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Dynamic Categories Magento 2 module review

Today, we will talk about an improvement to default Magento that significantly simplifies admins’ daily routine. Unfortunately, the out-of-the-box Magento 2 platform only allows assigning new products to categories manually. The described below functionality is related to associating products to categories based on the specified rules.

To streamline the process of linking products with relevant categories, we recommend you to install the Mirasvit Dynamic Categories extension for Magento 2. The module automates the process of assigning products to corresponding categories. After you set up conditions for product selection rules, the Magento 2 dynamic category extension by Mirasvit will track items in your catalog and add them to a relevant category dynamically. Let’s have a closer look at the features offered by the Mirasvit solution.

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  • Automatic matching of products with a relevant category;
  • Rule-based product assignment or removal to/from the category;
  • Advanced rule conditions based on multiple attributes;
  • New products dynamically placed in the Magento 2 Virtual Category;
  • Preview of matched items in the backend;
  • Automatic sorting of products in the category.

The main advantage of the Miasvit dynamic categories Magento 2 module is the automation of linking products with relevant categories. Thus, the extension streamlines routine procedures and reduces the admin workload. A Mirasvit solution is a must-have tool for merchants who have plenty of items in their catalog. By installing the tool, you won’t need to worry about assigning a new product to a particular category or moving an item from one category to another when there are changes in your inventory.   

The Magento 2 automatic categories module by Miasvit allows setting flexible rules for matching products with corresponding categories. It is possible to create rule conditions for each created category in line with your sales and marketing goals. You can leverage various product attributes and attribute sets for a more precise product selection. After applying a configured rule, all items with specified attributes will be dynamically matched to corresponding categories. If you update a product’s attributes, the tool will track the changes and place a product in the relevant category. If an item doesn’t match selected attributes, it will be automatically removed from the category.

Besides, the extension offers advanced attributes for setting up rule conditions that will link new arrivals or products on sale to a relevant category. Thus, you can allocate discounted products to a separate category or put items of one brand to another. Also, you can create separate Magento 2 categories for new products, bestsellers, promotions, etc. This way, you will adjust product listing when running a promo campaign or having sales on your web store.

After specifying product selection rules, backend managers can preview lists of matching products on a separate grid for a double-check before saving the category. Also, note that the Mirasvit Magento 2 dynamic category extension offers flexible rules for sorting items in the category. Depending on your needs, you can set the order of matched products based on the price, popularity, date of creation, and more.

Now, let’s proceed with the exploration of the Magento 2 Dynamic Categories module’s backend interface.


To make a category dynamic, go to Catalog -> Inventory -> Categories and select a category you want to configure. Then, create a name for the category.

Dynamic Categories Magento 2 module review

Next, scroll down the Products in Category tab and move the “Dynamic Category” toggle in the enabled position to set product selection rules.

Dynamic Categories Magento 2 module review

Next, you can select attributes for the rule conditions from a wide range of options. Conditions can be based on product attributes, smart attributes (Is New, On Sale), and MSI (Source). After choosing the necessary options, press “Preview Products” to generate a list of matching items.

Dynamic Categories Magento 2 module review

Associated products will be displayed in a separate grid below. You can also set the order for each product in the listing in the Position column of the grid.

Dynamic Categories Magento 2 module review

Final Words

The Mirasvit Dynamic Categories extension is a user-friendly and, at the same time, comprehensive tool for setting dynamic categories on a Magento 2 store. With the module, store managers get the necessary tools for precise matching of products with specified conditions to relevant categories. Thus, it streamlines catalog management and simplifies the admin routine. As for the customer side, online shoppers get a more convenient view of products from a specific category. You can buy the Magento 2 automatic categories module by Mirasvit for $149. Click the link below for more information:

Download / Buy Mirasvit Dynamic Categories Magento 2 Extension