SAP Business One Integration Add-on for Magento 2

The SAP Business One & Magento 2 Integration connector allows transferring data between the SAP software and Magento 2, both ways. The integration syncs products, customers, B2B entities, and orders via direct connection and helps to organize a well-structured circle of sales management for the business processes of any complexity.

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Extension compatible with all recent versions of Magento 2.1.x, 2.2.x, 2.3.x, 2.4.x Open Source (Community), Commerce (Enterprise), Cloud Edition include B2B & Omnichannel!

NOTE: Improved Import & Export has limited support of Magento 2.1, consult our support team

Extension works on hundreds live Magento 2 stores worldwide!

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If you are looking for a way to connect SAP Business One with Magento 2 — you have come to the right place

The Firebear SAP Business One & Magento 2 Integration establishes bilateral sync via API connection between your Magento 2 store and one of the most famous enterprise resource planning systems for small and midsized enterprises — SAP Business One.

The connector gives access to almost every feature of Improved Import & Export extension. As the connection is provided by means of the SAP API you can be sure no data will be lost during the exchange between your store backend and your SAP Business One account.

How it works

SAP Business One Integration uses direct connection between the ERP and Magento 2 store to transfer the data. It means that no third-party servers are involved in transferring your data, preventing the risk of the data being compromised or lost.

In addition, the connector is open-code, allowing your developers to look into the code, make sure it fits your security agenda, and customize the code if required by your business processes. At Firebear Studio, as a SAP Business One partner, we believe that open code is one of the major requirements.

SAP business one CRM Magento 2 integration entities

The real-time sync of the SAP and Magento 2 entities works on the event-based system. For example, when you update the product price, the ‘save’ event triggers notifying the SAP Business One Integration that the update needs to be reflected at the Magento 2 side.

The connector can be configured to work the way you want. Prefer to use SAP B1 for every action - no problem, you won’t need to visit Magento 2 backend for any management purposes. The same way, if you prefer to make particular updates at the Magento 2 side - feel free to do so.

How it works feature highlights:

  • Direct connection between your Magento 2 and SAP, no third party servers
  • Open code for your security checks and possible customization
  • Real-time update sync base on the system events
  • Freedom of choice - work solely inside SAP ERP, or use Magento 2 administrator panel

With the help of the SAP connector, out of the box, you can sync the following entities SAP to Magento 2. Other entities and directions are a subject to customization:

Item groups SAP M2 Categories
Items SAP M2 Products
Price List SAP M2 Retail Prices
Period Discounts SAP M2 Special Prices
Volume Discounts SAP M2 Tier Prices
Inventory Data SAP M2 Inventory
Discount Groups SAP M2 Catalog Price Rules
Discount Groups SAP M2 Cart Price Rules
Customer Groups SAP M2 Customer Groups
Business Partners SAP M2 Customers
Sales Orders M2 SAP Orders
Deliveries SAP M2 Shipments
Business Partners SAP M2 B2B Companies
Business Partner Contacts SAP M2 B2B Customers

The list of the entities and directions above is what you get out of the box, it is a default list of entities, and it is a subject to change. If you have the need in other entities, or want to adjust the directions of the sync - let us know, we will make necessary customizations.

What you get with SAP B1 Integration

The Integration comes with the default list of supported entities and directions. Meaning, that out of the box you get the synchronization of the entities listed in the table above.

Let’s discuss your integration

Contact us via intercom chat to your bottom right, or drop us a line here. Let us know about how you want to use SAP, and what you need synced with Magento 2. We will be glad to help.

Get to us, discuss your business needs, and get your SAP Business One download link.

SAP Business One competition

So what is SAP Business One? SAP is a leading international provider of cloud-based and local services for a wide range of industries, starting with chemicals and way to fashion. The corporation is famous for its innovative and intelligent ERP (enterprise resource planning) & CRM (customer relationship management) systems as it has mastered the field specifics for 40 years. Here we will discuss SAP Business One pros and cons.

General information

SAP Business One — the object of the integration — serves small and middle-sized business (SME). The system supports 28 languages and multiple currencies and presents 44 localized versions with thousands of user across the globe. The essentials of the platform are:

SAP Business One pricing

SAP Business One is distributed via the platform partners. And requires SAP Business One training in SAP Business One Academy. The price of the license depends on the number of the system users and the modular structure of the tool (over 500 add-on solutions are available for installation).

SAP Business One target audience

Sap Business One is widely used in numerous fields, such as consumer products, industrial machinery and components, professional services, retail, wholesale distribution and many more. The platform has widened its reach to 800 local partners in 150+ countries with the active audience of 60,000 customers. See how Astro Pneumatic, Butali Sugar Mills, JLP Meat, and many more have improved their business performance with SAP Business One.

SAP Business One editions

SAP Business One supports both the SAP HANA and Microsoft SQL platforms and it can be deployed on a local server or in the SAP Business One cloud. Its full functionality is available on any mobile device.

SAP Business One API overview

SAP Business One channels data by means of native API variations.

  • Data Interface API (DI-API) makes up business objects based on the collaboration of core business rules and SAP Business One client.
  • User interface API (UI-API) is used for the creation and modification of client screens and event flows.
  • SAP Business One Integration Technology (B1i supports XML/XSLT for business creation.
  • Service Layer for SAP HANA allows creating business objects using OData and REST API respectively.
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