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We offer ALL store data migration service from Magento 1 to Magento 2 using Improved Import & Export extension with migration service, with migration costs discussed per-project:

  • Send us the list of the data you want to have migrated
  • Consider the estimates from our developer when the data can be migrated, and discuss migration peculiarities
  • Get all your Magento 1 store data migrated to Magento 2
Migrate to Magento 2

Data migration

Migration from Magento 1

Firebear provides complete database migration from any e-commerce platform to Magento 2 and Adobe Commerce. Whether you own an SMB or enterprise, whether your business is B2B or B2C-oriented, we make it possible for you to reach to a wider audience by exploring a new platform. So what do our services include?

  • Full Magento 2 and Adobe entities support: from products, orders, customers, CMS content to discounts, taxes, search terms, etc.
  • Flexible migration strategies with CSV, XML, JSON, Excel files or via REST, SOAP, GraphQL API synchronization.
  • Custom logic transfers and in-process modifications.
  • Complex B2B migrations of companies, company roles, quotes, etc. to Magento 2 Commerce and accompanying data customization.
  • Migration to Magento 2 and Adobe Commerce Cloud with full entity and process accessibility.
  • Migration of existing integrations with ERP, CRM, Accounting, PIM etc.
From other platforms

Full or selective migration from Magento 1 to Magento 2 and Adobe Commerce is possible without any losses with Firebear services. The number of installed custom tools or design specifics are of no matter as we carry through projects of all scales. More details you need to know before trusting us with your store:

  • All data transfers are performed by the developers of the leading data import and export tool in the market — Improved Import and Export. Thus, you can customize your migration based on our experice.
  • We implement complex databases with custom structures into a Magento 2 and Adobe Commerce site without conflicts.
  • The existing data, including all the Magento entities, remain intact and fully accessible.
  • Our services are applied to unique software combination. Contact us and we get your store analyzed to provide the best way of migration to Magento 2.

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What the service covers

Whether your reason is Magento 1 EOL, or you need functionality improvements of any kind, feel free to request our Magento 2 and Adobe Commerce migration services. Our offers cover all the related peculiarities and include top-notch transfers of:

  • Database structures and components
  • Implemented extensions and integrations
  • Custom processes
  • Theme and design elements

Our team is experienced in completing migration projects of all levels of complexity. We transfer data from popular e-commerce platforms, such as Shopify and Shopify Plus, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, Squarespace, Wix, Big Cartel, Volusion, etc. Feel free to request our services if you are interested in specific enterprise and large-scale migrations from IBM WebSphere, DigitalRiver, Hybris Coommerce, VTex, SAP Commerce, Episerver Commerce, SalesForce Commerce Cloud, Unilog, Elastic Path, commercetools, and other systems.

Start a path without limits

E-commerce is a fast-developing industry. With the diversity of platforms presented in the e-commerce market, there’s one that has dominated the sphere for years — Magento. Magento 1 was a breakthrough in its time with the orientation on merchant benefits and flexibility in usage. Magento 2 came out as a result of constantly expanding tool-set of Magento 1 with improved results in almost every process.

Magento 2 is commonly characterized as a platform for unlimited opportunities. Starting with the extensive but extremely user-friendly interface, Magento 2 has upgraded general e-commerce practices a few levels up. One-page checkout, fast payment processing, built-in SEO tools, multiple marketing solutions have swept the market off its feet. And such advancements couldn’t be left unnoticed. Adobe Inc. acquired the platform in 2018, and now Magento is a part of the world-known corporation.

The community is still slightly shaken by the news. Many users have speculated about the outcome of the acquisition (you can read some thoughts on the topic in our blog), but the reality is simple we — the community — stand strong and open for new ideas. Magento 2 is exploring its depth with new features and a little change of focus audience. Becoming a part of Adobe services, the platform introduces its Cloud edition and attracts B2B and enterprise clients all over the world. It’s an axcellent opportunity for Magento 2 to widen its horizons, but we must not forget the team is still supporting all the platform users.

Magento 2 Open Source gets constant updates and security improvements so that small and middle-sized business won’t fall behind. The core functionality is still available to masses and continues drawing in innumerable enthusiasts of the system growth. It’s no surprise the Open Source edition is still a great start of e-commerce business.

Magento 2 Commerce / Adobe Commerce is now the most excessive in the feature set version of Magento 2. It’s oriented at delivering the most flexible experience during content staging and with the drag-and-drop Page Builder. Payments demand less in the edition thanks to reduced steps at checkout and ability to make instant purchases. Management becomes stress-free as, with the edition feature-set, you can achieve maximum process automation in your store

The Magento 2 Cloud / Adobe Commerce Cloud edition revolves around the SaaS technology and provides full data accessibility from any point in the world from any device.

Moreover, to transmit Magento 2 principles to wider user range, the team has developed the relevant Magento 2 B2B extension add-on. Thus, all the aforementioned features are available for merchants who deal with companies as customers. The corresponding entities, such as shared catalogs, negotiable quotes, and requisition lists, have been introduced to the system. With the extension, B2B merchants get the ability to control company accounts, roles, permissions, etc.

If you are interested in the Magento 2 growth we’ve just hinted here, see the feature list of Magento 2 Commerce and Cloud editions, as well as, a detailed overview of the related Adobe Commerce Cloud package in our blog. However, these few glimpses on the current state of the Magento 2 platform suffice to show the advantages held inside. Simply put, if you aim higher in business goals, we recommend you to migrate your store to Magento 2.

Take a step to the prosperous business

Why migrate to Magento 2, you ask? The answer is simple — there’s no point in standing still. Magento 2 is the option that will help you make a move towards new heights and innovative approaches in the art of trade.

What are the actual reasons for migration to Magento 2? There are a few things your current system lacks, while Magento 2 does not.

Firebear exploits the functionality of Magento 2 Improved Import and Export to provide seamless and lossless migrations. Its proven architecture gives us the ability to make migration painless for your store and your balance. If you want to know what the migration process implies, visit our blog for the details. To inquire about the Improved Import and Export migration specifics, follow our guide on the matter.

Take your time and compare your current platform with Magento 2, study the peculiarities of both systems. If you see the path that opens for your business with Magento 2, don’t lose time and become a part of those who are benefitting from Magento 2 right now! Join such brands as Nike, Canon, Nestle, HP Inc., Monin, and many more to feel how comfortable selling might be.

Keep your experience untouched

The extensive feature list of Magento 2 Improved Import and Export allows moving databases fully or partially regardless of their sizes. We make sure your data stays with you wherever your business route turn by providing complete migration of the following entities.

  • Products
  • Full catalogs can be migrated easily, while category features remain the same. Years of expertise with Magento help us to move product quantity, specific attributes, and all the related content without fails.

  • Visual Merchandise
  • Specific product positions within the category can also be saved during the migration to Magento 2 with Firebear.

  • Product Reviews
  • As an inseparable part of customer perception of any product, reviews are essential for keeping your store the same even when it’s re-built on the new platform. With our services, you don’t need to worry about leaving your reviews behind.

  • Companies
  • When dealing with companies as customera you need a specific approach. We make sure all the data for company entity management is accessible at any moment. Credentials and addresses, company accounts, and many more are safe within Magento 2.

  • Company roles
  • Company account permissions and levels of access are moved along with the rest of B2B entities.

  • Quotes and negotiable quotes
  • Migrate individual discounts, order price discussions of all statuses to maintain your B2B services.

  • Requisition lists
  • Such highly personalized features as product references and the item quantity are transferred with care by our team.

  • Shared catalogs
  • Along with all company-related data, we migrate custom pricing and product visibility for you to stay in control over B2B users.

  • Customers
  • All types of customers and accompanying info, from personal data to shipping and billing addresses, are available for management within Magento 2 after the migration.

  • Customer groups
  • With Firebear, it’s possible to migrate tax classes and specific statuses of customer groups.

  • Gift Cards
  • If you move to the Magento 2 Commerce or Cloud edition, you are able to transfer gift cards along with the rest of the database. Thus, you won’t lose a bit of audience engagement.

  • Orders
  • All the order-related data, including statuses, credit memos, invoices, and shipping data, can be extracted and implemented without conflicts.

  • Prices
  • It’s not a problem to save the existing price list with tier and special prices during the Magento 2 migrations.

  • Page Hierarchy
  • Happy users of Magento 2 Commerce and Cloud can have the familiar site structure within your upgraded store.

  • URL rewrites
  • Transfer URL rewrites safely to show your customers the actual info on the page they load at the moment.

  • Catalog Search Terms
  • Keep the info on catalog search entries to provide your customers with relevant offers on the new platform.

  • Search Synonyms
  • Save the existing synonym base to keep your customers comfortable with search even after the migration.

  • CMS blocks and pages
  • Avoid ruining in-store layouts by transferring CMS blocks and pages intact.

  • Widgets
  • Don’t lose anything while migrating! Widgets as running functionality can be migrated safely to Magento 2.

The list proves Firebear services are more than capable of satisfying the need in a complete migration to Magento 2. We guarantee none of your data is lost during the process. With the high processing speed of Improved Import and Export, we deliver migration results fast and secure. Wanna know more? Contact us and share your project details. Our team of professionals will develop the most suitable migration strategy for your business.

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