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The Complete Guide to Magento 2 Custom Options (Customizable Options)

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The following guide describes custom options in Magento 2. You will learn what Magento 2 custom options are and how to manage them. Customizable options (another term used to define this product feature) introduce extra settings for simple, downloadable, and virtual products in Magento 2 to enable the creation of product variations. Although Magento 2 products with custom options resemble configurable products, they are a unique system element with multiple nuances that we explore throughout the following text. So, below, you will discover the peculiarities of Magento 2 custom product options and learn how to use them properly. A separate chapter explains how to import customizable options in Magento 2.

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How to Bulk Edit Product Descriptions: Shopify Daily Management Enhanced

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Shopify Bulk Edit Descriptions

Welcome to the realm of Shopify product descriptions. Today, we gonna learn how to bulk edit descriptions in Shopify. Usually, merchants do that manually straight in the admin. This approach, however, requires individual editing per product. The more products you need to edit, the more time and effort you spend. What if there is another more user-oriented and less time-consuming way to bulk edit product descriptions in Shopify

You can always rely on import and export processes to bulk edit your Shopify product data. Below, we share the best way to edit product descriptions in bulk, minimizing your time expenditures. You will need to export products from Shopify, apply changes to the exported product table, and then re-import it. That’s Shopify product description bulk editing in a nutshell. But let’s focus on the aspects.    Continue Reading

Shopify Product Handle Explained: Bulk Update & Editing Tips

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Shopify Product Handle

In the following article, we cover the basics of Shopify product handle management. You will learn what a product handle is and how to improve updates associated with this product attribute and your Shopify website

Below, we describe how to edit Shopify product handles in bulk. First, you will learn how to get product handles from Shopify. Next, we will teach you how to edit them. The final step describes how to import the newly created update back. Also, we clarify the importance of redirects in Shopify product handle editing.   Continue Reading

Enhance Your Shopify Data Export: Custom Columns

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How to Bulk Update Shopify Product SKUs

Although Shopify’s default export is enough for transferring data within the ecosystem, you may face multiple inconveniences when exporting data to third parties. The problem starts when you leave the territory of your e-commerce platform. Since Shopify applies a unique system of column names to the data you export, it is impossible to deliver your CSVs to third parties unless you replace the default column names with the ones the accepting party requires. Luckily, there is a more user-friendly and convenient solution. 

Below, you will learn how to create a Shopify data export with custom columns. We explain how to prepare your export profile, replace the default column names with custom names, create a custom column order, and delete unnecessary columns from export.  Continue Reading

Advanced Shopify Import: Gift Cards

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Shopify Import: Gift Cards

In the following article, you will learn how to import gift cards to Shopify. First, we explain how to transfer gift card products to your e-commerce website. If you need to move multiple gift cards to your storefront, consider a bulk transfer a suitable option. You will mass import gift cards to Shopify within just a few clicks. 

After that, we focus on another aspect –  the transfer of actual Shopify gift cards. What’s the difference between a gift card and a gift card product? You will also find the answer below. So, let’s go get Shopify gift cards imported.  Continue Reading

How to Archive Orders in Shopify

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archive order shopify

Below, we explain how to archive orders in Shopify. You will learn how to create a zip archive with your orders for more efficient storage or management. 

When you export Shopify orders with the platform’s default tools, they are gathered in a CSV file. But what if a Shopify archive with orders is required? 

You will need the Import & Export Tool to archive orders in Shopify. Furthermore, our app lets you automate this process, archive only the latest modified orders, or pack only orders with a specific status into a zip. We detailly describe all these aspects below. Continue Reading

How to Manage Products in Shopify: Reorder Variants

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How to Bulk Update Shopify Product SKUs

In the following article, we explore how to reorder variants in Shopify. You will learn two different techniques: one for solo editing and another one for bulk product updates. If you deal with a few products, choose the first way. If you need to update the entire catalog, go with the second option. Below, we explain the principal difference between the two of them opportunities so that you can reorder variants in Shopify in a manner that suits your business well. Continue Reading

Shopify Bulk Inventory Update: Adjust Your Product Information With Ease

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How to Bulk Update Shopify Product SKUs

Today, we’d like to draw your attention to Shopify bulk inventory updates. This guide is useful for everyone except Shopify dropshippers who don’t need to adjust Shopify inventory quantity regularly. So, do you know how to update inventory in Shopify? Of course, you do. Importing a CSV with the corresponding data to your e-commerce website is necessary. However, this simple approach doesn’t work every time. What if you need to import the quantity adjustment of the Shopify product inventory by importing the delta – the difference that should be added to the existing product quantity? By default, your e-commerce website will understand the provided number as the new quantity that should be used instead of the one recorded in a database, which is a disaster. In this article, you will learn how to avoid this unpleasant situation by letting your store know whether to import the new inventory quantity instead of the one available in your database; or combine both values.   Continue Reading

Shopify Security Checklist for Safe Import Processes

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shopify website security: import

Importing data to Shopify may be difficult. In some situations, it may even cause issues that negatively impact customer experience. For instance, you may transfer wrong information or update your store only partially, causing various inconveniences for your customers. This Shopify security checklist, however, can help you reduce such risks. Before you import any data to Shopify, ask yourself the questions from this article. They will help you ensure your data import is safe. Let’s enhance your Shopify website security together. Continue Reading

How to Bulk Update Shopify Product SKUs

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How to Bulk Update Shopify Product SKUs

Having multiple products on your online storefront is often associated with extended e-commerce opportunities and, at the same time, headaches. Especially when you need to update Shopify product SKUs.

By default, the system doesn’t let you apply changes to your catalog items in bulk. You need to do that manually on a per-product basis. The more products you have in Shopify, the more time and effort you need to spend. With the Import & Export Tool, however, you can easily bulk update your product SKUs. So, let’s take a look at how to update your Shopify product SKUs in bulk. Continue Reading