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In this post, we will gather popular Magento 2 templates and themes. In addition, you will find some useful information on theme development in Magento 2, key aspects of the Magento 2 frontend architecture, as well as other features related to the Magento 2 theming.

Magento 2 Components

Magento 2 Templates and Themes

Pearl – Leading Magento 2 Theme

Pearl Magento 2 Theme Template

In comparison with other Magento 2 themes, Pearl is an expensive solution, but it offers a stunning shopping experience, being extremely reliable and user friendly. There are lots of extensions included, so you can easily avoid conflicts between third-party modules. Besides, the Magento 2 template is reviewed and approved in Magento Marketplace. Being developed with respect to Magento best practice guidelines, Pearl allows to avoid lots of troubles.

The basic set that costs $299 includes the following features:

  • Pearl Responsive Theme Pack;
  • Updates;
  • Self-service Help Center;
  • Email Support;
  • FREE Installation;
  • Sample Data Setup.

Just look how an ordinary slider is designed:

Pearl Magento 2 Theme Template

For $499, you will also get the following extensions

  • Instagram Widget;
  • Google Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce;
  • Google AdWords Pixel;
  • Google Webmaster Tools;
  • SSL Certificate Configuration;
  • Google Rich Snippets;
  • Twitter Cards;
  • Facebook Open Graph;
  • Pinterest Rich Pins;
  • SEO Advance Google XML Sitemap.

And this is an example of a product page (one of many):

Pearl Magento 2 Theme Template

The professional pack ($999) includes even more features:

  • Template Based Homepage Setup;
  • Transactional Email Configuration;
  • PayPal Integration;
  • PayPal Test Order QA;
  • Flat Rate Shipping Configuration;
  • Five Hours Of Custom Development.

The Pearl Magento 2 theme allows to select even the smallest details, such as button design:

Pearl Magento 2 Theme Template

For further information check our review or follow this link:

Download / Buy Pearl Magento 2 Theme


Marketplace Magento 2 Theme – the first theme by the leading Magento 2 extension provider;


  • UB Sportsgear – Magento 2 theme for sportswear and fitness;
  • UB Kidsland – online collection of baby clothes, toys, and other goods;
  • UB Bookshop – ecommerce website with books;
  • UB Mago – full-featured fashion store;
  • UB Megamall – top-notch ecommerce supermarket;
  • Crafts – premium Magento 2 theme for fashion, jewelry, and accessory stores.


Below, you can find a list of TemplateMonster themes. For further information and description, check our reviews. You can also find download links there.


Themeforest already offers several Magento 2 themes developed with the new version of the platform in mind. They are responsive, user-friendly, and nice. More and more themes are coming soon!

Ves Fashion

Ves Fashion Magento 2 Theme Review; Ves Fashion Magento 2 Template Overview

Ves Fashion is the most popular Magento 2 template by Venustheme. It suits best fashion stores, but at the same time has a multipurpose nature, so you can easily leverage the theme in other custom project. The detailed list of features and core design elements are described in this post: Ves Fashion Magento 2 Theme Review.

Ves Super Store

Ves Super Store Magento 2 Theme Review; Ves Super Store Magento 2 Template Overview

Ves Super Store is a template by Venustheme aimed at high tech, gift, and electronics stores. It looks strict and at the same time attractive. As a store owner, you will get all features necessary to capture the attention of your visitors and increase sales. Check the full description here: Ves Super Store Magento 2 Theme Overview.

Sassy Girl

Sassy Girl Magento 2 Theme Review; Sassy Girl Magento 2 Template Overview

Sassy Girl is a multipurpose template that suits best for fashion or clothing stores. It is elegant, intuitive, and powerful enough to become more than a starting point of your custom Magento storefront. Check the full description in this post: Sassy Girl Magento 2 Theme Review.

Ves Emarket

Ves Emarket Magento 2 Theme Review, Ves Emarket Magento 2 Template Overview

If you are looking for a perfect starting point for your custom ecommerce storefront, Ves Emarket will be a good solution. It not only have all the necessary features, but looks good and offers a user-friendly admin with tons of settings. As a result, you can fine tune the theme according with your ecommerce requirements. For further information, hit this link: Ves Emarket Magento 2 Theme Overview.

Ves Blue Store

Ves Blue Store Magento 2 Theme Review, Ves Blue Store Magento 2 Template Overview

Ves Blue Store is another reliable product in the Venustheme portfolio. The theme is fully responsive with a bunch of mobile-orients features. Besides, it has an intuitive admin and offers lots of customizations. For further information, check this post: Ves Blue Store Magento 2 Theme Overview.

Ves Micmart

Ves Micmart Magento 2 Theme Review; Ves Micmart Magento 2 Template Overview

Ves Micmart is a Magento 2 theme with lots of features oriented at smartphone users. It is not only a good Magento 2 template for every new ecommerce store, it is suitable for more robust projects. You can check the full theme review here: Ves Micmart Magento 2 Theme Overview.


Electro Magento 2 Theme Review; Electro Magento 2 Template Overview

Electro is another great tool for Magento beginners. If you don’t want to face with extension installation (or at least are going to postpone it), pay attention to this template. The full overview is available here: Electro Magento 2 Theme Review.


Alto Magento 2 Theme Review; Alto Magento 2 Themplate Overview

Alto is great as a starting point for every custom online storefront. It is fully responsive, includes over 10 Magento 2 extensions, and has a flexible admin settings. For further information, check this review: Alto Magento 2 Theme Overview.


KuteShop Magento 2 Theme Review; KuteShop Magento 2 Themplate Overview

The Kuteshop Magento 2 theme provides equally great experience for bout categories of visitors. Another important feature is related to customizable Magento 2 admin settings. For further information, check this post: KuteShop Magento 2 Theme Overview.


Sagitta Magento 2 Template Review; Sagitta Magento 2 Theme Overview

If you are looking for a Magento 2 theme aimed at fashion stores, check Sagitta. With its help, you can easily create a stunning ecommerce experience for selling clothes, bags, shoes, jewelry, etc. The theme is based on the latest technologies and offers the most important features. Check them all here: Sagitta Magento 2 Theme Review.


Styleshop Magento 2 Template Review; Styleshop Magento 2 Theme Overview

Another Magento 2 theme we’d like to draw your attention to is Styleshop – a responsive template that suits best for selling jewelry, fashion products, and accessories. Note that it is fully responsive, so customers on all possible devices will equally enjoy your ecommerce experience. Check its full description here: Styleshop Magento 2.1 Theme Overview.


Comeback Magento 2 Theme Review; Comeback Magento 2 Template Overview

The Comeback Magento 2.1 theme that contains more than 20 child themes and can be easily adapted for every ecommerce website. You can find its full description hare: Comeback Magento 2.1 Theme Overview.


Fastest Magento 2 Theme Review, Fastest Magento 2 Template Overview

Fastest offers more than 10 layout options available out of the box. There are designs for online storefronts from the following categories: fashion, jewelry, handbags and accessories, pharmacy, sportswear, food, grocery, outdoor gear, baby goods, and supermarket. Besides, you will get a blog, AJAX-based elements, and tons of other useful features. Check our review for further information: Fastest Magento 2 Theme Review.


Bencher Magento 2 Theme Review; Bencher Magento 2 Template Overview

Bencher is a responsive multi-store theme with 6 homepage layouts and unlimited color options based on the AJAX functionality and various customizable elements. The template lets you attract the attention of visitors with the help of different customizable blocks, tabs, rows, grids, and sliders. It is also necessary to mention that it contains more than 10 modules that essentially enhance the default Magento 2 functionality. For further information checkh this review: Bencher – Responsive Magento 2 Theme.


Furnicom Magento 2 Theme Review; Furnicom Magento 2 Template Overview

Furnicom is a modern and professional solution aimed at online furniture shops and interior stores with a set of features almost similar to Sawyer: both Magento 2 themes offer tons of useful add-ons out of the box. After installing the template, you get a great image slider, advanced filtering options, nice static blocks, quick-view options, AJAX features, and add to compare button. As a store admin, you get the ability to customize all the aforementioned features in your store backend. For further information, check the full description here: Furnicom Magento 2 Theme Review.


Sawyer Magento 2 Theme Review; Sawyer Magento 2 Template Overview

Being based on modern style trends, the Sawyer Magento 2 theme offers a clear layout and provides lots of powerful features out of the box. For instance, you get AJAX Layered Navigation, AJAX Cart, Mega Menu, Image Slider, support for multiple currencies and languages, product hover effects, as well as tons of other features right after the extension has been installed. All these enhancements significantly improve the default user experience, making your customers more loyal and consequently increasing sales. For further details, check this review: Sawyer – Multipurpose Responsive Magento 2 Theme.

Bazar Shop – Multipurpose Magento 2 Theme

Bazar Shop Magento 2 Theme; Bazar Shop Magento 2 Template

Being a fresh and creative Magento 2 theme, Bazar offers unlimited layout options and tons of useful features. Besides, the theme looks really nice, and as a Magento 2 owner, you get an advanced admin module that enables a wide range of customizations. check the full Bazar Shop description here: Bazar Shop – Multipurpose Magento 2 Theme.

Minimal – Magento 2 Theme for Fashion Stores

Minimal is another Magento 2 theme that deserves your attention. It is responsive, it offers a blog and provides tons of customizations. Check its overview here.

Minimal Magento 2 Theme; Minimal Magento 2 Template

Hermes Magento 2 Theme

Hermes is a premium Magento 2 theme, which is fully responsive, highly customizable, and easy to use. Due to a wide variety of settings you can easily fine tune it according to your ecommerce requirements. Hermes is suitable for every store type, supports all modern SEO standards, and is easy to adjust.

Hermes Magento 2 Theme; Hermes Magento 2 Template


Luxury Premium Magento 2 Theme


The Luxury Premium Fashion Magento template offers a modern and clean layout for every ecommerce website. It offers a convenient user interface and displays goods in a simple and sophisticated manner. Luxury provides 7 predefined layouts, an integrated frontend builder, tons of customization options, as well as lots of integrated extensions.

Luxury Magento 2 Theme; Luxury Magento 2 Template

Ves Pencil

Ves Pencil  is a responsive Magento 2 Theme which comes with modern product-oriented design. Being elegant, it introduces a professional professional approach to ecommerce requirements providing a great opportunity to showcase your items as good as possible. Besides, Ves Pencil hes been designed with Magento 2 in mind. As a result, the theme includes a lot of of improvements in performance and scalability and delivers stunning user experience on any devices.

Magento 2 Themes and Templates


Another Magento 2 theme available on Themeforest is Porto. Being fully responsive and Retina ready, this Magento 2 theme offers unlimited color options as well as 300+ free Google Fonts. You can easily install Sample Data on Porto and share it between a fluid product grid which can include up to 8 columns. Besides, the theme offers unlimited header types, Dark Version, and The Responsive On/Off Mode. Porto is super fast and fully working with Ajax.

Porto Magento 2 Theme

Everything Store Magento 2

If you are looking for the responsive design, Bootstrap 3, and retina support in one theme, then pay attention to Everything Store Magento 2 template. It also supports the following features:

  • Right to left design;
  • On/Off responsive mode;
  • settings for fonts, colors, typography, etc;
  • Drag & Drop Mega Menu builder;
  • Default Navigation Enabler/Disabler.

Everything Store Magento 2 Theme

Ketty Magento 2 Beta

Ketty Magento 2 Beta is among first Magento 2 themes. In addition to perfect look it offers such features as responsive design, cross browser support, slider, configurable swatches, Ajax cart, product zoom, improved checkout, and a user-friendly admin panel. This Magento 2 theme is free, you only have to pay with a tweet.

Magento 2 templates and themes

Get Ketty Magento 2 Beta

Live Demo

Molly Mageto 2 Theme

Molly Magento 2 Theme

The theme is fully described here: Molly – Another Stunning Magento 2 Theme

Useful Links

SASS port of Magento 2 blank theme

Magento 2 Templates and Themes

SnowdogApps is working on a SASS based version of the Magento 2 blank theme. Everyone can  follow the progress here: SASS port of Magento 2 Blank theme

Magento 2 Developer Documentation

Magento 2 themes: Developer Documentation

Before starting any customizations related to Magento 2 templates and themes, it is extremely important to examine Magento 2 Developer Documentation. All articles here are divided into three categories: Get Started with Magento, System Administrators, and Developers. Although the information introduced in Developer Documentation covers all aspects related to such a Magento 2 component as themes, it is necessary to understand the whole platform before diving deep into Magento 2 templates and themes development.

Magento 2: Serving Frontend Files

Serving Frontend Files in Magento 2

Magento 2: Serving Frontend Files. This article by Alan Storm will help you understand the way new technologies are integrated into the Magento 2 system, by introducing you to such topics as Serving CSS and Javascript Files, Magento 2 Root Folder, Magento 2 Modes, Serving a Frontend Asset File, Magento 2 Static Asset Serving, etc. The information provided by Alan is vital for your further work with Magento 2 templates and themes.

Frontend Architecture of Magento 2

Magento 2 themes

The core difference between Magento 2 and previous versions is that frontend is now updated with HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, and other newer technologies. The overall layout manipulation also differs a lot. The same is about file structure and Magento UI library which is now based on LESS preprocessor. The last one includes a built in compiler.
All nuances of Magento 2 frontend architecture are described at Inchoo. The post consists of three parts. First one is dedicated to theme workflow changes, the second part describes updates and improvements of layout, the last one is about the new Magento UI library.

Magento 2 Theme Structure by DCKAP

Structure of Magento 2 Theme

Before exploring Magento 2 themes and templates, it is extremely important to learn their structure. This topic is detaily described here: Magento 2 Theme Structure.

Magento 2 Theming by Shero

Magento 2 Theming

In the Magento 2 Theming article on Shero, you can find such important things as updated PHP, CSS, and HTML requirements introduces in MAgento 2; frontend development features, including CSS Preprocessor, blank theme, UI library, and visual design editor; as well as key layout improvements. All these nuances are described here: Magento 2 Theming.

How to create a Magento 2 theme

Magento 2 themes and templates

This useful topic is covered by two sources: wiki.magento and magestore. The official documentation includes 6 steps. It starts with creation of a theme folder. The second step is about theme declaration. Then the post shows how to configure images in Magento 2. The fourth step teaches how to add folders for static files. The next one is about logo for your theme. The last step teaches how to create a theme preview.
In its turn post on Inchoo will help you understand more about Magento 2 theme and template structure. The author divides his tutorial into 2 parts. The first one is about primary elements in Theme package. The second part reveals the secrets of its customization in Magento 2.

How To Create Theme in Magento 2 (Presentation)

The name of this presentation speaks for itself. If you are tired of reading, just hit the play button and start learning core principles of Magento 2 theming.

Core Principles for Theming in Magento 2

If you are looking for courses on Magento 2 Theming, then get ready to spend $375. For this money, you will get all development skills necessary to implement and customizу templates and themes on the popular ecommerce platforms. You can pay for the course here: Core Principles for Theming in Magento 2.


Magento 2 Templates and RequireJS

How to use RequireJS within Magento 2

RequireJS is an important tool for Magento development. Being a JavaScript modular script loader, it is optimized for work within JS environments, so you can leverage all its power working with Magento 2 templates and themes. RequireJS will not only improve the quality of code, but also increase the speed of your projects. For further information, check this post: Advanced Development with RequireJS.

Grunt and Magento 2

Magento 2 Grunt tutorial

Magento 2 templates and themes development is impossible without repetitive tasks. To streamline your routine, we recommend you to pay attention to Grunt – a javaScript task runner. It is designed to automate such processes as compilation, linting, minification, unit testing, etc. All you need is to configure a Gruntfile. In Magento 2, Grunt simplifies the way you customize styles in a server-side compilation mode. For further information on Magento 2 themes and Grunt, follow this link: How to Use Grunt in Magento 2. Besides, there is a great article divided into 2 parts on Magleaks: Magento 2 Theming with Grunt / Less Part 1; Part 2

Handlebars and Magento 2 templates

Handlebars and Magento 2 themes

With Handlebars, you can easily build semantic templates. The project is compatible with Mustache templates and in Magento 2 is used for dynamic loading of various template parts. For further information, visit its website: Handlebars.

Knockout in Magento 2 theme development

Magento 2 Knockout.js

Being a standalone JavaScript implementation of the MVVM pattern, Knockout has a reputation of reliable tool which offers a clear separation between view components, domain data, and data to be displayed. Since Knockout relies on a clearly defined code layer, as a developer you get the ability to manage relationships between all  available view components. For further information on Magento 2 theme development with Knockout, check the following links:

And don’t forget to test a set of tools for Magento 2 frontend developmen based on Gulp.js: Magento 2 Forntools.