Boost My Shop Magento 2 Drop Shipping Extension

Boost My Shop Magento 2 Drop Shipping Extension Review; Boost My Shop Magento 2 Drop Shipping Module Overview

Being a part of Embedded ERP Extension Suite, Magento 2 Drop Shipping by Boost My Shop doesn’t work as a standalone module. Thus, it is not the cheapest drop shipping solution for Magento 2, since you should also install the Embedded ERP Magento 2 extension. However, don’t make hasty conclusions, since the extension offers advanced functionality and features. Embedded ERP Extension Suite is one of the most powerful warehouse management systems for Magento 2, and its high price is absolutely reasonable. As for the features of Boost My Shop Magento 2 Drop Shipping, they are described in the following post.

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The Drop Shipping extension by Boost My Shop offers the following core features. First of all, it is a seamless supplier price and stock import. Next, the module brings a great opportunity to select the cheapest supplier automatically. The third core feature is related to progress monitoring – all the necessary information is displayed. Also, note that a supplier email includes information related to the customer packing slip. Besides, you can easily connect Boost My Shop Drop Shipping to any remote FTP server to retrieve a file. Import history is available with the module as well.

Stock Import

As for remote supplier data import and management, the Boost My Shop Drop Shipping extension allows you to get supplier stock files from FTP storage, website URL, or local file. To import supplier stock, navigate to the supplier edit page in your admin panel and click on the Stock Import Settings tab in Supplier Information.

If you want to get stock from the supplier FTP server, you need to choose a connection type (FTP or SFTP) and specify a host address, port, login, and password used for connecting to the server. Here, you also enter a path to the CSV stock file and enable/disable passive mode.

In case of importing files from a supplier’s website, specify a corresponding URL link.

If you need to import stock from a local file on your server, you will need to type in a path leading to it.

No matter which option you choose for importing files, you also need to configure file settings shown in the screenshot below:

After specifying file parameters, press the “Import Now” button to start the process of stock importing manually.

On the same page, you will find the Stock Import History tab. All stock import history can be monitored with the help of a corresponding grid. As a Magento 2 store manager, you can quickly check such information like time and date of the import, status, and a short description. It is also possible to download reports on stock import from here.

Supplier Selection

It is also necessary to say a few words about automated supplier selection. As mentioned above, the module automatically identifies the cheapest offer. The Drop Shipping Magento 2 extension by Boost My Shop also provides the ability to create conditions to select the best supplier. The module supports such parameters as Availability, Best Stock, Best Price, etc. Thus, you can compare different offers for the same product SKU at a glance or let the tool choose the best supplier automatically.

Dropshipping Workflow

The Magento 2 Dropship module displays pending orders which contain dropshippable products in a grid where you can change suppliers (automatic selection is possible as well) and add a buying price (this field is also fully automated). Next, there is the “Apply” button that lets you send a dropship request to the supplier. The chosen supplier will get order details and the customer packing slip via email.

Note that the Drop Shipping extension by Boost My Shop creates purchase orders for your dropshippable items. Thus, you can track each request.

All dropship requests with a pending status can be viewed in the Pending Supplier Shipping tab that provides various management features. Thus, if a supplier confirmed a request, you can easily set a new buying price, add a tracking number, and specify a shipping cost. After confirming the dropship request, the extension will automatically create the “Magento shipment”. At the same time, the pending order status will be changed to complete. Note that a notification will be automatically sent to a customer informing him or her about the order preparation procedure. In case a request can’t be processed, you can cancel it and select a new supplier. All these options are available in the same grid.

Final Words

As you can see, Boost My Shop offers a reliable and user-friendly dropshipping Magento 2 extension that will fully satisfy all your ecommerce requirements related to its kind. The module can be purchased for $349, but don’t forget that it works only with Embedded ERP.

Download / Buy Boost My Shop Magento 2 Drop Shipping Extension