Accounting software integration for Magento 2

Control assets and count profits with a powerful Magento 2 and accounting app integration.

  • Delivering Magento 2 and accounting software integration services
  • Enhancing your business in multiple directions
  • Covering both basic and specific requirements of Magento 2 users
  • Developing bespoke solutions aimed at improving inside processes and automating workflow
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Why integrate accouning software

For years accounting software has been evolving to meet the most particular needs of those who strive to manage inventory, HR, and revenue effectively. To reduce the manual involvement and prevent errors in bookkeeping routine accounting apps have been implemented into numerous ERP and CRM systems. Standalone accounting functionalities of various types — targeted every sphere from payroll to reconciliation — is also presented in the market. Your choice should lay upon your business needs and industry specifics.

Decide whether it is desktop or cloud accounting software you are more comfortable with. Selected with care, a bookkeeping app can become the very business intelligence that will help you to maintain the journal, balance accounts, minimize spreadsheets. In addition to the commonly known functions of payment processing and expense tracking, accounting tools excel in fund management, profit estimation, and even decision support.

Why choose Firebear team

Full data exchange

Firebear performs all the integrations on the base of Improved Import and Export for Magento 2. The extension serves as a universal hub and is capable of synchronizing an unlimited number of non-related systems. The fact allows us to integrate Magento 2 with any accounting software, whether it is a part of a popular ERP/CRM suite or a unique independent application.

Another notable feature of the extension is full Magento 2 entity support. Both B2B and B2C elements can be easily extracted and implemented into the integration endpoints of your choice. We ensure no info relevant to accounting — invoices, transactions, fees, others — will be lost as we transfer whole databases regardless of size. So whether you a SMB or enterprise owner, the advanced settings of our software and personalized approach to service delivery will help us to satisfy any request.

Unlimited connection ways

Firebear development team values freedom of modus operandi. We spent years mastering our skills in dealing with data to provide our clients with an unlimited number of options to choose from. Magento 2 and accounting integration services are not exceptions. To establish safe and stable synchronization channels, we dive deep into every project and find the most suitable solutions.

Multiple data source support allows us to retrieve data from REST API, SOAP API, GraphQL, WebHooks, FTP/SFTP, URL, GoogleSheets, or a direct file upload. Additional versatility is achieved with the ability to process numerous file formats, such as JSON, CSV, XML, XLSX, ODS, ZIP & TAR. As a result, Firebear integrations are able to involve any type of system regardless of its nature.

Flexible cross-platform transfers

The diversity of features implemented in Improved Import and Export couldn’t help but lead to the extreme usability of the extension. Support of all Magento 2 entities and numerous connection endpoints makes the extension an essential part of any data transfer. You are not limited in tools; each import or export becomes modifiable based on your preferences.

Multiple integrations are results of our vast expertise in developing data management solutions. We carry out one-way or end-to-end transfers depending on the business specifics. Whether it’s big players in the ERP market, like NetSuite, SAP, and others, or glorious names in the CRM niche, e.g., Salesforce, we’ve synchronized them all. So if you need an accounting tool as an element within a data administration suite, we are able to provide you with a solution of any complexity.

Post-integration advantages

No limitations during the integration process — no end to benefitting from Firebear services after the technical part is done. Thanks to the rich functionality of Improved Import and Export, you can manage all the implemented data with ease. Every bit of data can be segmented, updated, and customized so that no programming skills are required while using the extension.

Viewing Improved Import and Export more globally, it stands as a base for any number of future integrations with all existing types of systems. ERP, CRM, PIM, accounting tools, dropshipping and e-commerce platforms — our team can perform any unique combination for your Magento 2 site. Variety of built-in characteristics helps us to stay adjustable while synchronizing data structures of all levels of complexity. If you seek some examples of what we can do discover the extension list.

We deliver extensive Magento 2 and accounting software integrations

Commerce and accounting have walked hand in hand since ancient times. Up to date, commerce has evolved into its superior electronic variation, and tools for solving accounting-related issues follow the lead. When Firebear takes on an integration challenge we study the peculiarities of your database to make bespoke solutions for your business boost. Everything starts with your system and ends in its exponential growth. Whether it is your first experience with IPaaS (Integration Platform as a Service) or you are a battle-seasoned user, we guarantee a highly personalized approach to every task that will not leave you disappointed.

Firebear Magento 2 and accounting software integrations follow the logic of Improved Import and Export. The functionality is presented in the familiar Magento 2 import design improved with advanced UX and a job-based workflow. Diverse connection abilities and precise mapping settings allow us to extract and implement data without conflicts or losses. Establishing both one-way and bidirectional channels with any type of accounting software, we help you to achieve the planned results of the integration and get maximum process automation during future updates.

Sync products, customers, orders, and other with SAP ERP
Sychronize product, order, customer from MS Dynamics with Magento 2
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Magento 2 integration with Salesforce CRM, with full support of entities

Flexible nature of Magento 2 Improved Import and Export enables any type of synchronization and allows transferring data between different databases. Thus, we can perform both popular accounting software integrations and custom solutions with a platform of your choice. If you aim at effortless finance management, invoicing routine automation and payment gateway configuration, try out the integration with FreshBooks — the most trustable accounting software today. With Sage applications, budgeting, taxes, expenses, and cashflow stop being problematic and time-consuming. Zoho products help you to track balance activities via advanced reports.

Our services know no boundaries, so feel free to contact us if you have any Magento 2 and accounting software integration projects in mind.

We create top synchronization tendencies

Firebear is the leading provider in the Magento 2 integration market. Having developed the multipurpose wonder — Improved Import and Export, we’ve set the bar of how to define a complete integration service. As our integration base allows us to transfer data one-way or in an end-to-end manner the diversity of our services is limitless. Abilities to connect with various data sources, customize retrieved data, and control updates make our integration software extremely easy to handle and sufficient to cover multiple issues occurred in your business routine.

Both B2B and B2C entities, MSI can be channeled via Firebear integration hubs. Comprehensible configuration process leaves the software accessible to users with a minimum of computing skills. Real-time, event-based, or per request data exchanges add to the flexibility of our solutions. Synchronization via the plethora of most promising channels — REST and SOAP API, FTP/SFTP, GoogleSheets, URL, or a file upload — help to find the most suitable for managing your data without errors. Wide range of supported formats, such as JSON, CSV, XML, XLSX, ODS, ZIP & TAR, guarantees the most specific data masses are retrieved safely. With due care to the project details, we promise to keep all your assets — payable and receivable accounts, balance specifics, transaction history, supply chain lifecycle — safe during Magento 2 and accounting software integrations.

If you feel the need to engage in your business growth fully we offer services in Magento 2 integrations with any type of ERP, CRM, PIM, marketing apps, and dropshipping platforms. Find the software to your liking, and we make sure to make it work for you like a clockwork. Our team of professionals prioritizes in reducing fails and data conflicts so no tiny bit will be lost or overridden. Have already made up your mind? Contact us to receive the most advanced solution to your request.

We manage it all

  • We keep your assets accessible
  • Thanks to the full sync, accompanying our Magento 2 and accounting software integrations, any requests result in seamless transfer of data of all sizes. We make sure your database stays available from both ends of the integration systems.

  • Products
  • Catalogs with categories, product quantity and attributes, and other related data are easily moved from Magento 2 to an accounting app and vice versa. With Firebear services you don’t need to worry about parts of your inventory being overlooked.

  • Prices
  • To count you profits effortlessly, transfer product prices from whole price list to tier and special prices.

  • Customers
  • Stay aware of any details of customer info to plan how to use this type of assets for prospects. Allow Firebear to integrate your Magento 2 site with any accounting software and get access to personal data and addresses within both systems.

  • Customer groups
  • All the data related to customer groups, including tax classes, specific statuses, and others can be transferred without losses during Magento 2 and accounting software integrations.

  • Companies
  • Small, middle-sized, and large companies can stand as a client to your business. Our integration services have been developed with all the possible details in mind. Avoid difficulties that occur while dealing with complex structures. Keep credentials and addresses, company accounts, and their specifics at hand to increase the bookkeeping efficiency in your store.

  • Company roles
  • Reduce your expenses and control human-related activities as now levels of permission of company accounts can be channeled directly between your Magento 2 store to the accounting software of your choice.

  • Quotes and negotiable quotes
  • Taking into account that company as a customer is special, we ensure your unique services reach your audience and target precisely. Exchange individual discounts, order price discussions of all statuses between Magento 2 and your accounting system to follow the revenue growth.

  • Requisition lists.
  • If you provide clients with product references be sure we keep all of them safe during the integration. Specific product quantity also remains undisturbed so that you are able to keep track of your assets and encourage the audience to stay devoted to your services.

  • Shared catalogs
  • Control settings specific from company to company from both Magento 2 and bookkeeping app ends. Transfer custom pricing and content without any data conflicts.

  • Orders
  • The essential factor in your revenue size can’t be left without due regard. All the road to order completion can be managed with the access to statuses, credit memos, invoices, and shipping data both from Magento 2 and accounting software.

  • CMS blocks and pages
  • To influence how your offers are perceived, transfer CMS structures of all sizes, including the existing layout.

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