AIRBYTES Customer ID Magento 2 Extension

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AIRBYTES Customer ID Magento 2 Extension Module

AIRBYTES is a company famous for its B2B Magento 2 extensions. In this post, we describe its module that allows adding and utilizing a new attribute – Customer ID. At first sight, it seems that the tool is admin oriented, but it can be used to improve the shopping experience of your B2B clients. Below, we shed light on how to do this.

Download / Buy AIRBYTES Customer ID Magento 2 Extension

Download / Buy AIRBYTES Customer ID Magento Extension


  • Unique Customer ID can be assigned to customers;
  • Ability to login using a customer ID;
  • Import of customer IDs;
  • Customer ID can be displayed in various places across a website;
  • Multi-store support.

The AIRBYTES Customer ID Magento 2 module provides the ability to assign ID numbers to customers. It is especially useful if you already have a list of customers with unique IDs. Note that the extension allows you to import this data via CSV by utilizing Magento Import/Export profile “customer”.

As for your buyers, they get an alternative login parameter: customer ID can be used instead of the email address. Note that the extension automatically assigns a customer ID to each created customer account. As a store administrator, you can fully leverage auto-increment and, at the same time, specify a placeholder or prefix.

The ID can be displayed nearly everywhere on a store. Furthermore, multiple store views are supported, so you can use the AIRBYTES Customer ID Magento 2 extension only on the necessary websites.


First of all, let’s look at the Customers grid. As you can see, a new column is added, so you can easily view the IDs of each customer.

When adding a new customer or editing an existing one, you will find a corresponding field in the customer account information tab. As you can see, it is possible to edit it manually.

Another essential element of the AIRBYTES Customer ID Magento 2 extension is its configuration page. First of all, here you enable/disable logging in with customer ID. Next, you can allow auto increment with customer IDs and specify an auto template for them. Besides, it is possible to apply the template to already existing IDs. The next parameter allows you to specify a number that will be assigned to the next registered customer. Note that the ID range can be global or store view specific. There is also a field where you can specify characters that will be prohibited for the usage in customer IDs. As for the Customer IDs log, it shows which IDs exist twice or more if enabled.


Below, you can see how a login page will look after you install the AIRBYTES Customer ID Magento 2 module. It is a standard login page, but instead of an email address, a customer ID can be used. Unfortunately, there are no prompts informing about the alternative login parameter. Password should be used as always.

Final Words

Adding customer IDs into the game is an excellent idea since it substantially improves the way you interact with your B2B clients. Of course, if there are hundreds of B2C clients registered on your website, this won’t be as helpful as in the case of several business partners. However, we would still recommend using this module since it provides an alternative login parameter. Perhaps, some clients will more likely login with their IDs rather than emails. As for the price, you can purchase AIRBYTES Customer ID Magento 2 Extension for €299 here:

Download / Buy AIRBYTES Customer ID Magento 2 Extension

Download / Buy AIRBYTES Customer ID Magento Extension