Amasty Reindex from Admin Magento 2 Extension

- E-Commerce, Magento 2

High website performance is a crucial aspect of convenient browsing on an online store. If you fail to deliver accurate content without page lagging, it may negatively impact the user experience on the storefront and lead to cart abandonment. Today, we describe a solution that helps merchants to keep all store data updated and deliver it to customers in a timely manner – Amasty Reindex from Admin for Magento 2. The extension provides necessary features for quick data reindexing from the admin panel. The Magento 2 module allows to reindex web store pages in one click and automates the admin routine. 

Below, we explore the functionality of the Magento 2 reindex module and show its backend interface. 

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Magento 2 has an architecture that allows indexing your store data and storing it in special tables in the database. As data changes on your store, it needs to be updated, or reindexed, to ensure stable performance on your storefront. If there is a time lapse between the performed change in the data and its reindexation, it may result in the delayed delivery of relevant content on the frontend.

The Amasty Reindex from Admin Magento 2 extension allows controlling reindex processing from a handy grid in the backend. As a store manager, you can set automatic updates of the changed data or start reindexation manually to keep all store data up to date. This way, the Magento 2 module automates some routine admin tasks and improves overall website performance.

Let’s see which features the Amasty Reindex from Admin Magento 2 extension offers.


  • Automatization of reindexing;
  • Separate grid for reindexation management;
  • Reindex mass action on the indexers grid;
  • No technical skills required to start the reindex process;
  • Button to start reindexation in one click;
  • Reindex live status displayed on the grid. 

With the Amasty Reindex Magento 2 extension, you can keep track of all reindex processes from one place in the Magento Admin. The module gathers information on the indexers in a grid that shows all important details and allows performing admin actions. Besides, store managers can check the live status of each indexer right on the grid. This way, you can understand whether reindexation is required, processing, or ready. 

The tool simplifies admin work by eliminating the need to run a command line and use SSH for reindexing store data. Thus, reindexation with the Amasty extension doesn’t require special technical skills from a user.

As a store admin, you can select necessary objects and apply reindex to them via appropriate mass action. Besides, you can use the “Reindex All” button on the index management screen to start reindexation in bulk. This way, the Magento 2 module helps to save time spent on performing necessary actions manually and allows starting reindexing in one click.

Also, note that you can choose the mode that will define how reindex will be processed. It is possible to create a custom schedule using cron, according to which indexers will be updated. Another option is to update website data on save, which means that reindexation will happen automatically right after the data modification is saved.


You can view and manage all indexers on a grid under System -> Index ManagementThe grid shows the following data:

  • names of objects that create indexes (Indexer),
  • type of performed reindex (Description),
  • active mode (Mode),
  • live status of reindexing process: Reindex Required, Processing, or Ready,
  • date and time of the last reindexation (Updated).

As for the available mass actions, you can apply the “Update on Save”, “Update by Schedule”, and “Reindex” actions to selected objects. It is also possible to update the data in all indexers by clicking the “Reindex All” button.

Final Words

The Reindex from Admin Magento 2 extension by Amasty is a handy tool for streamlining index management on an ecommerce website. As you can see, the module offers a simple backend interface that doesn’t require many actions from admin. However, it improves the default Magento 2 indexing and allows automating the reindexation process. By installing the module, you will enhance the performance of your website, ensuring flawless browsing and search experience on your storefront. As for the price, you can buy this useful add-on to your Magento 2 site for just $69.

Download / Buy Amasty Reindex from Admin Magento 2 Extension