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Magento 2 Product Labels Extension

What do you usually do in order to attract customer’s attention on your e-commerce website? There are certainly numerous ways of doing so, however, we would like to present you the one which is able to have a considerable impact on the way your product as well as category pages look. Swissuplabs Product Labels Magento 2 Extension is an amazing tool to influence the decision of your website users to make purchases in your webstore. With its assistance, you will be able to create product labels which are renowned for their ability to grab the attention of your customers. Having installed the module, your website will stand out from your rivals, by applying visually-appealing elements which are extremely good at product promotion.

The principal features which you are going to obtain by means of installing this product labels Magento 2 module are:  

  • Improved overall user experience;
  • Flexibility in creating labels in different store views (Multi-store support);
  • Shell script service availability;
  • The possibility to place product labels on product as well as catalog pages;
  • A new approach to promoting items on your website;
  • Product label personalization;
  • The possibility to create as many product labels as you want, with no limits;
  • Sales increase;
  • Website conversion as well as traffic augmentation;


Product labels – a great way to attract customer attention

It’s obvious that people like everything gloomy and eye-catchy, and, therefore, you can take full advantage of this human being specific feature. With the help of this Magento 2 module, you are able to customize the appearance of your product labels in accordance with the necessities of your online business. Moreover, on a daily basis, the module runs labels reindexing by means of cron job.

Leverage product labels to increase your sales

Having applied the Prolabels Magento 2 extension, you will be able to provide your customers with a special feeling which, in its turn, creates a favorable environment for your customers to make purchases in your webstore. As the matter of fact, the extension comes with different configurable labels types (see below), with the help of which you are able to make an emphasis on items which have recently appeared in your webstore, highlight some products the price of which has been reduced, and underline the product status (available or sold out).

  • new products label;
  • discount label;
  • stock status label;
  • brand label;
  • component labels
  • product properties label;

Apart from it, the module allows you to take full control over labels on product as well as category pages, thus, defining which ones are going to be displayed on product page and which ones on category page. With the assistance of the tool, you are able to extend the product labels functionality, taking advantage of advanced special price configurations. As a result, the module offers you three approaches (algorithms) which are going to be applied to calculate the price reduction percentage in an automatic manner.

Product labels personalization

This Magento tool has already ready-to-use product labels, however, as it’s been already pointed out, you are able to personalize product labels to make them suit your online business needs. First of all, the magento label extension provides the ability to create outstanding labels on the basis of product properties. Consequently, you are able to underline some product features as well as make an emphasis on different popular brands availability. Moreover, the backend of the extension allows you to enable/disable product labels based on client group or certain predefined conditions. Apart from it, you will not find any difficulty with altering label image/text/custom URL or updating styles with CSS classes since the extension is designed to simplify your life, not to complicate.

Mobile-friendliness is taken into account

For we know that the majority of our e-commerce business website visitors are users with mobile devices, the Swissuplabs company took this fact into consideration, thus providing with a responsive design for your mobile users, by means of applying user agent string to detect this category of clients to be able to provide them with an appropriate website look and moving labels from product wrapper to content wrapper.

Label indexing

With the assistance of the module, you are able to choose whether to apply cron indexing or the one available in your admin interface. Thus, when you make up your mind how you are going to run the indexing process and your labels indexes get updated, the module will automatically assign labels to your website products.

Enjoy Shell Script service availability

In case, you want to make sure your labels will not disappear, you’d better install the Swissuplabs Product Labels Magento 2 Extension, for it includes shell script service which helps you evade such phenomenon. You can run the shell script in command line to reindex labels or you can set cron jobs in cPanel.


As you can see on the screenshot below, the module displays labels on category page, thus, making your website users to focus their attention on particular products. As a result, you possess full control over which items you want your clients to buy.

Magento 2 Product Labels Extension

The extension display the labels on the product page as well. Show the price reduction in a more eye-catchy manner.

Magento 2 Product Labels Extension

The following picture demonstrates the way your webstore looks for your mobile device users, once they are detected by user agent string. As you may observe, it dramatically optimizes the shopping experience for your mobile users. Make the most of it.

Magento 2 Product Labels Extension


In the General configuration section of the module’s backend, you are able to enable/disable cron daily label reindex as well as leverage jQuery selector module.

Magento 2 Product Labels Extension

Configure labels on your category pages to be able to provide your customers with valuable information to improve website user experience. For instance, if some products of yours are currently not available, notify them right on the category page with no need to go to the product page to see the actual stock status. Eliminate unnecessary steps for your website users. In this section, you are able to define the label position, enable its functionality on category page, insert label text as well as choose a label image.

Magento 2 Product Labels Extension

The same can be done on product page. Display the price reduction on product page to motivate your customers to make a purchase.

Magento 2 Product Labels Extension

In new product section, you are able to configure your labels to be able to attract customer attention on new items available in your webstore.

Magento 2 Product Labels Extension

Final words

So, as we have figured out the Swissuplabs Product Labels Magento 2 Extension is a powerful instrument to impact on your clients’ decision to make purchases on your e-commerce website, attracting them with visually-appealing elements and providing them with additional information to simplify the life of theirs.

The price of the tool is $79.

If you have a question or comment on the module described above, do not hesitate to visit the official Swissuplabs page to share what you think about it.