQ section.

Magento 2 FAQ Extension

  • Allows to answers the questions related to products, services, and policies and form an interactive thread.
  • Empowers to set the number of questions per page.

Magento 2 FAQ Extension

  • Possesses collapsible panels which save a lot of unnecessary scrolling.

Magento 2 FAQ Extension

  • Eliminates the case of page reloading whenever FAQ category is selected.
  • Grants a searchability option through search box to search any particular question on the FAQ page.

Magento 2 FAQ Extension

  • Choose to show the FAQ for products.

Magento 2 FAQ Extension

  • Hands over the right to set the FAQ toggle speed in milliseconds for merchants.

Magento 2 FAQ Extension