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Latest release of the Improved Configurable Product extension has introduced plenty of new enhancements to the configurable products. First and foremost is a matrix view grid, that allows for bulk product purchases, that comes invaluable for supplier stores. Next come dynamic product name and price updates for the category page, when the variation is selected. Following by the custom shipping message, that can be displayed depending on a currently selected variation. Last comes integration with schema.org for better SEO, default configurable product values and many more. Read product page for the full list of features.
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Extension overview

Latest release features

+ Custom options for configurable products

Simple product customizable options can now be displayed on the configurable product pages. Select product variation, decide on the custom option, add to cart - it is simple.

Magento 2 configurable product customizable options

+ More options

Have more than five variations of the configurable product? Hide them under the spoiler to keep the neat look of the product pages.

Magento 2 configurable product more options

Extension features

+ Product matrix grid

Increase B2B conversion with convenient product matrix designed for quick bulk product ordering.

Magento 2 configurable product options matrix & grid with bulk order

+ Dynamic content updates for category page

Shopping from category customers can see product image, name and SKU updates when selecting a specific item.

show simple product details on configurable product magento 2

+ Custom shipping message

Address customers on specific dates and notify them of any delivery options available with per-child product messages.

+ Schema.org integration

An important SEO boost, that enhances SERP with a comprehensive description of the products.

+ Default product variation

Promote specific product variant by setting it as default. Default product is automatically selected when visiting both category and product pages.

Magento 2 configurable product default option

+ Dynamic content updates Make sure customers see all attributes of the selected product without page reloads.The extension dynamically updates all product attributes, page URL and description. Any product attribute can be updated dynamically on the page!

show simple product details on configurable product magento 2

+ Price range display Minimal and maximal price of configurable product options. Flexible settings and also support of MageNerds BasePrice extension - display price range for options and unit price.

Magento 2 configurable product default option

+ Flexible product page settings Stay relevant and display only required attributes. Decide what blocks you want to see, and how you want them displayed.

+ Improved target advertising of specific products Link customers to relevant products. Page URL reflects selected attribute, all you have to do is select product, copy link and paste it to required ad.

+ Full tier and group prices support Make customers aware of profitable bulk purchases. With full Magento 2 tier price support display it in both product matrix and short description. Tier price is dynamically updated per selected option (simple product).

Magento 2 configurable product tier prices dynamic update

+ Reduced number of add to cart steps Link customers to already selected product variant and let them add multiple product to the cart at once, skipping product selection step.

+ Native color swatches support Take advantage of native Magento 2 color swatches on both category and product pages with improved configurable product behavior.

+ Works with FPC and Varnish Display dynamic product attribute updates on both category and product pages with caching enabled.

+ Fully compatible with Magenerd Base Price - display price per volume value. A most important integration for countries with legislation regulations on price display.

+ Magento 2 Configurable Product Matrix grid features Adding multiple product options to cart simultaneously; enabling Magento 2 quick order functionality; using tier prices in the matrix grid; displaying available QTY of products.

Magento 2 configurable product price an doptions matrix view & quick order

We are happy to introduce a robust B2B feature that is now available with our Improved Configurable Product Magento 2 extension. Meet the configurable product matrix grid view for bulk ordering. It's a must have B2B improvement unavailable in Magento 2 by default. If your products include multiple options and you work as a wholesaler, the Magento 2 Improved Configurable Products extension will essentially enhance your current shopping experience. Instead of adding each option to cart individually, the Magento 2 configurable product extension allows customers to place multiple options of the same configurable product to cart simultaneously. It dramatically speeds up the ordering process as well making it simple and intuitive.
With 'Available Qty' column in the grid, your clients always know the number of available configurable product options. At the same time, there is the 'Stock Status' column that displays whether the option is in or out of stock.
Price is displayed for each option individually. Furthermore, you can enable tier prices for the Magento 2 configurable product matrix grid.

Custom shipping logic

Magento configurable product display shipping dates

With new release of Improved Configurable Product Magento 2 extension you can now display custom messages for every option of configurable product.

If the current date of customer visiting the product page is between specified start and end date (both set per product), then a specific message will be displayed. This is can be extremely useful when you should inform customers about possible delivery date of product in real time, and can prove a critical conversion factor for many stores.

Roadmap & Upcoming features

  • Improved backend for creation and management configurable products - bulk variants creation, flexible grid UX for manage and configure options

  • Creation bundle and grouped products from configurable products

  • Custom options for configurable product with dynamic attributes update 

  • Configurable product hits, popups, and tooltips, easy dynamic guide throw complex products

Customers Also Bought

Improved Configurable Product for Magento 2

The successor of Simple Configurable Products and the most valuable Magento 2 Configurable Product extension. Use configurable products to full potential, take advantage of B2B bulk ordering, with dynamic attribute changes, improved SEO, and advertising options.

- Dynamic content change: page URL, product name, SKU, description & any other attribute

- Support of custom options for configurable products

- Default options for configurable product

- Configurable product options matrix grid

- Flexible product price range display

- Dynamic content change for category pages

- Flexible product page settings

- Product options pre-select with page URL

- Target advertising of specific products

- Full tier and group prices support

- Custom shipping message scheduler

- Reduced number of add to cart steps

- Metadata and schema.org dynamic updates

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Extension implemented on hundreds Magento 2 stores worldwide!


Latest Reviews

Great support!
by Luuk
Great support, easy communcation with a dedicated developer. No problem to work extra, if something wasn't functioning.
Must have extension and excellent support
by PolyP
This is a "must have" extensions for our website. Our site contains thousands of simple products and this extension allows us to organize them within configurable products. From a single configurable product page dynamic content (images, page URL, product name, SKU, description, price, etc.) is quickly and easily displayed for multiple products. This extension simplifies the customer experience by reducing click-through and ultimately getting them the add-to-cart button faster. SEO isn't lost because product options are pre-selected with the child's page URL. This is key when linking products directly from Goolge Shopping, blogs, or forums. We were early adopters of this extension and have had exceptional support from the Firebear Studio team. The current version is very slick does exactly what we want.
Very good extension
by Wolfgang Rock
Does everything as described & there is a really nice and quick support!
Useful extension and good support
by Inge
The extension was really close to what we were looking for, but was missing a few essential features. Firebearstudio showed no hesitation in adding these for us free of charge. They kept up the support until it worked as we'd wanted.
Great Extension and even greater support!
by Kasper Dissel
The extension needed some customization to work correctly in our theme. Their great support (Jack Tran) helped us perfectly to make the extension compatible with our theme - it really felt like they walked the extra mile for us.
Good Support and Good Extension
by Sanjay
Easy to install and works as expected. also the support is absolutely amazing! we had a few issues with Minicart for configurable products. they have resoved the issue very quickly.
Good support
by merowings
The support team was able to help me within a few hours and solve the problem of compatibility with Magento 2.1.7
Nothing else like it
by CorLiving
This extension fills a very common need for Magento 2 stores, and it does so very well. There's really nothing else like it.
Installation was very easy. Support was very quick to help with any issues.
Very good and quick support
by Wolfgang Rock
Bought this extension and everything works as expected. I even got very quick and good support in two small feature requests!!! Best recommendations!
Well Built Product
by mcmatthews
This product is brilliant, i couldnt find another one that offered the same level of features. Developer was brilliant and helpful when we had a conflict of extensions.
Would highly recommend

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Improved Configurable Product for Magento 2

Improved Configurable Product for Magento 2

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