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When selling products online, providing store visitors with product reviews is vital for making one’s business profitable. This way, you help online shoppers to decide on what to buy while they can’t examine a product physically. Reviews left by other customers act almost as personal recommendations and build trust in your brand and quality of goods. Besides, product reviews are an excellent source of user-generated content, which helps you rank higher in Google.

Today, we describe a solution that enables merchants to organize the convenient process of collecting product reviews on their ecommerce sites – Amasty Advanced Product Reviews for Magento 2. The extension provides website visitors with a user-friendly interface allowing them to share their opinion on your products in the most comfortable way. By installing the Magento 2 module, you also save the time of your store administrators on managing submitted reviews.

Below, we explore deeper the features of the Magento 2 product reviews module by Amasty and show how it works in the backend and frontend.


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The possibility to review products on an online shop can act as a great booster of customer loyalty leading to increased profit. The Amasty Advanced Product Reviews Magento 2 extension allows placing a separate block with all customer reviews on any website page. After installing the module, you will be able to offer your store visitors a handy form for submitting reviews on the purchased products. Besides, the Magento 2 product reviews extension adds consumer reviews and ratings to Google Rich Snippets, which helps to increase the click-through rate.


  • Convenient review submission form

The Amasty extension adds the in-store review form to your website pages, allowing customers to conveniently write their reviews and rate products.

  • Possibility to upload images

Your website visitors have an option to add images to their reviews, making them more visually appealing. This feature also helps store owners enrich their site with original image content. In case of uploading a few images, the module automatically places them in the slider with a lightbox. Besides, the Magento 2 module enables admins to upload additional photos to a customer review. 

  • Admin replies to customer reviews

As a store owner, you can leave comments to customer reviews from your admin panel and edit them later if necessary. This way, admin replies act as a communication channel with your customers and help you show your concern about their issues and quickly react to negative feedback. As an option, you can display admin comments to reviewers privately or show them both in the customer account area and on your website pages. Also, you can enable notifications sent to customers on the admin reply to their reviews.

  • Comments to reviews

By enabling this feature in the backend, you allow both logged-in customers and guest visitors to leave comments to posted product reviews. This way, you can create a chat right in the product reviews block, where your customers will communicate with each other and your store admins.

  • Reviews summary block

In addition to listing all reviews on a product page, the module allows placing a separate block with reviews summary at the top of the Reviews section. The summary block helps website visitors get a first impression of the product they are interested in by checking its star ratings and the percentage of customers recommending it for purchase.

  • Advanced reviews filters

Your storefront visitors can also filter reviews by rating if they click on the line with the relevant number of given stars. Besides, the Amasty advanced reviews extension allows online shoppers to apply “Recommended”, “Verified Buyers”, and “With images” filters to read the best product reviews. Furthermore, customers can sort reviews by the date of submission, rating, and helpfulness.

  • Product Pros and Cons

Another useful feature available with the Magento 2 advanced reviews module is the pros and cons of a reviewed item. The possibility to quickly check a product’s advantages and disadvantages from other customers’ points of view greatly helps shoppers make a purchase decision.

  • Helpfulness voting

One more improvement to your store functionality brought by the Amasty extension is marking reviews as helpful using a thumbs-up element. This way, customers can skip reading reviews that were not evaluated as useful and have better navigation through the reviews section.

  • “Verified Buyer” badge

To those customers who purchased a product they review, you can automatically assign a “Verified Buyer” badge that will be displayed next to their reviews. Such a label acts as social proof for the quality of your goods.

  • Automatic emails with review reminder

You can enable automatic review reminders sent to customers after they buy a product from your store. For each item in the order, the module adds the “Leave a review” button in the emails. This way, you can motivate shoppers to share their opinion and collect more reviews.

  • Automatic generation of discount coupons

With the Advanced Product Reviews extension, you can enable the generation of discount codes that will be sent to customers with review reminder emails. As a store owner, you can configure various options for discount coupons, like the expiry period, minimum order value, customer segments, and more. This way, you can add incentives for your clients to spend more money on goods from your store and increase customer engagement.

  • Special discounts for active reviewers

To increase motivation for writing recommendations, you can provide discounts to customers who review many products. The feature is available with the Amasty Discounts for Active Reviewers add-on, developed exclusively for the Advanced Product Reviews extension. By rewarding customers for their activity on your store, you can turn occasional shoppers into loyal clients and drastically increase engagement.

Store managers can create discounts using cart price rules based on the number of approved product reviews or reviewing particular products. This way, you can create various promo campaigns that will allow online shoppers to be rewarded with easy-to-get discounts. At the same time, more customers will be motivated to increase their feedback activity or pay attention to specific products.

Review-based promotions can be created in a few easy steps and allow store managers to adjust their campaign using flexible rule conditions, deciding on the discount type, and specifying custom labels. Besides, it is possible to display the discount amount granted to a customer in the shopping cart.

Download Amasty Discounts for Active Reviewers Magento 2 Add-On

  • Widgets with top-rated products

The Amasty tool enables store owners to create eye-catching widgets displaying reviews with high product ratings and place them on any website page. The position of the block on a page can also be adjusted depending on the website’s design.

  • Product reviews displayed in a slider

Due to the integration with the Amasty Page Builder extension, you can show an unlimited number of product reviews in a slider widget. Page Builder provides a handy drag-and-drop tool that allows you to place the reviews widget anywhere on a web page.

  • Star ratings and number of reviews in the Google search results

The Amasty Advanced Product Reviews extension improves your website’s search ranking position by displaying the number of product reviews and rating stars on the Google results page. This way, you get an opportunity to enhance your SEO while attracting more clients to your store.

  • Email field in the product review form for guest visitors

The module’s settings let you insert an email address field in the review submission form for your website guests. Thus, you can use the extension as a tool for turning one-time shoppers into leads.

  • Compliance with the GDPR requirements

It is also possible to enable the Privacy Policy consent checkbox in the product review form for guest users who leave their email addresses.

  • Invisible reCaptcha functionality

The Magento 2 product reviews module provides the reCaptcha function with 3 different forms included out of the box. By enabling invisible reCaptcha on your store, you get protection against bots.

  • Import/export of reviews

You can utilize the Import & Export add-on designed specifically for the Amasty Advanced Product Reviews extension. By leveraging the import functionality provided by the tool, you can upload reviews to all products in your Magento 2 catalog in one click. The add-on allows users to import and export product reviews using a CSV file. Thus, you can upload all existing reviews to your store or transfer data to another platform in bulk using just one file. Such a possibility drastically saves time and effort spent on routine manual work.

The extension provides a sample file in the CSV format so that admins can quickly download it and fill in all necessary data. After uploading the prepared file in the Magento backend, users can review product details and correct the information if needed. The imported customer reviews are displayed on a separate grid in the admin panel. Besides, the Magento 2 import export add-on uses a validation system and notifies the admin about occurring errors. Also, note that the Amasty import & export reviews tool supports the import of images.

Before exporting a file with customer reviews, you can remove entity attributes that you don’t want to use before transferring it to another system. After moving the required data, merchants can utilize it in marketing campaigns or for other business needs.

Download Amasty Import & Export for Advanced Product Reviews Magento 2 Add-On

  • Cron tasks management on the dedicated grid

You can view and manage all cron tasks on the Cron Tasks List grid, as well as run them and generate their schedule manually.

  • Compatibility with GraphQL
  • Cross-device experience with the Magento 2 PWA add-on

To ensure the convenience of reading and leaving product recommendations on any device, Amasty recommends installing its PWA add-on for Advanced Product Reviews. The tool is a ready-to-use solution for the PWA storefront that supports the core features of the extension without spending time and money on extra development work. The add-on is adapted to the Magento Venia theme, which allows mitigating potential compatibility issues and simplifying the PWA setup.

With the Magento 2 PWA add-on, your website visitors will be able to scroll through long review threads, view attached images, and comment on other customers’ reviews on smartphones and tablets with the same comfort as on the desktop. Shoppers can also leverage mobile-optimized filtering and sorting functionality. Since PWAs are built for increasing mobile page loading speed, the Magento 2 product reviews add-on guarantees stable performance for pages with rich content.

One more handy feature available with the Amasty PWA add-on is push notifications. The tool makes it possible to show triggered notifications to customers, reminding them about leaving a review or performing another action.

Download Amasty PWA for Advanced Product Reviews Magento 2 Add-On

Now, let’s see how to configure the Magento 2 advanced reviews module in the backend.


You can view and approve submitted reviews on a dedicated grid page under Marketing → User Content → All Reviews. The Reviews grid contains 12 columns:

  • Checkbox – use it to select reviews for applying mass actions;
  • ID – a unique ID number of each review;
  • Created – date and time when a review was created;
  • Status – Pending, Approved, or Not Approved;
  • Title – a title of a review specified by a customer;
  • Nickname – a name of a customer who wrote a review;
  • Review – beginning of the review text;
  • Visibility – a website where a review is visible;
  • Type – defines an author of a review: Administrator, Customer, or Guest;
  • Product – a name of the reviewed product;
  • SKU – an SKU of the reviewed product;
  • Action – you can edit a review from here.

The reviews screen allows applying the following mass actions: Delete, Update Status, and Approve for All Store Views. It is also possible to filter and sort the grid columns.

Magento admins can create reviews by clicking the “New Review” button, as well as approve and edit the content of existing reviews. Let’s see in more detail how to modify a submitted review.

On the Edit Review page, you can view the name of a reviewed product, the author of the review, and the rating. To approve the review, change its status from Pending to Approved. It is also possible to modify the author’s nickname, as well as review summary and content.

Next, you can change the “I recommend this product” option (Yes or No), remove selected images added by a customer, and add more pictures.

Here, you can also check if a person who wrote the review got the Verified Buyer badge, how many website visitors marked this review as helpful and unhelpful, and specified pros and cons from the client’s point of view. In Admin Answer Section, you can leave a reply to the customer’s message and decide whether to show it on a product page or only in the customer account section.

As mentioned above, you can allow customers and guest visitors to leave comments to approved reviews. All review comments are gathered on a separate grid under Marketing → User Content → Review Comments. It is possible to approve, disapprove, edit, and delete each comment by selecting an appropriate option from the Action column drop-down. You can also select a few comments and apply the following bulk actions: Approve, Inactivate, or Delete. 

The Magento 2 product reviews module also gathers all review reminders in a separate grid under Marketing → User Content → Review Reminder. Here, you can view details of each reminder along with their statuses and manage reminders by applying the following mass actions: Delete, Cancel, Send, Send Test Email.

With the Amasty Advanced Product Reviews extension, store admins can manually add rating stars to particular products under Stores → Attributes → Rating.

To set a required rating, press on the “Add New Rating” button.

As for the review widgets mentioned above, you can create them by navigating to Content → Widgets and clicking “Add Widget”.

The Widgets screen is divided into 2 tabs: Storefront Properties and Widget Options.

In Storefront Properties, select a widget type, theme, create its title, select store views where to display it, and set the sorting order.

Below is the Layout Updates section, where you select pages and a container to display the widget.

In Widget Options, specify a header for the block and the number of reviews to display in it. Then, decide whether to show reviews for products from the current category only and the same category. Here, you can also select a review type (recent or random reviews), set the minimum rating for the reviews in the widget, and enable or disable the slider.

Now, let’s explore the main settings page of the Amasty Advanced Reviews extension. The configuration page consists of 8 sections: General settings, Images, Review Commenting, Notify Customer about Admin Reply, Review Reminder, Discount Coupons, Admin Notifications,  and Reward Points.

Amasty Advanced Product Reviews Magento 2 extension

 In General Settings, you can enable/disable the following functions:

  • helpfulness voting;
  • “I recommend this product”;
  • pros and cons;
  • admin comments on customer reviews;
  • display of admin comments in the customer account only;
  • submission of reviews by guest visitors;
  • email address field on the review submission form for guests;
  • GDPR consent (type its text if enabled).

In the same tab, you can choose the way of sorting reviews, specify an order for the sorting options, select filters, and set the number of reviews displayed on the page.

In Images, decide whether to allow your storefront users to upload images, make the appropriate option required, and set the size and the maximum number of images to display in the block without the slider.

In the next section of the Magento 2 Product Reviews module’s configuration, you can allow customers to leave comments to approved product reviews. You can decide whether to allow guest visitors to comment on reviews and approve comments automatically. Here, you should also choose an email sender and template for notifications.

The following settings tab lets you select a sender and template for notification emails sent to customers on admin replies to their reviews.

Next, you can set the necessary options for emails sent to your clients as review reminders.

Amasty Advanced Product Reviews Magento 2 extension

Next, you enable/disable the automatic generation of discount coupons and specify settings for the feature if you want to use it.

The Magento 2 product reviews module also allows admins to choose customer segments that will get discounts and set the minimum order value for receiving a discount code.

In the Admin Notifications tab, you can select the necessary options for sending email alerts to admins on the submission of new product reviews.

In the following tab, you enable/disable the Discounts for Active Reviewers add-on if it is installed on your store.

Amasty Advanced Product Reviews Magento 2 extension

The last settings tab can be configured if you have the Amasty Google Customer Reviews extension installed on your store.

Amasty Advanced Product Reviews Magento 2 extension


Now, we want to show you how the advanced review functionality appears on the frontend.

Below is an example of a category page with the slider widget that includes top-rated products with ratings and reviews. There are also star ratings and the number of reviews displayed for each item in the catalog. If a website visitor clicks on the link with the reviews number under a product, it will forward them to the block with relevant reviews.

On a product page, the module adds a separate tab with all customer reviews. The block shows the overall product rating, total number of reviews, the percent of customers recommending the product, and the percentage of ratings split by the number of given stars. To add a product review, a customer should click the “Write a review” button.

All product reviews are listed below in the Customer Reviews section. Customers who purchased a reviewed item are marked with the Verified Buyer badge. Besides the text of the review, storefront users can view star rating, product recommendation, date of submission, helpfulness voting, customer images, advantages and disadvantages, and admin comments. It is also possible to apply “Verified Buyers”, “Recommended”, and “With images” filters and sort reviews by date, rating, or helpfulness.

This is how the review submission form looks:

Furthermore, the extension adds the My Product Reviews tab to the customer account area, where shoppers can view all their submitted reviews with detailed information.

Below, you can check how the Discounts for Active Customer Reviewers add-on shows information about provided discounts in the cart summary.

Amasty Advanced Product Reviews Magento 2 extension

Final Words

The Amasty Advanced Product Reviews extension is a great tool that enables merchants to easily collect customer reviews on their products and build brand credibility. The module’s features will help you promote particular items on your store, stay in touch with customers, and get higher rankings in the Google search results. As for the price, you can buy the M2 advanced customer reviews extension for $199.

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