ERP integration for Magento 2

Build a strong Magento 2 enterprise with advanced ERP tools.

By offering Magento 2 and ERP integration services, Firebear commits to:

  • Delivering professional data implementation via bidirectional pipelines
  • Develop out-of-box solutions to suit your business specifics
  • Make any part of the workflow manageable
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Why choose Firebear to connect your ERP

Full data sync

Firebear uses the experience accumulated with Improved Import and Export for Magento 2 to enable seamless synchronization between an e-store and an ERP. The powerful multipurpose functionality connectors can act as an integration hub providing SMB and enterprise owners with access to any advanced business intelligence.

Both B2B and B2C objects, MSI content can be managed in the most efficient way regardless of the file number and size. With the data processing speed of averaging 3000 product/min, the extraction and implementation are handled incredibly fast.

Multiple connection channels

Magento 2 and ERP integrations performed by Firebear are not limited to a single data source. Our solutions retrieve data from REST API, SOAP API, GraphQL, WebHooks, FTP/SFTP, URL, GoogleSheets, or file upload. The numerous access points make the nature of such integrations flexible and highly personalized. We work with a vast range of file formats, such as JSON, CSV, XML, XLSX, ODS, ZIP & TAR, to ensure your database is processed with due care.

Moreover, we establish both bidirectional and one-way connection. Thus, you are able to choose the method you are comfortable with and receive unique services based on your goals in mind.

Safe cross-platform integrations

Solid expertise in working with Magento help us to lead projects of any level of complexity. The team is proficient in connecting on-premises, cloud, or hybrid versions of ERP and CRM which has resulted in the substantial list of existing integrations.

Firebear progresses actively with its knowledge of the leading ERP systems. MS Dynamics, NetSuite, SAP, Epicor, and others have already been successfully synchronized with Magento 2 via Improved Import and Export. The extension is key to producing self-sustainable integration results regardless of a platform base — MySQL, Oracle, MongoDB, etc. Thoroughly tested, the solutions have proven themselves standard-compliant and scalable by both our clients and Magento 2 professionals. To know how we use our skills in practice see the full list of our projects here.

All transfers under control

Why does Magento 2 Improved Import and Export stand out from the rest of similar functionalities? You do not stop benefitting from the extension even when the ERP integration is done. Thanks to the advanced techniques of data processing, the software is able to carry an infinite number of future synchronizations. Apart from ERP, integrations with CRM, PIM, dropshipping and e-commerce platforms have been successfully deployed with the help of the extension.

At the same time, Magento 2 Improved Import and Export allows users to get the fullest of the flexible features and cover issues related to data management. The intuitive interface makes every step of implementation and extraction processes clear and adjustable. All transferred data can be managed and customized. Mapping lets you organize each element with the right attribute set and avoid conflicts.

What’s in the Magento 2 and ERP integration services

It is in the meaning of ERP to manage resources at hand. With Magento 2 you can commercialize those resources to the maximum. Offering Magento 2 and ERP Integration as a service, we help you to establish an end-to-end bidirectional channel with any type of ERP. Thus, you are able to regulate your database within both platforms and arrange a perfect workflow. Rich opportunities accompanying the integration process stimulate your business growth. While synching essential data simply and transparently, you stay in control of every activity involved.

A Magento 2 and ERP integration is built by the team who built Improved Import and Export architecture. Using the experience we have got in data transfering, we provide outstanding solutions in the sphere of data exchange. Employing Firebear team, you double the results of a stable ERP integration with the access to a flexible platform open for any kind of data manipulations.

We cover all your business needs and workflows. When purchasing a Magento 2 Connector from Firebear team we first reach to contact you, and learn more about your business processes, and which entities you use, or which third party extensions you have installed.

Along with the flexible integration functionality, you acquire a technically advanced software. The high code quality of our development is well-known within the community and complimented by the members of ExtDN.

Sync products, customers, orders, and other with SAP ERP
Sychronize product, order, customer from MS Dynamics with Magento 2
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Magento 2 integration with Salesforce CRM, with full support of entities

How we connect

Connection abilities of Firebear Integrations are iconic for the data administration field. As both duplex and one-way synchronization can be performed by means of the connector, you can select the solution most suitable for your business. We deliver real-time, event-based, or per request exchange of products, orders, customers, B2B entities, MSI, and many more from both Magento 2 and ERP sides. Cron scheduler ensures extreme process automation and focuses on fast database updates. We are equipped with everything to make your store work like clockwork. Decide on the ERP and connection method and get a bespoken connectors aimed at boosting your business success.

Firebear follows the innovations in the sphere of data transfers. The connection channels can be established via REST and SOAP API, FTP/SFTP, GoogleSheets, URL, or a standard file upload. Contact us and we find a way to move your data safely. The variety of formats supported by connectors helps us to extract and implement your data in JSON, CSV, XML, XLSX, ODS, ZIP & TAR. Anything that is needed for your business goals will be adapted without fails.

Whether you prefer modern ERP systems or adhere to the functionalities of the old-fashioned ones, we guarantee flexibility of our integrations. Specific interfaces and data structures are of no challenge to our team. Years of expertise with Magento have polished our skills in providing top-notch customizations so a hub with unique logic based on your site is one of our basic offers.

If an ERP is not enough for your business development, we are ready to perform Magento 2 integrations with any CRM, PIM, accounting or marketing apps. Manage your content and balance, automate human-related tasks, and enhance business processing with Firebear Magento 2 integration services. Keep in mind that we can enable multiple integrations within a single system so make sure you always ask for more!

What we transfer

  • Products
  • Our services allow synchronizing full catalogs between Magento 2 and the ERP of your choice. We import and export products of all type without conflicts or losses. Your data remains pertaining to a site structure as we easily pull in related categories. Product quantity, specific attributes, and other associated characteristics are moved along with the entity.

  • Companies
  • Client company management becomes stress-free when the data is stored in the right place. With the Magento 2 and ERP integration performed by Firebear, you are able to exchange vital credentials and addresses between the systems. Multiple company accounts can be controlled from both sides with appointed admin users saved.

  • Company roles
  • All previous permissions and access granted to particular company accounts can be transferred via Magento 2 and ERP integration channel.

  • Quotes and negotiable quotes
  • Firebear always makes sure to keep your data safe and sound. Thus, individual discounts, open or completed order price discussions stay available to you within both Magento 2 and your ERP.

  • Requisition lists
  • We are skilled in transferring product references along with the specific quantity so that you are able to provide maximum user-friendliness during the order process

  • Shared catalogs
  • Save settings for custom pricing and content visibility specific to a company and insert them to a new management system avoiding conflicts.

  • Orders
  • Manage order stages from any platform you are comfortable with. Get the full access to statuses, credit memos, invoices, and shipping data both from Magento 2 or an ERP sides.

  • Customers
  • Freight not to lose any customer information during the Magento 2 and ERP integration! We help you to maintain healthy relationships with customers by arranging personal data and addresses within any system you use.

  • Customer groups
  • Tax classes, specific statuses, or other data related to existing customer groups are channeled seamlessly with the FIrebear advanced tools.

  • Prices
  • Regardless of how flexible prices for your products are, the whole price list, including tier and special prices, can be implemented into an ERP from Magento 2 and vice versa.

  • CMS blocks and pages
  • Transfer CMS structures from small to complex ones. Forget about re-creating the design as keeping the existing layout is not a challenge for our team.

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